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Catalog Number 2016.15.4
Object Name Program
Title The Guelph College Figure Skating Club Program 1964
Date 03/1964
Year Range from 1964
Year Range to 1964
Description Program for the 1964 Guelph College Figure Skating Club Show "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964". The program consists of numerous advertisements from various Guelph businesses and surrounding areas and black and white images of various skaters from the club. The program is 16 pages long.

Front Cover: White background with and oval logo "Guelph College Figure Skating Club" around the outer edge and a skate blade with wings in the middle. "Presents Rhapsody on Ice, 1964" is below the logo. "Program 25 C" in the bottom right corner". Logo and text is a royal blue colour. "1964" is hand written in the top right corner in black ink.

Front Inside Cover: Advertisement

Page 1: "Rhapsody on Ice, 1964 presented by The Guelph College Figure Skating Club Friday and Saturday, March 13 and 14, 1964" across the top followed by a list of guest skaters. "Payne" is hand written in the top left corner in black ink.

Page 2: "President's Welcome" from M. R. Sutherland

Page 3: "Guelph College Figure Skating Club 1963-64 Directors".

Page 4: The event program and listing separated into different acts with a list of performers. "Rhapsody on Ice '64" across the top followed by "Overture" and "Act One" including "1. Chess on Ice", "2. Babes in Toyland".

Page 5: Continuation of program listing and performers.

Page 6: Continuation of program listing with performers and acts including "3. Lynda Wickham".

Page 7: Continuation of program listing with performers and acts including "Act Two", "1. Patchbottoms' Party", "2. Guest Star - Mr. Gregory Folk", "3. Tchaikovsky's Concerto No. 1", 4. Guest Star - Miss Valerie Jones".

Page 8: Continuation of program listing with performers and acts including "Act Three", "1. Fiesta Mexicana", "Mrs. Patricia McPhee", "The Bull Fight". "Finale".

Page 9: Black and white photograph of "Patricia Hoy, Senior Professional, Guelph College Figure Skating Club".

Page 10: Black and white photograph of "Valerie Jones, Canadian Jr. Ladies Champion".

Page 11: Black and white photograph of "Gregory Folk, Canadian Fours Champion, Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club".

Page 12: Advertisements and a paragraph about the operation of the skating club, membership and the program of the evening.

Page 13: Black and white portrait of "Marjorie Payne, Junior Professional".

Page 14: Advertisements.

Page 15: Black and white photograph of "Pat McPhee, Junior Professional".

Page 16: Advertisements.

Back Inside Cover: Advertisements.

