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Catalog Number 2010.8.40
Object Name Magazine
Title St. George's Church Parochial Magazine
Date 07/1906
Year Range from 1906
Year Range to 1906
Description St. George's Church Parochial Magazine. Outer cover is pink. In the centre there is a photograph of the church. There is some text below the picture describing name and date (July, 1906). Inside all text is black with red highlights. Various drawings, photographs, and small images are throughout. There are twenty-eight pages. Advertisements are inside the front cover as well as the inside and outside of the back cover. The word "Decker" is written on the top right corner of the front page. The front cover is faded.
People Davidson, Gilbert Farquhar (Rev.)
Charlesworth, J.W.
Duff, J.M.
Jones, A.F.H.
Parsons, H. K.
Gummer, H.
Oxnard, G. A.
Aldrich, Charles
Angell, C.
Clark, Captain
Davis, G.
Davis, G.F.
Davison, J.
Dixon, J.R.M.
Finnemore, A.E.
Gummer, Bertram G.
Harland, E.A.
Harvey, R.
Howitt, C. E.
Jones, W. H.
Keating, T. A.
Lockwood, H.
Lucy, Dr.
Murton, H.
Near, W.W.
Parsons, F.
Ryde, C.
Scholfeild, H.C.
Swift, Geo. E.
Taylor, S.J.
Webb, T
Westoby, H.
White, W.W. (Lt. Col.)
Taylor, Dr. Eva J.
White, W.
Howard, W.P.
Taylor, Dr. Eva J.
Harvey, Gardiner (Mrs.)
Davidson, Gilbert Farquhar (Mrs.)
Bond, W.G.
Brill, J.T.
Cotter, A.D.
Pass, H.A.
Wheadon, R.L.
Hall, Frank
Hall, Col.
Hall, Misses
Hall, Mrs.
Hall, W.W. (Dr.)
Hall, G.
Sallows, Mrs. Henry
King, E.L. (Rev)
King, Mrs.
Davenport, J.M. (Rev)
Plummer, F.G.
Beale, E.W.R. (Rev)
Murrell-Wright, Rev. J.E.
Hutchinson, Annie (Miss)
Owen, D.T. (Rev)
Edmonson, G.
White, Miss
Welch, Miss.
White, F.
Webb, E.
Ryde, Miss
Roos, Miss Constance
Taylor, Ethel
Bard, Edna
Kneeshaw, W.H.
King, Rose
Lyon, J.
Adams, M.
Clough, J.
Chisholm, Miss
McKenna, Lillie
Monkhouse, Miss.
Stanley, Miss
Buckland, C.H.
White, W.E. (Rev)
Ryde, Charles
Ryde, Annie
Crook, Jack
Scarlett, Rolph
Groom, Leonard
Clought, Wiliam Varnelles
Martin, P.
Mills, R.
Russell, Howard
Johnson, Herbert John (Rev)
Upham, Bessie
Watson, John R.
Watson, Elinor
Watson, John Nelles
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, William
Wilson, Catherine Elizabeth
Wilson, William George
Wilson, Mary Ellen
Sledge, John Herbert
Sledge, John L'estourgeon
Sledge, Florence
Streeter, Agnes
Streeter, Goldie Florence
Streeter, Henrietta May
Streeter, Laura Gertrude
Streeter, Walter Adam
Streeter, William Walter
Stinson, James
Stinson, Jennie G.
Stinson, Jennie Kathleen
Parr, Thomas Benjamin
Bowman, Ethel
Campbell, Howard
Taylor, Annie Jane
Sallows, Henry
Streeter, James Charles
Johnson, Gladys
Chase, Gladys
Finlay, Clara Mary
Fletcher, A. G.
Search Terms Anderson (C.) and Company
Bank of Montreal
Beattie (W.H.) Druggist
Benson Brothers Grocers
Bond Hardware Company
Clark Jewelry Store
Gemmell and Company Steam Dyers and Cleaners
Gordon (J.G.) Locksmith
Hale's Meat Market
Harding Brothers Wines and Liquors
Jackson and Son
Kandy Kitchen
Kelly's Music Store
Kloepfer Coal Company
Macdonald (D.E.) and Brothers
Macdonell Street
Market Square
Marriott (J.) Florist
McCrea (R.J.)
McLaren (W.) and Company
McMillan Brothers
Morris (G.B.) Hardware
Nelles (Charles L.) Stationer
Occomore (H.) and Company
Pringle (G.D.) Jewellery Store
Quebec Street
Savage (B.) Jeweller and Watch Repair
Smith (Fred) Plumbing
Stewart's Baking Powder
Struthers (J.M.) Furniture Company
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Wyndham Street
Dimensions 18.5cm W x 24.8cm L