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Catalog Number 1972.10.22.2
Object Name Newspaper
Title Guelph Evening Mercury, April 23, 1927
Date 04/23/1927
Year Range from 1927
Year Range to 1927
Description Guelph Evening Mercury, April 23rd 1927. The paper's main story is of the founding of Guelph 100 years ago to the day. The title reads "This Is Guelph's red letter day". The paper is in two sections.

.1 section 1 pages 1 - 18.
.2 section 2 pages 19-28.
People Adams, Samuel
Alexander, Mrs.
Allan, David (Jr.) (1863-1939)
Allan, David (Sr.) (1808-1895)
Alsop, J.
Anderson, L.
Anderson, Thomas (Mrs.)
Annis, Viola Bush
Armstrong, G. (Miss)
Armstrong, Mrs.
Atkinson, George (Rev.)
Auld, Forbes
Auld, Mrs.
Bain, A.G.
Baker, E. (Miss)
Baldwin, Joseph Frank (Mrs.)
Baratgin, Mr.
Barber, T. Ross
Bard, E. (Miss)
Barker, J.S.
Barker, J.S. (Mrs.)
Barlow, D.H.
Beaudry, R.A.
Beaudry, R.A. (Mrs.)
Bell, E.P. (Mrs.)
Bell, J.A.M. (Rev.)
Bennett, P.
Berke, H.T.
Berry, J.
Berry, J. (Mrs.)
Bertolet, W.E. (Mrs.)
Berwick, M.W. (Dr.)
Berwick, M.W. (Mrs.)
Black, H.M.
Blackwood, Professor
Bolton, Howard E.
Bowen, H. (Mrs.)
Britton, Garnet Percy (Mrs.)
Brown, E.A. (Mrs.)
Brown, Indian Jim
Brydon, Robert H.
Buckingham, Walter E.
Burgess, Walter H.
Burnett, F.
Burrows, Alvin R.
Burrows, H.H.
Burrows, H.H. (Mrs.)
Bush, Marguerite
Caldwell, Mrs.
Capps, W. Edmund
Carey, S. Buchanan (Rev.)
Chapman, George
Cheevers, M. (Mrs.)
Churcher, Fred
Clarke, A.B. (Mrs.)
Clough, E.
Coales, H. Reginald (Mrs.)
Collyer, Bert E.
Cook, F.
Cook, Joseph S.
Cooke, Ralph
Cooke, Ralph (Mrs.)
Coombs, George R.
Cooper, H.
Corkette, Madeline
Costigan, Helen
Costigan, J.J.
Cramer, Ray (Dr.)
Crews, H.W.
Crowe, Charles R.
Crowe, Douglas
Crowe, Douglas (Mrs.)
Crowe, Edith (Mrs. Charles R. Crowe)
Crowe, Ralph M.
Davis, W.G. (Rev.)
Davison, A.R. (Dr.)
Daymond, Al
Daymond, Harold
Denver, E. (Miss)
dePencier, T.F.W. (Rev.)
Dougherty, F.K.
Douglas, A.
Doyle, F.W. (Rev.)
Dunbar, Angus
Dunbar, R.A.A.
Earnshaw, G. (Mrs.)
Elliott, Miss
Fairley, George
Fife, R.I. (Miss)
Finlay, R.M.
Foster, George (Mrs.)
Fox, J.
Foxall, F.J. (Mrs.)
Frid, Roy (Rev.)
Galt, John
Geen, Reginald G.
Gibson, Alfred E.
Goldie, Pat
Good, Mrs.
Gowdy, S.M.
Graham, Humphrey A. (Rev.)
Graham, Miss
Gregory, D. (Miss)
Grenside, Frederick C. (Dr.)
Guild, L.R.
Gumbley, H. (Mrs.)
Gummer, Bertram G.
Gummer, Bertram G. (Mrs.)
Guthrie, Hugh
Hamilton, G. Powell (Mrs.)
Hammond, A.
Hammond, A. (Mrs.)
Hannigan, T.J.
Harris, J.
Harvey, Jack
Harvey, John
Harvey, Miss
Hasketh, L. (Miss)
Hauck, A. (Mrs.)
Haverstock, L.S. (Rev.)
Hawker, E.
Hawkins, L. (Mrs.)
Healey, Mrs.
Henderson, Isabel
Heslop, J.T. (Rev.)
Higinbotham, Billy
Higinbotham, William Allan
Hill, Piper
Hillis, Joseph
Hindson, Frederick
Hindson, Rev. W.E.
Hodge, Mr.
Holden, W.
Holgate, Harry
Holgate, Prof. H.
House, J. A.
Howitt, Henry
Howitt, Mrs. Henry
Howitt, Rance
Humphries, Bessie Rowena
Ingram, Thomas
Johnson, Edward
Jones, L. E., Lieut.-Colonel
Jones, L.E. (Mrs.)
Joy, N. (Miss)
Kay, Mrs. W.J.
