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Catalog Number 1970.39.15.2
Object Name Book
Title Book - St. Andrew's Church 1832-1932
Date 1932
Year Range from 1932
Year Range to 1932
Description Beige soft cover book "St. Andrew's Church Centennial Anniversary 1832-1932" The book is 29 pages in length and has several black and white photos and illustrations. The book chronicles the 100 year history of St. Andrew's Church. The book is string bound with a gold cord.
People Abraham, H.E. (Rev.)
Aitcheson, Andrew
Aitcheson, Annie
Aitcheson, W.
Akins, D.D.
Alexander, A.W.
Alexander, A.W. (Mrs.)
Alexander, William
Allan, David (Jr.) (1863-1939)
Allan, David (Sr.) (1808-1895)
Allan, Christina Idington (Mrs. David Allan)
Allan, Margaret
Allan, Sheriff
Allan, William
Anderson, Ellen
Anderson, George A.
Anderson, Isabel
Anderson, James
Anderson, Jean
Atcheson, William
Auld, Mrs.
Auld, R. Forbes
Avery, F.
Barclay, Barbara
Barclay, David
Barclay, James
Barclay, D.M. (Mrs.)
Barclay, James (Mrs.)
Barton, Miss
Bell, W.J. (Prof.)
Bell, William
Bignall, Mrs.
Bish, Philip
Blyth, C.
Boyd, Robert
Broadfoot, J.B.
Broadfoot, S.
Brooks, Emma
Brydon, Robert H.
Bucham, Robert
Buchanan, James
Burgess, Miss
Butcher, Peter
Caldwell, Mr.
Campbell, C.
Campbell, Colin
Campbell, John
Campbell, John (Mrs.)
Carefoot, James
Carey, S. Buchanan (Rev.)
Carruthers, J.
Carter, Miss
Clark, Lexie
Clark, M. (Miss)
Clark, William A. (Mrs.)
Clearihue, H. (Mrs.)
Cleghorn, Isabella
Cockburn, H.G.
Cole, Norman
Congalton, Bella
Congalton, Jean
Congalton, Maidie
Congalton, Margaret
Congalton, Alexander (Mrs.)
Corbett, Anne
Corbett, George
Corbett, James
Corbett, Janet
Cordiner, Mrs.
Cossitt, Amanda
Cossitt, Millard
Cossitt, Sarah
Cowan, W.B. (Dr.)
Craigmyle, Mr.
Crawford, C.
Crowe, Raymond
Croxall, H.A.
Crozier, Reverend
Daly, John Cory Wilson
Davidson, A. Roy W.
Davidson, Charles
Davidson, Jeannie Kennedy
Davidson, John
Davidson, R.H.
Dawson, C.C.
Day, Jane
Douglas, Ralph
Dudgeon, Peter
Dunbar, R.C. (Mrs.)
Duncan, Diogenes
Dunlop, William
Dunn, Alexander
Dunn, Flora
Dunn, William (Mrs.)
Dunn, William
Eakin, Thomas
Elliott, William
Fenwick, F.B. (Prof.)
Fergueson, James I.
Fife, John (Sr.)
Findlay, John
Fisher, Mrs.
Forsythe, Frank (Mrs.)
Foster, Nellie
Fyfe, Christopher
Galt, John
Gamble, Helen
Gamble, Jean (Mrs. W.P. Gamble)
Gamble, W. P.
Gibson, Alfred E.
Gilchrist, Isabel
Glass, Margaret
Goldie, Margaret
Goldie, Thomas (Mrs.)
Gordon, William
Gray, Isabel Anderson
Gregor, Colin
Grieve, Helen
Grieve, John (Jr.)
Grieve, John (Sr.)
Grieve, Robert
Grindlay, W.
Guthrie, Hugh
Guthrie, William
Hall, Z.A.
Harrison, Benjamin
Hart, Matthias
Hay, William
Hayes, C.B.
Henderson, John
Henderson, William
Hewat, Janet
Heygerson, Samuel
Higinbotham, Margaret (Allan)
Higinbotham, Nathaniel (Col.)
Higinbotham, Phyllis
Higinbotham, William Allan
Hignell, H.
Hill, Mrs.
Hinman, W.B.
Hobson, Joseph
Hockin, John
Hodgert, James
Hodgkin, Thomas
Hogg, D.H.
Hogg, Reverend John
Holliday, James
Holliday, Lilly
Howden, James
Huet, Mrs.
Hume, Mary
Humphries, Charles
Husband, Mrs. Thomas B.
Husband, Thomas B.
Inglis, James
Inglis, John
Inglis, Margaret
Inglis, Mary
Inglis, Mrs. John
Jackson, Hector
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, Mrs. Hector
Jackson, Thomas J.
Jamieson, Walter
Jeffrey, Mary
Jeffrey, Mrs. George
Jeffrey, N.
Johnston, Amelia
Johnston, E.F.B.
Johnston, Lucy
Johnston, Miss L.
Johnston, Mrs. J.
Kearsey, Francis William
Keefer, Jacob
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, Dr. W.B.
Kennedy, Mrs. W.B.
Knowles, Lorne
Koch, G.F.
Laidlaw, F.
Laidlaw, Robert
Laird, John
Laird, Mrs.
Laking, J.S.
