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Catalog Number 1972.59.2.3
Object Name Booklet
Title Centennial History of Guelph Lodge 1871-1971
Date 1971
Year Range from 1871
Year Range to 1971
Description Booklet, Centennial History of Guelph Lodge, No. 258, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C., 1871-1971. Gold coloured paper cover with printed black text on both front and back. Booklet stapled with two staples. Inside pages are white with printed black lettering and b/w photographs.
History compiled by F.H. Cooke, P.A.G.D. of C. Contents include: the Beginnings of Masonry in Guelph; the Birth of the Guelph Lodge; a Joint Masonic Temple; A Permanent Masonic Temple; early Lodge history; "Lest We Forget"; Special Events; Inter Lodge Visits; Anniversaries. Pages 15 to 20 are various lists: Senior surviving members of Guelph Lodge; Lodge Honours; Charter Members; In Memoriam; and past Masters of Guelph Lodge 258 from 1871 to 1971. There are five b/w photographs of members in their uniforms.
Back Cover lists "Officers for Centennial Year, 1971" and the Auditors.
Front Cover: "Guelph Lodge, No. 258 / A.F. & A.M., G.R.C. / Guelph, Ontario, Canada / 1871 1971 / Centennial History / Compiled by F.G. Cooke, P.A.G. D. of C." Between the printed years is the line drawn crest of the Guelph Lodge.
Illustrations: B/W Printed
No. of pages: 20
People Abbey, Ed
Allan, T.N.
Anderson, P.
Angell, J.A.
Baker, Edward (Col.)
Ball, F.J.
Banting, C.
Barber, C.
Barber, Charles R.
Barker, J.S.
Beckman, J.
Benallick, Archie
Benallick, H. Lee
Benallick, J.A.
Berry, Arthur M.
Binks, G.M.
Biscoe, Frederick
Bolton, Harry
Braund, G.G.
Brill, G.J.
Brill, J.T.
Briscoe, F.
Britton, E.G.
Britton, F.
Britton, Garnet Percy (Dr.)
Brown, H.J.
Brown, R.M.
Bruce, George A.
Brydon, Robert H.
Brydon, R.W.
Burrows, C. Acton
Campbell, H.
Cavers, John
Chadwick, A.C.
Chase, Caleb
Colley, T.G.
Colwill, William W.P.
Conway, W.H.
Cook, Archibald W.C.
Cook, W.C.
Cooke, F.G.
Cooke, F.H.
Cordiner, A.
Darby, F.W.
Denver, E.
Denver, J.H.
Ditchfield, John
Dodds, D.
Drew, George
Eagleton, George
Fairley, George
Faulkner, J.A.
Fields, G.W.
Finlay, J.H.
Finlay, R.M.
Freeland, C.J.
Freeman, A.
Freure, F.J.
Gair, C.
Gemmell, Robert
Gilchrist, R.A.
Goldie, James
Grant, Thomas Y.
Greet, Thomas Y.
Grieve, J.G.
Gulliver, J.H.
Gummer, Harry
Hall, Harold
Harris, H.
Harris, T.B.
Harrison, Edward
Harvey, Edmund
Hastings, George
Hastings, James
Hearle, Samuel N.
Herod, G. S.
Herod, George S.
Hewart, William
Higham, R.
Hignell, Henry A.
Hill, P.D.
Howden, A.W.
Inglis, John
Innes, James
Jackson, Thomas
Johnston, E.F.B.
Johnston, George
Keast, J.R.
Keast, John R.
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, John
Kerr, J.K.
Kerr, K.E.
Kilgour, W.J.
Kirby, WIlliam S.
Kitchen, W.G.
Klotz, Otto
Lange, F.W.
Lock, Frank
Lockwood, H.
Lodge, William
Maguire, W.L.
Mahoney Sr., R.
Mahoney, Dr. R.L.
Mahoney, J.J.
Mahoney, J.P.H.
Mahoney, R.L.
Mahoney, Rev. Harry
Mahoney, Richard
Mahoney, W. A.
Malcolm, Andrew
Mann, R.W.
Marcroft, W.
Marsh, N.
Massey, James
McCrea, J. A.
McCullough, Herb
McDougall, T.J.
McDowell, J.R.
McGurn, Arch'd
McGurn, Archibald
McIlwraith, Verne
McLagan, John C.
McNeil, John
McWilliams, H.C.
Milton, J.
Moffatt, Samuel R.
Moore, J.H.
Morrow, R.J.
Mullinex, B.R.
Murley, J.S.
Myers, Solomon
Norrish, Charles
Norrish, J.S.
Oliver, Sid
Oxnard, George A.
Paff, Ed
Patterson, W.J.
Patterson, William
Peck, D.A.
Penfold, C.R.
Pentecost, E.H.
Peterson, Tom J.
Peterson, W.J.
Pether, Richard
Petrie, Alexander Bain
Pettiford, Charles
Pos, J.
Pos, Jacob
Powell, G.J.
Powell, R.T.
Pratt, F.H.
Pringle, G.S.
Randall, F.W.
Reynolds, J. B.
Riddell, R.K.
Ringler, N.E.
Robinson, W. G.
Robson, R. Beverly
Rowland, John A.
Royce, S.S.
Rumney, Don.
Rutherford, A.R.
Ryder, James
Salmon, C.E.
Savage, Thos. F.
Scott, Andrew D.
Sexton, E.H.
Seymour, Jas.
Sharp, John W.
Sharpe, Charles
Shaw, G. D.
Silvestro, S.
Sim, Peter R.
Smith, A.M.
Smith, R.J.
Speirs, J.S.
Stevenson, Alexander Allan
Stuart, William
Sweetman, C.E.
Sweetman, F.F.
Swift, Percival C.S.
Swift, V.M.
Taylor, N.E.
Taylor, T.H.
Taylor, Thomas
Teeple, I.E.
Tharby, W.G.
Theakson, F.H.
Thomson, R.H.
Thornton, James B.
Tuck, H.F.
Tuck, Herbert F.
Vale, William Theodoric
Vickery, C.C.
Walker, C.
Walker, Hugh
Walker, J.W.
Walker, John
Walker, Sidney W.
Wilkie, Wm. M.
Williamson, J.
Wilson, C.
Worton, Harry, Sr.
Wright, J.T.
Yule, James
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Ontario Agricultural College - War Memorial Hall
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Dimensions Cover, Paper, Stapled - 21.5 x 14.5 cm. - L x W