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Catalog Number 1980.114.81
Object Name Booklet
Title Booklet - "Guelph, Ontario - The Royal City"
Date 1907
Year Range from 1907
Year Range to 1907
Description "Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907"
"A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing
Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed"

Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907

Covers missing
31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H

pages missing

16 pages total left
People Armstrong, J.B.
Bailey, Daniel
Beattie, Walter H.
Booth, D.H.
Borrowman, G.S.
Chapman, George
Clark, W.A.
Clemens, H.A.
Colwill, William Frye
Cray, M.F.
Davidson, John
Davidson, W.
Dooley, J.M.
Dooley, J.M.
Fielding, Wesley H.
Forbes, George D.
Gordon, J.G.
Griffin, Thomas
Hadley, Wright
Hamilton, G. Powell
Hooper, Bert
Howitt, C. E.
Howitt, Henry
Hunter, D.M.
Inglehart, G.E.
Jackson, A.E.
Johnston, Miss L.
Keil, W.L.
Kennedy, John
Law, Samuel
Lockwood, H.
Macdonald, D. E.
Matthews, W.P.
McElderry, J. E.
McLaughlin, S.L.
Melvin, Robert
Mitchell, Austin M.
Moore, John
Morris, George B.
Newstead Sr., John
Penfold, George
Penfold, Samuel
Petrie, Alexander Bain
Pringle, G. D.
Roberts, A.W.
Rutter, C.J.
Ryan, G.B.
Scholfield, H.C.
Scott, J.A.
Singular, Lot
Spragge, P
Steele, James
Stewart, N.L.
Stewart, R.J.
Stirton, David
Struthers, J.M.
Sunley, William
Tolton, B.
Tolton, David
Tolton, Edward
Walker, E.J.C.
Walker, John C.
Watson, C.J.
Welsby, Ernest J.
Wideman, L. C.
Wolcott, George
Search Terms Armstrong (J.B.) Manufacturing Company
Artistic Clothing House
Bailey (Daniel) Hardware
Bank of Montreal
Barber Signs
Bard (G.W.)
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Booth (D.H.) Photo Studio
Borrowman (G.S.) Chemist
Broadfoot's Red Cross Pharmacy
Burr and Ainsworth Furniture
Cameron's Pharmacy
Church of Our Lady
City Hotel
City Shoe Store
Clark Jewelry Store
Clemens (H.A.) Company Limited
Colwill (W. Frye) Architect
Commercial Hotel
Court House
Cray (M.F.) Coal and Wood
Davidson (John) Furniture and Upholstered Goods
Dooley (J.M.) Groceries
Douglas Street Livery
Electric Boiler Compound Company
Fielding's Fruit and Confectionery
Golden Lion
Gordon (J.G.) Locksmith
Gowdy Brothers
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Carpet and Worsted Spinning Mills
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Electrical Works
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Soap Company
Guelph Steam Laundry
Guelph Stove Company
Hall (G.W.) Distributing Ltd.
Hamilton (G. Powell) Insurance
Hamilton and Sons
Harding Brothers Wines and Liquors
Heffernan Street Bridge
Hooper's Livery
Imperial Biscuit Company
Inglehart's Grocery
Jackson and Son
Johnston (Miss L.) Fancy Goods
Kandy Kitchen
Keleher and Hendley Tailors
Kloepfer Coal Company
Law (Samuel) Insurance
Mahoney Brothers Plumbers
Matthews (W.P.) Harness Maker
McLean and Dawson Electrical Contractors
McPhie and Mahoney Architects
Mitchell (Austin M.) Undertaker
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - MacDonald Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Macdonald Institute
Penfold's Carriage Works
Post Office
Pringle (G.D.) Jewellery Store
Raymond Sewing Machine Company
Reynolds and Son Painters
Roberts (A and W) Meats
Royal Bank of Canada
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Scott (J.A.) Tailor
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Sleeman Brewing and Malting Company
St. George's Church
St. George's Square
St. Joseph's Hospital
Standard White Lime Company
Steele's Wire Springs Limited
Stevenson and Malcolm Company
Struthers (J.M.) Furniture Company
Sunley (William) Stoves
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Toronto Dominion Bank
Traders Bank of Canada
Watson (C.J.) and Company Wine Merchants
Wellington Hotel
West End Meat Market
Western Hotel
Wideman (L.) Architect
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Wolcott (George R.) and Company Tinsmiths
Subjects TOURISM
Dimensions 31 x 23 cm - L x W