Back Cover: Advertisements.
People Airdrie, Pat
Albert, Cindy
Andronowski, Laura
Ariss, Colleen
Armstrong, Diana
Arnold, Elizabeth
Arnold, Jane
Ayles, Deeanne
Ayres, Carol
Bailey, Ann
Bailey, Bob
Bailey, C. F.
Bailey, Jean
Baldasso, Judy
Ballentyne, Rickey
Bannon, Cheryl
Bard, Brenda
Bard, Carol
Bard, Linda
Barrett, Bill
Barrett, Blake
Barrett, Brenda
Barrett, Brian
Barrett, Dorothy
Barrett, Kevin
Barrett, W.
Barron, Scott
Barron, Stuart
Basur, Shelia
Battalga, Paula
Bayne, Cindy
Bayne, Debbie
Beitz, Christine
Bennett, Bernice
Berry, Judy
Berst, Barbara
Berst, Susan
Bibbey, Ann
Bibbey, Eleanor
Black, Lindsey
Bolger, Karen
Bolster, David
Bolster, Patricia
Bolster, Patti
Bolster, Sandra
Bolster, W.
Bolzon, Brenda
Borr, Alan
Borr, Linda
Borr, M. (Dr.)
Botter, Brenda
Bowell, Jacqueline
Braida, Linda
Braida, N. J.
Brooks, Catherine
Brooks, Laura
Brooks, Lindsey
Brooks, Roy
Brouwer, Margaret
Brown, Ruth Ann
Bryden, Marnie
Bryden, Susan
Bunker, Margaret
Burchell, Pat
Burke, Peter
Burnett, Donald
Burnett, Helen
Burnett, Hope
Burnett, John
Burnett, Katherine
Burrows, Pamela
Caldwell, Forest
Cameron, Paul
Campagnaro, Victoria
Campbell, Beth
Cassolato, Janice
Christie, Joan
Clark, Betty
Clark, Billy
Clark, Bobby
Clark, Linda
Clemes, Barbara
Clemes, John
Cole, David
Cole, Janet
Cole, Martha
Collingwood, Chip
Connors, Brian
Connors, Geoffrey
Connors, Ricky
Coon, Karen
Cormick, Heather
Cowan, Judy
Cowan, Scott
Craigie, Helen
Crispen, Jane
Crosbie, Karen
Cuthbertson, Steven
Dal Bello, Louise
Daly, Suzanne
Darnell, Janice
Davis, Fred
Davis, Lynn
Davis, Ruth
De Carlo, Louise
De Corso, Louise
Dempsey, Wendy
Densmore, Mary
Densmore, Teresa
Dixon, Christine
Downes, Bonnie
Drohan, Kim
Duncan, Sandra
Ellis, Linda
Emslie, Brenda
Emslie, Janice
Emslie, Kathy
Ennis, Bonnie
Eston, Amanda
Everett, Jean
Ewers, Betty
Ewers, Patricia
Fairley, Joanne
Faulkner, Ann
Faulkner, Douglas
Fearnall, Cynthia
Fearnall, Katherine
Fearneyhough, Cathy
Ferguson, Eldon
Ferraro, Grace
Fitzgibbon, Carolyn
Flannigan, Katherine
Folk, Gregory
Ford, Lori
Forsythe, Gail
Franchette, Janet
Franchetto, Janet
French, Carolyn
Gage, Diane
Gaisford, Danny
Gaisford, David
Gaul, Alexander
Gaul, Allyson
Geyer, Bianca
Giffen, Brenda
Giffen, Shelly
Giles, Ann
Giles, Laurie
Glynn, Mary B.
Godin, Donna
Goodwin, April
Goodwin, Janice
Gordon, Miriam
Gowan, Doris
Gowan, Valerie
Gray, Karen
Gray, Lynn
Griffith, Joanne
Guest, Jayne
Guest, Jim
Guest, Judy
Hales, Alf
Hall, Janice
Hall, S.
Hallowell, Carol
Hammond, Judy
Hanlon, Mary
Harrison, Lynn
Harrison, Lynne
Harrison, Susan
Hathornethwaite, Caroline
Havrelock, Stephen
Heeg, Mary
Heeg, Mary Ellen
Hill, Holly
Hiller, Sharon
Hipwood, Ruth
Hoffman, Fran
Hoffman, Mary
Holden, Clara
Hollinger, Catherine
Holman, Margo
Hopkins, Ann
Hopkins, Joan
Hopkins, Lana
Hopkins, Trudy
Horn, Dennis
Horn, Marty Jo
Horn, W. E.
Horn, Wally
Hourigan, Maureen
Howitt, Ann
Hoy, Cathy
Hoy, Patricia
Huntlet, Helen
Huntley, Maureen
Irwin, Norie Gay
Jolley, Arlene
Jolley, Brenda
Jolley, Kim
Jones, Valerie
Juncknick, Ann
Karstud, Karen
Kasza, Billy
Kent, Lynn
Kentner, Deborah
Kerr, Elizabeth
Kerr, John
Kerr, Lori
Ketcheson, Billy
Kirby, Mary Jane
Konkin, Jill
Krouse, Kathy
Lapointe, Deborah
Lapointe, Fran
Lapointe, John
Lapointe, Michelle
Lapointe, Vivienne
Lapointe, Wendy
Lawrence, Catherine
Legault, Ronald
Lovett, Carol
Lovett, F. A.
Lovett, Fred
Lovett, Harry
