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Catalog Number 1972.32.2
Object Name Book
Title Guelph Wesleyan Sabbath School Record Book, 1844-1849
Date Circa 1845
Year Range from 1844.0
Year Range to 1849.0
Description Record Book, "Guelph Sabbath School Book". Multi-coloured hard cover with brown leather spine and corners. On front cover, title is printed in black letters: "GUELPH SABBATH SCHOOL BOOK." Inside pages were lined, but the lines are very faded.
Inside the front cover are two stickers, off-white with brown print, which identify the maker's name of book. In the upper left corner is a small square sticket: "ROWSELL, Stationer & c., 31, Cheapside."
In center of page is a second larger sticker which reads: "Hy. & Wm. ROWSELL, STATIONERS, King St., Toronto, U.C. / Agents to Rowsell & Son, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON."
Handwritten in black ink above second sticker: "Guelph Wesleyan Sabbath School / Instituted July 17, 1836."
On page 1 in handwritten black ink: "E.E. Cunningham" is in upper right corner and "Jany 1st, 1844" is written below and to the left of the name.
The book covers the years 1844 to 1849 and is a record of the names of the teachers and students, their attendance in detail, and shows some progression of students through various class levels. Contains the names of many early Guelph families.
Girls and Boys were in separate classes that ran from 1st to 5th and 6th Classes. Numbers are marked beside each name under a date, but unclear as to their meaning.
People Ainley, Thomas
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Susan (Miss)
Atkins, Elizabeth
Atkins, Joseph
Banister, Charlotte
Banister, Ely
Barber, Elizabeth
Barber, Emma
Black, John
Burns, Frank
Burns, Harriet
Burt, Ann
Campbell, Janet
Chipchase, Ann
Chipchase, Henrietta
Chipchase, John
Chipchase, William
Clark, John
Clarke, Amelia
Clarke, Letitia
Clarke, Thomas
Collis, Mrs.
Croft, Nathaniel
Croft, Nathaniel
Cunningham, E.E.
Darby, Deborah
Darby, George
Darby, John
Davies, Daniel
Dogin, Elizabeth
Doucharty, Elizabeth
Doughty, C.
Doughty, Mrs.
Eby, I.
Eby, Jonas
Eby, L.
Eby, Samuel
Edwards, William
Evans, Jane
Fawcett, Margaret
Fawcett, Thomas
Fear, John
Fear, Joseph
Fefsant, Edwin
Field, William
Fisk, John
Fisk, Mary
Gambel, James
Gantlet, Elizabeth
Garrard, Elizabeth
Garrard, Harriet
Gibson, Ann
Gibson, John
Gibson, Robert
Hall, Catherine
Hall, H.
Harrison, Miss
Heather, Miss
Henderson, Peter
Horning, C.
Horning, Charles
Horning, Henry
Horning, Sarah
Hough, Elizabeth
Hough, George
Hough, Henry
Hough, J.
Hough, J.
Hough, John
Hough, Mary
Howard, George
Jackson, J.
Jackson, John
Jackson, Mary
Johnson, Sam
Johnson, William
Keefer, Elizabeth
Keefer, Sarah
Keefer, Wm.
Kelly, J.
Knowles, Emma
Knowles, Henry
Knowles, Sarah
Knowles, T.
Knowles, Wm.
Larter, R.
Larter, Robt.
Marriot, Ann
Marriot, Elizabeth
Marriot, Wm.
Marriott, Henry
Masters, I.
McBride, Thomas
McNicols, James
McNight, T.
McQuillan, James
McQuillan, Thomas
Oaks, George
Oaks, Robert
Oaks, Susan
Oliver, A.
Oliver, Elisabeth
Oliver, Elizabeth J.
Oliver, James
Oliver, Rachel
Oliver, Sarah
Oliver, Wm.
Paddle, H.
Paddle, Margaret
Reed, Fred
Robinson, Jane
Robinson, Jno.
Robinson, William
Rye, Emma
Sallows, Elizabeth
Sallows, J.
Sallows, James
Seaton, Elizabeth A.
Seaton, John
Seaton, Mary
Simpson, Ann
Simpson, Elizabeth
Simpson, James
Sinley, R.
Smith, R.
Smith, Reuben
Snelling, Charlotte
Snelling, Morris
Stannard, Emma
Stannard, J.
Stannard, J.H.
Stannard, James
Stannard, Jos. H.
Stannard, Robert
Stevens, Elizabeth
Stevens, Jemima
Stevens, Susanna
Stevenson, Betty
Trim, Elizabeth
Trim, Fanny
Trim, Jane
Trim, Samuel
Tuttle, Wm.
Twydale, Wm.
Walker, R.
Walker, Rebecca
Walker, Sarah
Walker, Thomas
Watson, A.
Watson, Al.
Watson, Robert
Watson, Thomas
Webster, Frances
Webster, J.
Webster, Jane
Webster, John
Webster, Mary
Webster, Sarah
West, Elizabeth
Whatling, Wm.
Willett, D.
Willett, David
Willett, Ed.
Willett, Emma
Willson, Thomas
Wilson, Thomas
Wright, George
Wright, Harriet
Wright, Henry
Wright, Jane
Wright, John
Wright, Joseph
Wright, Louisa E.
Wright, Maria
Wright, Miss
Wright, N.
Wright, Sarah
Wright, Sophia
Search Terms Guelph Wesleyan Sabbath School
Norfolk Street United Church
Dimensions 23.5 x 19 x 1.75 cm. - L x W x D