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Catalog Number 2001.20.6
Object Name Program
Title GCVI Field Day Program, October 5, 1938
Date 10/05/1938
Year Range from 1938
Year Range to 1938
Description Small GCVI Field Day program on light green coloured card stock. The cover is printed in green type and is covered in signatures of several participants of the day's events. The signatures are in black, red and blue ink and in pencil. The inside of the program, also in green type, lists the boys events on the left and the girls' events on the right. More signatures are located inside the program. On the back is the listing of the honorary judges, the programme committee, the booth committee, the classes and the recorders. More signatures are on the back.
"Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Field Day Campus October 5, 1938"

People Allen, E.
Auld, Evelyn
Barker, G.T.
Barnett, M.
Barron, Helen
Beattie, J.
Belette, M.
Bell, Bill
Berry, W.
Billing, Edwin
Bishop, A.
Blair, B.
Blanchfield, John Stephen
Braucht, F.E.
Brennan, Pat
Bruder, Marie
Bruder, W.
Bryden, Lois
Budd, Deb
Burcombe, Harold
Burnett, Jack
Bush, W.
Canfield, F.
Canfield, Mr.
Carter, Ralph
Chambers, W.
Clair, Bill
Clarke, Florrie
Colson, Edith
Cowie, Miss
Craig, Ruth
Cray, E.
Curzon, M.
Dawson, G.
DeShane, C.W. (Pat)
Dickie, Bill
Dickin, Helen
Doggio, Ron Calvert
Donaldson, John
Doughty, L.
Doughty, Rita
Dudgeon, G.
Dunbar, Dora
Durrant, J.E.
Elsley, Betty
Elsley, Doris
Ferguson, D.
Fisher, R.
Glynn, E.
Gordon, Helena
Grier, Betty
Grier, Rob
Griggs, D.
Guthrie, Margaret
Hahn, Phyllis
Hall, Fran
Hannigan, T.
Hardy, F.
Harvey, John
Hatten, M.
Hawkins, Ruth
Hill, J.
Hodgson, E.
Humphries, Miss W.
Johnston, H.
Jones, A.
Jones, Alan
Keene, R.
Kerr, Beth
Kohl, Madeleine
Laird, M.
Leckie, B.
Leckie, J.
Lye, R.
Macauley, R.
MacGowan, J.
MacPhail, Dorothy
Marcellus, K.
Marshall, L.
Martin, Shirley
McAninch, L.
McDiarmid, Kay
McDonald, Miss
McKen, K.
McKinnon, M.
McLean, P.
McPhail, J.
McPherson, T.
McRostie, Don
Michael, Joseph
Mills, Barb
Morgan, H.
Morrison, K.
Murley, Betty
Palmer, J.
Peer, Leonard
Pigott, Miss M.
Pinkney, L.
Proud, Alan
Rae, Eleanor
Reed, Rick
Reid, Miss
Reuter, Doris Robinson
Reynolds, T.
Ricketts, M.
Robertson, Helen McGregor
Robinson, D.
Robson, I.
Ross, John F.
Rundle, Evelyn
Scott, Margaret
Simpson, F.D.
Sinclair, E.
Spry, D.
State, Bill
Stewart, K.
Stewart, Muriel
Strachan, Sybil
Strang, Miss G.M.
Strong, Billie
Sullivan, J. A.
Sutton, June
Taylor, J.
Thatcher, Eddy
Thompson, Mickey
Valeriote, M.
Wagner, T.
Wahnsley, Evelyn
Walker, Jack
Ward, W.
Webb, G.
Weir, Isabel
Wells, Ted
West, E.
Whyte, Jean
Wilson, Cecil
Wilson, Lois
Woodward, Shirley
Wreler, Marion
Young, H.
Young, Mildred
Search Terms Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Athletic Council
Dimensions Cover, Paper - 7.08/8.46 - Length/Width
/When open