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Catalog Number 1980.114.83
Object Name Booklet
Title "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario"
Date 1916
Year Range from 1916
Year Range to 1916
Description Booklet, "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario," issued 1916. 24 page booklet with detailed information about Guelph industries, commercial and civic operations. Has numerous B/W photographs of industries and buildings in Guelph. Rectangular booklet with pink construction paper cover with black printed text.
Front cover has photograph of the Guelph Carnegie Public Library on the front cover. Written in ink at top: "Chamber of Commerce 1964 / Ross Maltby." Under picture of library is written in ink "1916". Printed on front cover: "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario / A Descriptive Review of a Number of Manufacturing and Mercantile Interests in Guelph - The Live Wire City / Compliments of L.N.E. LaFontaine."
Back Cover: On the inside of the back cover is an index of the various industries included with the corresponding page number. The outside of the back cover is a full page advertisement for the Ontario Agricultural College for the winter term beginning "September 19th, 1916".
On page 1, under "Panoramic View of St. George's Square" is noted that the photo was taken by O'Keefe Studio.
Illustrations: B/W
No. of pages: 24
People Aird, John
Anderson, C.
Armstrong, W.J.
Barber, R.H.
Bard, G.W.
Barlow, D.H.
Bates, Herbert E.
Beattie, Walter H.
Black, J.J.
Bogardus, Frederick
Boothe, C.
Brown, William
Browne, E.L.C.
Brydon, Robert H.
Bullock, H.E.
Buttery, L.H.
Calcott, A.R.
Campbell, P.J.
Chart, E.H.
Clancy, E.B.
Clarke, S.
Clough, E.
Cohen, H.
Colwill, William Frye
Conery, C.H.
Cooke, Wilfred
Cosford, H.E.
Creelman, George C.
Croft, E.H.
Dodds, R.
Doughty, J.D
Doughty, W.T.
Drake, E.J.
Duff, J.M.
Dunbar, G.
Forbes, George D.
Frank, Albert J.
Galbraith, William
Gallagher, G.C.
Gemmell, T.H.
Gladstone, Robert William
Goetz, W.C.
Goldie, James
Gow, James
Graham, J.E.
Grinyer, George E.B.
Gummer, Harry
Hamilton, G. Powell
Hamilton, John H.
Hanna, C.L.
Hanna, William Stanley
Hannigan, T.J.
Harrison, James
Henry, G.M.
Hertzberg, I
Howell, W.G.
Howitt, C. E.
Howitt, Henry
Howitt, J. R.
Ireland, A.H.
Ivey, P.D.
Jackson, A.E.
Jackson, D.
Jackson, H.E.
Jaques, L.
Johns, E.H.
Jones, H.V.F
Keatinge, T.A.
Kelly, C.W.
Kelly, F.B.
Kennedy, E.E.
King, A.J.
King, J.J.
King, Percy T.
Kloepfer, Frank
Knolles, Ben
Kurtz, J.F.
LaFontaine, L.N.E.
Lansing, Harry
Lawson, J.
Lyon, J.W.
MacKenzie, Rod.
Maddock, P.F.
Maddock, Percy
Mahoney, Alderman Harry
Mahoney, Alderman Harry
Mahoney, Richard
Malcolm, Andrew
Maltby, Ross
Marans, J.
Martin, D.
McElderry, J. E.
McFarlane, C. Stanley
McIntosh, James Innes
McKenzie, D.
McLaughlin, A.C.
McMaster, Thomas Grier (T.G.)
McNiven, Angus
McPherson, George
McPherson, J.A.
Miller, J.S.
Moore, T. J.
Moritz, A.L.
Moritz, A.L.
Morris, W.
Muller, C.B.
O'Keefe, Lionel
Occomore, Harry
Patrick, E.J.
Petrie, Alexander Bain
Pringle, Miss Cora
Quarmby, H.
Reinhart, George
Rife, T.A.
Robson, R. Beverly
Rowen, O.E.
Rundle, S.R.
Savage, A. D.
Schulett, A.J.
Shea, J.W.
Shibley, W.J.
Simpson, Alvar H.
Simpson, J. H.
Sinclair, D.
Sinclair, G.
Small, J. J.
Smith, Albert W.
Smith, Frederick
Smith, L.M.
Steele, H.
Steele, H.C.