Kearns, J. M.
Kearns, Mrs. J.M.
Keatinge, Miss May
Kelly, Harry
Kelly, Madeline
Kendall, Horace
Kennedy, John
Kerr, G. (Mrs.)
Kerr, M. (Miss)
King, E.
King, W.R.
Kinnard, I. (Miss)
Knight, J.J.
Knighton, George H. (Rev.)
Laidlaw, Billy
Laird, W.S. (Dr.)
Laking, Edna
Lampard, Olive
Lawson, C.
Lea, H. (Mrs.)
Leacock, Mr.
Leadlay, H.J.B.
Lemon, Laura
Letheren, F.J.
Letheren, Johnnie
Little, H.
Little, Miss N.
Love, F.
Love, F. (Mrs.)
Macdonald, Mrs. William
MacGillivray, Alex J.
Mackenzie, J.A. (Rev.)
Macleod, Dr.
Macleod, Norman (Dr.)
Maddock, H.H.
Maddock, Miss
Mahaffey, S. (Miss)
Maltby, Sidney
Marsh, C. (Mrs.)
Marshall, Marjorie
Marshall, Miss M.
Marsland, D. (Miss)
Martin, G. R.
McCrae, Mrs. Robert
McCrae, R.J.
McCrae, R.J. (Mrs.)
McGregor, Angus
McIntosh, Daniel
McIntosh, Hugh
McIntosh, James
McIntosh, James Innes
McIntyre, S.
McIntyre, S. (Mrs.)
McKay, J.A. (Mrs.)
McKee, Sam
McKenzie, Emma
McKenzie, Mrs.
McLellan, Miss
McNaught, Beth
McNiven, Angus
McPherson, A.S. (Mrs.)
Millar, J.S.
Mitchell, A.M.
Mitchell, William (Rev.)
Moore, Robert
Morris, D.J.
Morris, O. (Miss)
Morton, P.A. (Miss)
Morton, Pearl
Needham, H. (Mrs.)
Neubauer, E.J.
Nicklin, H.S.
Nunan, H.A.
O'Donnell, W.
Ogg, W.H.
Orton, Frances
Parker, J.E.
Pears, E. (Miss)
Pears, James R.
Pears, Mrs. J.R.
Penhall, H.
Pentelow, Mrs. W.M.
Perry, Ella
Phin, W. E.
Price, Albert L.
Purcell, J. M.
Radcliffe, Fred
Radcliffe, Fred (Mrs.)
Raithby, G.E.
Reed, Jessie
Reid, J. (Mrs.)
Reinhart, John
Robertson, A. (Miss)
Robson, R. Beverly
Rose, J. Orr
Rundle, E. (Miss)
Rutherford, Judge
Ryde, Edward
Saunders, Dyce Willcocks
Scott, E.
Scott, Miss A.
Scott, Mrs. Andrew
Scovil, Archdeacon G. F.
Scrimgeour, Wm.
Scudimore, H.B. (Rev.)
Shaw, I.J.
Shepherd, V. E. (Vic)
Simpson, W.
Simpson, W.W.
Sleeman, Edwin Austin
Smith, H.J.C.
Smith, Mrs. F.E.
Smith, R.
Snape, Ivy
Snape, R. (Miss)
Spragge, W.W.
Steele, H.E.
Stevenson, O.P. (Mrs.)
Stevenson, O.P. (Prof.)
Stone, R.E.
Stone, R.E. (Mrs.)
Sutherland, Anne
Taylor, E. (Miss)
Taylor, P.
Taylor, William G.
Templeman, Wm.
Tharby, W. (Mrs.)
Thomas, Miss
Thompson, A.
Thompson, E.D.
Thompson, Mr.
Thomson, Mrs.
Thorpe, Mr.
Tolton, D.L.
Tytler, Martha (Mrs. William)
Vincent, D.H. (Mrs.)
Walker, Alex
Walker, Alex (Mrs.)
Walker, Betty (Miss)
Walker, George
Walker, George E.
Walker, Pat
Wallace, Dr. Norman
Ward, Lela
Wardrope, Rev. Thomas
Wardrope, W.H.
Waters, Eva
Wells, A.G.
Wells, William (Mrs.)
Western, N. (Miss)
Wilson, A. (Mrs.)
Wilson, A.C.
Wilson, A.C. (Mrs.)
Wismer, W.J.
Witter, C.
Young, N. (Miss)
Young, W.L.
Ziegler, C. (Miss)
Ziegler, I. (Miss)
Zimmerman, Miss
Search Terms Acker Furniture Company
Acme Cartage
Adams (W.J.) Electrical Work
Albion Hotel
Anderson (C.) and Company
AOA Garage
Armstrong (John) Store
Atter Rain Revival Hall
Barber's Butcher Shop
Barlow (D.G.) and Company
Barlow (D.H.) and Company Insurance
Baulk's News Store
Bedford Motor Sales Ltd.