Lowe, Karyn
Luker, Jane
Luker, Judy
Macerollo, Josephine
MacLachlan, J. D. (Dr.)
Malek, Janice
Maltby, Elaine
Manfini, Michelle
Mann, Linda
Maplesdon, Joanne
Maschio, Kathy
Mason, Sandra
Matthew, Diane
McCart, Janice
McCrimmon, Carol
McDougall, Douglas
McDougall, Shirley
McGarry, Joanne
McGarry, Martha
McKay, Trudy
McKay, Wendy
McKinnon, Evan
McKinnon, Julie
Mcmullen, Jean
McPhee, Pat
Merlihan, Shelia
Middleton, Charla
Migliarini, Loraine
Miller, Bob
Minall, Cathy
Mitchell, Bill (Dr.)
Mitchell, Denise
Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell, Mark
Mitchell, William
Montague, Beverley
Mooney, Jacquline
Moore, Paul
Morgan, Deborah
Morrison, Kim
Murdock, Jane
Nash, Dianne
Nichol, Judy
Nickason, Bunny
Northmore, Kim
Patterson, Betty
Patterson, Jane
Patterson, L. A.
Patterson, Lorne
Patterson, Lorne
Patterson, Susan
Payne, John
Payne, Marjorie
Payne, Mary Ann
Pearce, Lynda
Pettipiere, Linda
Pettitt, Penny
Pilgrim, Ellen
Pirie, Kim
Pirie, Susan
Podratsky, Ann
Podratsky, Margaret
Pollock, Cheryl
Poulter, Leanne
Powers, Sharon
Powers, Susan
Pratt, Betty Ann
Priamo, Paulette
Primeau, Laurie
Primeau, Sharee
Proctor, John
Proctor, Kimberley
Rathlou, Michael
Rathlou, Nancy
Rathlow, Pamela
Rathlow, Stephen
Reiger, Martha
Renick, Ann
Roberts, Kim
Roberts, Scott
Robertson, Darlene
Robinson, Glen
Robinson, Jim
Robinson, Judy
Runge, Steven
Rutherford, Connie
Ryder, A. D.
Ryder, David
Ryder, Wendy
Schulte, Petra
Scott, Judy
Seddon, Caroline
Sheehy, Marlene
Sibbald, Nancy
Sibbald, Susan
Sirett, Gail
Smellie, Karen
Smith, Joanne
Smith, Ralph
Smith, Ross
Snazel, Katherine
Sobara, Robin
Spicer, Wendy
Stager, Deborah
Stager, Edward
Stager, Joanne
Stammers, Betty
Stammers, Karen
Stammers, Kelly Ann
Steele, Patricia
Steep, Sherry
Stradiotto, Virginia
Strickland, Ann
Strickland, Donna
Stritsky, Verena
Sutherland, Karen
Sutherland, M. R.
Sutton, David
Sutton, E.
Szabo, Philip
Taves, Dennis
Taves, Judy
Tawse, Brian
Thatcher, Susan
Theakston, Elizabeth
Thring, Sara
Trachsal, Doris
Turton, Susan
Verrall, Jack
Vlachos, Valerie
Vrooman, Terry
Walberg, Eric
Walberg, Robert
Walberg, Sharon
Ward, Janice
Ward, Leslie
Ward, Megan
Watts, Nancy
Wells, Trudy
Wexler, Mindy
Wheatley, Ann
Wheatley, David
Wheatley, Peter
Whetstone, H.
Whetstone, Leslie
White, Diana
Whitney, Becky
Wickham, Linda
Wilcox, Debra
Wilson, Beryl
Wilson, Sally
Wolfond, Henry
Yeates, Susan
Zitnak, Daniella
Zuccala, Donna
Search Terms Anthony's Clothier to Gentlemen
Baker Street
Belton Building Centre
Brown's Bicycle Store
Capri Restaurant
Cardigan Street
City of Guelph
Cork Street
Douglas Street
Duncan-McPhee Interiors
Edinburgh Road
Ferguson's Cleaners
Foster's Fashions Limited
Guelph College Recreation Building
Guelph Curling Club
Guelph Figure Skating Club
Guelph Guardian
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Printing Service
Home Furniture Company
Lovett Signs Limited
Macdonell Street
Mary and Ann's Beauty Salon
Memorial Gardens Arena
Model Trousers
Municipal Street
Norfolk Street
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Priamo's Groceteria
Quebec Street
Royal Dairy
Rutledge Music Centre
Sherwin-Williams Company
Shoe House
St. George's Square
Sutherland (John) and Sons Limited
Sutton Steering and Collision Limited
Walker Jewellers
Woolwich Street
WPT Typesetting Limited
Wyndham Street
Yarmouth Street
Dimensions 21.5 cm X 27.9 cm