Stewart, R.J.
Stockford, N.M.
Stratton, R.W.
Struthers, J.M.
Stuart, W.W.
Stull, George W.
Stull, H.H.O.
Tanner, W.C.
Tanner, W.T.
Tantardini, John
Taylor, G.R.
Thurston, W.J.
Tolton, Benjamin
Tolton, D. Lavern
Tolton, David
Tolton, David
Tolton, Edward
Tolton, S.A.
Tovell, A.E.G.
Tovell, H.N.
Tovell, Nathan
Walker, George
Walker, Hugh
Wallace, George
Wallace, J.C.
Westoby, H.
Williams, George
Yates, G.M.
Yates, J.E.
Yeates, Charles
Yeates, Lucy
York, E.
York, G.
Search Terms Armstrong Furniture
Aspinwall Manufacturing Company
Bank of Montreal
Bank of Nova Scotia
Barber Signs
Bard (G.W.)
Barlow (D.H.) and Company Insurance
Beattie (W.H.) Druggist
Bond Hardware Company
Browne (E.L.C.) Food Sales and Service
Buttrey (L.H.) Bicycles
Canada Ingot Iron Company
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Candyland Company
Central Book Store
Chamber of Commerce
Colonial Dresses Ltd.
Colwill (W. Frye) Architect
Commercial Hotel
Cooke (Wilfrid) Paint and Wallpaper
Corner Grocery
Dominion Life Assurance Company
Dominion Permanent Loan Company
Doughty-McFarlane Mill
Frank and Shuett Hardware
Galbraith (William) Second Hand Store
Gallagher (G.C.)
Gemmell and Company Steam Dyers and Cleaners
Gilson Manufacturing Company Limited
Goetz Shoe Store
Goldie's Mill
Gow (James) Grocer
Grinyer (George E.B.) Company Ltd.
Guelph Advertiser
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Business College
Guelph Carpet and Worsted Spinning Mills
Guelph Cotton Mills Limited
Guelph Creamery
Guelph Herald
Guelph Herald Print
Guelph Lumber Company
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Mercury Press
Guelph Motor Products Ltd.
Guelph Oiled Clothing Company Limited
Guelph Outfitters
Guelph Paper Box Manufacturing Company
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Radial Railway Company
Hamilton and Sons
Hanna Brothers
Hannigan Real Estate
Hewer (C.E.) Clothes Cleaning and Pressing
Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario
Hydro-Electric Railway Association of Ontario
Jackson and Son
Johnson and Company
Jones and Johnston Insurance
Kandy Kitchen
Kelly's Music Store
King (J.J.) Harnesses
King (Percy T.) Shoe Repair
King Edward Clothing Company
Kloepfer Coal Company
Kurtz (J.F.) Livery
LaFontaines Furs Limited
Mahoney Brothers Plumbers
Marans and Hertzberg
McKenzie (Roderick) Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing
McKenzie Machine Works
McLaughlin-Buick Cars
McNiven and York Furniture Dealers
Merchants Bank
Morris (W.H.) Groceries
Muller Brothers
Neill The Shoe Man
New Idea Spreader Company Ltd.
Niagara Power Union
O'Keefe's Studio
Occomore (H.) and Company
Old Tobacco Shop
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Municipal Electric Association
Opera House Pharmacy
Optical Institute of Canada
Patrick (E.J.) Furniture
Peerless Lift Bowling Alleys
Pringle (Cora) Hair Dressing
Quality Bakery
Queen's Hotel
Robson Motor Corporation
Royal City Mineral Water Works
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Simpson Company Wholesale Grocers
Sinclair (G.) and Sons Grocers
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Smith (Albert W.) Company Limited
Smith (Fred) Plumbing
Smith and Black Feed Store
Steele's Wire Springs Limited
Stevenson and Malcolm Company
Stewart (R.J.) Tailor
Stockford (N.M.) Millinery
Struthers (J.M.) Furniture Company
Stull (H.H.O.) Furs, Hides, etc.
Tanner and Tanner
Tantardini's (J.) White Store
Thurston's Shoe Store
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Tovell Funeral Home
Union Bank of Canada
Walker (Hugh) and Son
Wellington Hotel
West End Meat Market
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Zieman's Sheet Metal Works
Dimensions 30.5 x 23.5 cm - L x W