Benson Brothers Grocers
Bogardus and Barton Druggists
Bond Hardware Company
Brown's Bicycle Store
Buckingham Barrister
Cain and Wagner
Canada Railway News Company
Canadian National Railway
Canadian Pacific Railway
Capitol Theatre
Carroll's Groceries
Castle Cigar Store
Castle Theatre
Catholic Women's League
Central Bus Station
Chalmers United Church
Chappell (Frank) News Stand
Cheever's (M.) Auto Painting
Chiswell (A.C.) News Stand
Christadelphian Hall
Christian and Missionary Alliance Tabernacle
Chrysler Sales and Service
Churcher (Fred) Painter and Paper Hanger
City Battery and Electrical Service
City Hall
Coales and Dangerfield Architects
Cole Brothers and Scott
Cole Brothers Clothing and Dry Goods
Cremasco Brothers Food Market
Daly News and Cigar Store
Daughters of Scotland
Daymond Motors Ltd.
De Luxe Motors
Disciples of Christ Church
Drake (E.J.) News Stand
Dublin Street United Church
Dunbar, Goetz and Dunbar
Dunnill (J.W.) Wood
Easton (John) Cleaning Tools
Expert Tire Repair
Farmer's Market
Foltz (G.) News Stand
Foster's Fashions Limited
Geen (Reginald G.) Organist
Gilson Manufacturing Company Limited
Girls Institute
Gospel Hall
Guelph Cartage Company
Guelph Centennial Celebrations
Guelph Centennial Committee
Guelph Choral Union
Guelph Garrison Club
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Hydro
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Motor Club
Guelph Mutual Service Garage
Guelph Old Boys
Guelph Outfitters
Guelph Tent and Awning Company
Guelph Tire Hospital and Battery Service
Guelph Trust Company
Hanna Brothers
Hannigan (T.J.) Stocks, Bonds and Real Estate
Hannigan Real Estate
Hill (E.G.) News Agent
Hillis Cigar Store
Homewood (Kingsmill Home)
Hoseason Tours
Howden (B.F.) Hardware
Howitt and Howitt
Humane Education League of Guelph
Jackson (W. Clifford) Conveyancer
Jones and Johnston Insurance
Kandy Kitchen
Kearns (J.M.) Barrister
Kelly's Music Store
Kenyon's News Stand
Kibler (George) News Stand
King Edward Hotel
Kloepfer Coal Company
Knox Presbyterian Church
Knox Presbyterian Church Ladies
Laird (W.S.) Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor
Livesey Tobacconist
Loblaw Groceteria
Loudoun News Stand
Macdonald (D.E.) and Brothers
Maddock and Barron Men's Clothing and Furnishings
Marshall's Drug Store
Mason and Risch
Masonic Temple
Masons - Waverly Masonic Lodge
McAllister's Sawmill
McDermott (H.J.) Painting and Decorating
McDonald (James) Auctioneer
McKenzie Machine Works
McNally (J.H.) Studebaker Dealer
McNiven (A.) Funeral Director
McNiven's Ambulance Service
McPherson Brothers Clothiers
McTague's Watch and Jewellery Repair
Meadowview Baptist Church
Mitchell and Company Funeral Services
Morris (W.H.) Groceries
Murphy and Jones News Agents
Mutual Life Insurance
Nelles (Charles L.) Stationer
Norfolk Street United Church
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Paisley Memorial Church
Palmer Brothers
Palmer Coal Company
Parker (J.H.) and Son
Penfold's Carriage Works
Penfold's Hardware
Penhall (H.) Painter and Paper Hanger
Pequegnat Jewellery Store
Peters (Gordon) and Company Accountants
Price (Albert L.) Chiropractor
Pringle (G.D.) Jewellery Store
Reinhart (John) Carriage Works
Reinhart (John) Motor Sales
Reinhart's Garage
Robson Motor Corporation
Royal Bank of Canada
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store - Auditorium
Salvation Army
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Sherer - Gilette Manufacturing Company
Singer's Watch, Clock and Jewellery Repairs
Smith and Mahoney Jewellers
Smith's Furniture Store
Spegel's Department Store
St. Andrew's Church
St. Andrew's Society
St. George's Church
St. George's Church Sunday School
St. James the Apostle Church
St. Joseph's Hospital
St. Patrick's Catholic Church
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church
Stewarts Drugs
Stout (F.L.) News Agent
Tait Optical Company
Taylor (W.G.) Auctioneer
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Tolton's Service Station
Toronto Dominion Bank
Tovell Funeral Home
Trinity United Church
Watt Coal, Coke and Wood
Wellington Acceptance Corporation Ltd.
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Wing's Pharmacy
Wood's Store
Woods' Fair
Woolwich Street Baptist Church
Wyndham Inn
Yorkshire Street Hall
Young's Agency
Dimensions 45.5 cm w x 61.5 cm l