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Catalog Number 2005.43.1
Object Name Yearbook
Title Acta Nostra, GCVI Yearbook, 1928
Date 1928
Year Range from 1928.0
Year Range to 1928.0
Description Brown soft cover GCVI 1928 Yearbook. The book has an irridescent title "Acta Nostra GCVI Hic Patet Ingeniis Campus". At the bottom centre is "1928 published by the students of the Guelph Collegiate-Vocational Institute" in green.

The book is filled with stories, anecdotes and black and white photos and illustrations. The book also has ads from many area merchants. The book is 132 pages long.
People Aberdeen, Jean
Acker, Abraham
Adie, A.
Allen, H.W.
Allen, W.
Anderson, Alexander
Anderson, Mildred
Anderson, Mr.
Armstrong, Fidele
Armstrong, P.
Atcheson, K.
Auld, Hyde
Austin, Marion
Badoogian, Z.
Bain, A.
Baker, A.W.
Baltzer, Ruby
Barber, Fern
Barber, G.
Barber, Robert
Barber, Ross
Bard, Roy
Barr, William
Barron, R.
Barry, Martin J.
Batt, T.
Bayne, H.
Beattie, Bruce
Beattie, Isobel
Beattie, Mary
Beattie, R.
Bechtel, Annie
Becker, J.
Becker, John
Bedford, Bernice
Bell, C.
Bell, H.
Bell, J.A.M. (Rev.)
Benallick, Walter
Benham, H.
Benham, Mrs.
Bennett, Lucy
Benson, L.
Berner, Norman
Berscht, H.
Berscht, Homer
Binkley, E.
Binkley, John
Black, Ella
Blackstock, Roy
Blyth, S. (Miss)
Blyth, Sara
Boal, Evelyn
Bodendistel, Anthony
Bolton, Eva
Booth, W.
Borland, M.
Bouck, A.L.
Bouck, Albert
Bramhall, F.
Braucht, F.E.
Britton, Garnet Percy (Dr.)
Broadfoot, Fred
Brown, Elizabeth
Brydon, D.
Brydon, Robert
Buchanan, Donald
Buck, Thomas
Burgess, Howard
Burrows, Orel
Busby, Charles
Busby, Charles
Bush, James
Cabeldu, Leonard
Caesar, Cameron
Caesar, Eleanor
Cain, Harold
Caldwell, L.
Cameron, Isabel
Carbin, G.
Card, John
Carleton, Margaret
Carr, Edith
Carroll, Richard
Carscadden, Helen
Carson, Egbert
Chalmers, Margaret
Chambers, Irene
Charlesworth, John W.
Christie, Isabel
Christie, Marjorie
Ciceri, Harold
Clarke, Hugh
Cockburn, M.
Cocks, L.
Cole, Eula
Cole, G.
Coleman, Herb
Collins, L.
Comar, Ardale
Cooke, G.
Cooper, Olive
Corlett, Lorraine
Cosford, Doris
Cotton, I.
Cotton, Ruth
Cowan, David
Cowan, Walter
Cox, Herbert
Craig, Margaret
Cremasco, Peter
Crichton, John
Crosby, George
Crowe, B.
Crowe, Edith (Mrs. Charles R. Crowe)
Crowe, Ralph M.
Cunningham, Gordon
Cushing, M.
Daly, Mrs.
Darling, Grace
Darnforth, J.S.
Davie, John
Davison, Herbert
Davison, J.
Davison, W.
Dawson, Violet
Dempsey, Evelyn
Dennis, Margaret
DeShane, John
Dessurault, Addie Hurst
Dessurault, G.
Diamond, Doug
Dixon, Fred W.
Dobbie, Robina
Dodds, Audrey
Donnell, Robert
Dooley, John
Downes, Elsie
Doyle, A.
Doyle, Gordon
Drake, Max
Drexler, Charles
Drone, G.
Drysdale, Ellen
Dudgeon, John
Dudgeon, Margaret
Dunlop, N.
Dunn, I.
Dyson, Jean
Earnshaw, U.
Elliott, Florence
Elvin, Sonny
Evans, Gladys M.
Evers, Florence
Everson, J.
Fair, Jack
Falconbridge, J.
Farley, George
Farley, George
Fasken, Helen
Faull, Ruth
Fletcher, Alice
Fletcher, William
Ford, J.
Gamble, E.
Gamble, John A.
Garrison, W.
Gordon, William
Gosselin, H.
Gow, Margaret
Graesser, Edgar
Gray, Doris
Gray, Elsie
Gray, Ernest
Greenaway, Florence
Grindell, Helen
Grindell, Margaret
Grundy, T.
Gummer, Judith
Guthrie, Nettie
Guthrie, Norman Gregor
Hales, Alfred Dryden
Hales, Margaret
Hall, M.
Hall, Minnie
Hall, Peggy
Hamill, Marie
Hammill, M.
Hammill, Marie
Hammond, G.
Hampton, W.
Hanna, Burt
Harcourt, John
Hardstone, Marjorie
Harrop, M.