Lawson, Mrs. Joseph
Leaden, William
Lennie, John
Lennie, Margaret
Lenny, John
Linderman, John
Little, Gilbert (Rev.)
Loch, Marion
Loch, Mrs. Henry
Love, Miss
Lowry, Alice
Lowry, Dr. W.H.
Macdonald, Emily Smith
Macdonald, John
MacIntosh, G.
MacLean, G.B.
Maclean, Kenneth
Maclean, Mrs. Kenneth
MacTavish, A. A.
Manderson, James
Manderson, John
Marcon, W. H.
Marshall, David. H.
Martin, Raymond
Massie, James
Matthews, D.
Matthews, David
Matthews, Ella
Matthews, Mrs. Thomas
Maxwell, John
Maxwell, Mary
McArthur, F.
McArthur, Mrs. F.
McBride, Thomas
McCorkindale, John
McCrae, David (b. 1845 - d. 1930)
McCrae, Janet
McCrae, John
McCrae, William
McCrea, John
McCready, Prof.
McCulloch, Alexander
McCullough, Margaret
McCullough, Mary
McCullough, William
McDonald, Mrs. R.
McEwan, Elizabeth
McEwan, William
McHardy, Wiilliam
McIntosh, Alex
McIntosh, George
McIntyre, J.
McKay, Mrs.
McKerzie, David
McLaren, John
McLaren, Mrs. John
McLaren, Peter
McLean, Gordon
McLean, J. A.
McLean, W.A.
McNaughton, Jane
McNaughton, Janet
McNaughton, R.
McPhatter, Dr. Neil
McPherson, A.D.
McTague, Charles
McVey, Elizabeth
Meikle, W.
Menzies, Helen
Mickle, Charles J.
Mickle, Mrs. C.J.
Millar, Ellen Anderson
Miller, William
Mills, Mr.
Mitchell, Ann Thompson
Mitchell, G.W.
Mitchell, John
Morrow, Margaret J.
Morrow, Miss M.
Morrow, Mrs. Robert
Mowat, J.A.
Murdoch, Jane
Murdock, James
Newbigging, Mrs.
Nichols, D.
Nisbet, Miss
Oliver, James
Onclin, Mr.
Orr, Robert
Orr, William
Ouchterlony, David
Parker, Flossie
Parker, Mr.
Parkinson, Joseph
Paterson, Archibald
Patterson, James
Patterson, Mrs. James
Patterson, Robert
Patterson, William
Penfold, Mrs. H.J.
Perry, Harris
Pettiford, C.
Powell, Mrs. G.
Preston, Mr.
Pringle, John
Pringle, Mrs. G.D.
Prior, Charles
Proud, Dr. W.A.
Quails, Robert
Quarrie, Andrew
Quarrie, George
Quarrie, Isabel
Quarrie, John
Quarrie, Margaret
Quarrie, William
Quarry, William
Rae, J.A.
Rae, Myrtle
Reed, John
Reiner, Charles
Richardson, Mrs. Alex
Rife, H.J.
Rife, Mrs. Harold
Ritchie, Andrew
Rogerson, J.S.
Rudell, Dr. M. J.
Rutherford, G.C.
Salmon, William
Sandilands, Mrs. Thomas
Sandilands, Thomas
Saunders, Rolleston
Saunders, Teresa Ann Webster
Scarfe, Maude
Shephard, A.L.
Shortridge, Thomas
Skinner, Dr. H.C.
Small, J. J.
Smith, Audrey
Smith, C.
Smith, G.E.
Smith, James (Rev.)
Smith, John
Smith, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. J.C.
Smith, Reverend James Cowie
Soule, C.J.
Spalding, Charles
Spalding, William
Spears, John
Spiers, Ellen
Spragge, W.W.
Stephenson, Alice
Stephenson, Brock
Stephenson, W.
Stevenson, Miss C.
Stevenson, Miss M.T.
Stewart, Madalan
Stewart, Miss P.
Stewart, Mrs. Alexander
Stewart, Thomas
Stewart, William
Stover, A.C.
Strachan, C.R.
Strachan, Campbell
Strachan, Margaret
Strachan, Rev. D.
Stratton, William
Sutherland, John
Sutherland, N.
Swinford, Capt.
Taylor, Adam
Taylor, George
Thain, Mrs.
Thompson, Ann
Thompson, J.P.
Thompson, James
Thompson, Janet
Thorp, John
Till, Miss K.
Till, Thomas M.
Tollar, William
Torrance, Reverend Robert
Trumper, Fred W.
Turner, H.
Walker, Belle
Walker, Hugh
Walker, Margaret
Walker, Mrs. Hugh
Wallace, Alice V. Higinbotham
Wallace, Dr. Norman
Walsh, Hattie A.
Ward, Lela
Ward, Mrs.
Ward, Robert
Wardrope, Edith
Webster, Ada
Webster, Bessie
Webster, John
Webster, Kate
Webster, Margaret
Whitehead, Mrs.
Whiteside, George
Williamson, Jessie
Wilmot, K.E.
Wilson, Adam
Wilson, Annabelle
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Hugh
Wilson, Isabel
Wilson, Isabella
Wilson, Rev. W.G.
Wilson, Sarah Jane
Wilson, William
Search Terms St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Church Manse
Dimensions 23.5 cm l x 15.8 cm w