Harrop, Neville
Hartry, R.R.
Hastie, W.J.
Hastings, Marjorie
Hawker, Albert
Hawkins, A.J.
Hawkins, Frances
Hawkins, Marjorie
Heeg, T.
Henderson, Isabel
Henderson, Keith
Hepburn, H.
Herold, Vivyan Whiteman
Herold, William
Hewitt, G.
Hewitt, Grace
Hill, Agnes
Hill, Allen
Hoare, Aileen
Hohenadel, Agnes
Hohenadel, Alice
Hohenadel, Eleanor
Hollingshead, Grace
Hollingshead, W.
Hosking, B.
Hosking, F.
Howard, Eileen T.
Howden, R.
Howse, F.
Huffman, Gordon
Hulbert, Frances
Humphries, Miss W.
Humphries, Wilma
Ingle, G.
Irvine, Sara
Joliffe, Edward
Kaiser, O.
Kaiser, Oscar
Keefe, Fred
Keene, Gertrude
Kendall, Horace
Kendall, John
Kendall, Lois
King, Russell
King, V.
Kirvan, N.
Kitching, Clova
Klinck, R.
Knowles, Eleanor
Kostal, Verda
Laing, Melvin
Laird, J.
Lambton, G.
Langford, E.W.
Lannin, Mabel
Large, Charlie
Large, G.
Lasby, W.
Laughlin, Edith
Laughlin, R.J.
Leader, Alvena
Leader, Florence
Leadlay, George A.
Leadley, George
Leckie, B.
Leeson, Alice
Leeson, Florence
Lefneskie, Margaret
Leishman, E.
Lester, Dorothy
Lewis, E.
Lewis, Jean
Lewis, Norma
Lewis, Ray
Longstaff, Hubert
Loree, Carrie
Lorimer, Bessie
Lowes, Mrs.
Lynch, Frances
Lyon, John
Mahoney, Dr. R.L.
Mahoney, E.
Mann, Helen
Marsh, L.
Martin, Evelyn
Mather, Keith
Matheson, I.
Maynard, J.
McAllister, Marion
McArthur, Bill
McArthur, W.
McCallum, Miss
McCannell, A.
McCorkindale, W.
McCormack, M.
McCrae, John
McDonald, Margaret D.
McDonald, Miss
McDougall, J.
McEachern, V.
McFadgen, Don
McGee, Charles
McGilvray, Charles D.
McGilvray, Helen
McIntyre, Thelma
McKay, D.
McKen, Ruth
McKibbon, Douglas
McKinnon, "Goofy"
McKinnon, Elizabeth
McLaughlin, E.
McLean, R.
McLeod, Clayton
McMullen, V.
McNab, M.
McNiven, Margaret
McPhail, Donald
McPhail, Jessie
McPhedran, Elizabeth
McPhedran, Harry
Meagher, John
Meagher, William
Meek, Margaret
Mendell, D.
Mendell, O.D.
Menzies, Helen
Meston, I.
Metcalf, Dorothy
Metcalf, L.
Michie, E.Y.
Michie, Grace
Mighton, Earl
Millar, Kathleen
Millen, Nora
Mitchell, Edward
Mitchell, Margaret
Moore, J.
Moritz, Florence
Morrell, Grace
Mortimer, Frances
Mulrooney, Helen
Murray, Jean
Murray, Jeanne
Mutrie, Eric
Mutrie, Robert
Needham, Esther
Newstead Jr., John
Oakes, Mary
Occomore, H.
Orr, James
Palmer, Bruce
Palmer, Grace
Parker, Harold
Parks, Charlie
Pass, Herbert E.
Paterson, Evelyn
Pearson, Margaret
Peer, Leonard
Peer, Ruby
Penfold, Dorothy
Penfold, George
Penfold, Jean
Pennylegion, Dan
Phelan, Edmund
Phelan, John
Phelan, Mary
Phelps, Eva
Pigott, Margaret M.
Pigott, Miss M.
Pitman, Ethel
Poole, G.
Pritchard, Jessie
Quarrie, Hilda
Radigan, E.
Rankin, Kathleen
Rapp, A.
Rapp, Arthur
Rathfon, June
Reeves, H.
Reinhart, J.
Renouf, W.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, Jack
Riddolls, Viola
Roberts, W.
Root, David
Ross, Hughie
Ross, John F.
Rowe, Doris
Rowe, W.
Rowe, Wilfreda
Rudd, E.
Ruhl, Florence
Rushbrook, Dorothy
Rydall, A.
Rydall, Alice
Sauer, V.
Savage, Clara
Saville, R.
Scott, Emily
Scroggie, George
Shafter, Joseph
Sharp, Arthur
Shepherd, F.
Sheridan, Jack
Sherwin, Mr.
Shier, M.
Shoemaker, Muriel Smith
Shoemaker, Stanley
Simmons, Sara
Simmons, Sidney
Simpson, Grace
Simpson, Gwen
Simpson, J.
Simpson, Marvel
Simpson, Theodore
Sinclair, E.
Sinclair, Ella
Singer, A.
Singular, Harvey
Smith, A.E.
Smith, Arthur
Smith, H.
Smith, H.
Smith, J.
Smith, T.
Sorby, Emma Alice Higgins
Sorby, Walter
Spackman, Helen
Stanley, Eunice Evans
Stanley, Hugh
Stevenson, A.
Stevenson, O. J.
Stewart, G.
Stewart, Isabelle
Stewart, K.
Stewart, M.
Storey, M.
Strang, Miss G.M.
Strang, Miss G.M.
Stull, George
Sullivan, J.
Sutherland, Anne
Swanston, W.
Sweeney, Jack
Taber, M.
Thomas, Herbert
Till, Margaret
Turner, Evelyn
Tyler, Phyllis
Urquhart, Jessie
Valeriote, Michael
Valeriote, Silvio
VanNorman, D.
Veroni, Frank
Waite, L.
Walker, Mary
Walker, Mrs. J.C.
Wallace, Margaret W.
Walsh, Helen
Walters, Mary
Wanamaker, L.
Ward, D.
Waterhouse, Darlene
Waterhouse, Evelyn
Watt, Marguerite
Watt, Mary
Webb, G.
Webb, Stanley
Westoby, G.
Westoby, Margaret
Whetstone, H.
Whittaker, Stanley
Wideman, J.
Williams, Evelyn
Williams, Harold
Willis, Mae
Wilson, Alex
Wilson, Cornelia
Wilson, Pete
Worton, Harold
Wright, Ethel
Wylie, Bill
Yeates, F.
Yeates, Mac
Yeates, R.
Young, L.
Young, W.
Yuill, Beatrice
Yuill, Jack
Zettle, Herbert
Search Terms Acker Furniture Company
Anderson (C.) and Company
Anderson and Pfaff
Armstrong (J.P.)
Armstrong Furniture
Bahen (E.)
Bailey Furniture Store
Barber Signs
Barber's Butcher Shop
Barlow (D.H.) and Company Insurance
Barry (M.) Insurance
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Bell Telephone Company
Benson Brothers Grocers
Biltmore Hats Limited
Bogardus and Barton Druggists
Bond Hardware Company
Broadfoot's Red Cross Pharmacy
Brown's Bicycle Store
Buckingham Barrister
Callander Foundry and Manufacturing Company Limited
Canada Ingot Iron Company
Canadian Diamalt Company
Card and Company Cleaners
Chapman (George) Insurance
Christie (J.M.) Insurance
Cole Brothers and Scott
Cooke and Denison Machine and Tool Works
Crowe's Iron Works
Dalyte Electric Limited
Dominion Cafe
Dominion Linen Mills
Dooley's Biscuit Company
Equitable Life Insurance Company
Feldman's Furriers
Fielding's Fruit and Confectionery
Foster's Fashions Limited
Frank and Schuett Plumbing, Heating and Tinsmithing
Frank and Shuett Hardware
Gilchrist Florists
Gilson Manufacturing Company Limited
Goetz Shoe Store
Gowdy's Opticians
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Business College
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Lumber Company
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Mercury Press
Guelph Outfitters
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Soap Company
Guelph Spring and Axle Company
Guelph Stove Company
Guild (L.R.)
Gummer Press
Guthrie's Bakery
Hale's Meat Market
Hall Foundry Company
Hamilton (W.) Insurance
Hammond Manufacturing
Hewer's Fashion Hall
Holman Luggage Company
Howitt and Howitt
International Malleable Iron Company
Jackson Brothers Grocers
Jones and Johnston Insurance
Kennedy Studio
LaFontaines Furs Limited
Lander Brothers Limited
Laura Secord
Little (H.) Ford
Louden Machinery Company
Macdonald (D.E.) and Brothers
Mackenzie Machinery Company
Mason and Risch
McArthur Construction Company
McArthur's Shoe Store
McCormack and Robinson
McNally (J.H.) Studebaker Dealer
McTague (J.J.) Jewellers
McTavish Law Office
Milton's Meat Market
Mitchell and Company Funeral Services
Murphy and Jones News Agents
National Grocers
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Bakeries
Ontario Veterinary College
Page-Hersey Tubes
Peacock Candy Shop
Powell's Men's Furnishings
Price (Dr.) Physician
Pringle (G.D.) Jewellery Store
Reinhart Beverage Company
Reynold's Clothing Store
Robson Motor Corporation
Royal Dairy
Royal Knitting Company
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Simpson Company Wholesale Grocers
Smith and Mahoney Jewellers
Smith's Furniture Store
Star Cafe
Sterling Broom Company
Stewart Lumber
Stewarts Drugs
Sutherland (John) and Sons Limited
Taylor-Forbes Company Limited
Thurston's Shoe Store
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Tolton Manufacturing Company Limited
Wallace Printing Company
White Rose Service Station
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Worton Bakery
Dimensions 25 cm l x 18 cm w