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Catalog Number 2001.32.1
Object Name Book
Title A Journey Shared: History of St. Andrew's Church 1979-2000
Date c. 2001
Year Range from 1979
Year Range to 2000
Description Blue soft cover book "A Journey Shared: History of St. Andrew's church 1979-2000" detailing the history of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church from 1979-2000. On the cover there are four pictures to the left and to the right is a drawing of the church. On the back cover is a colour photo of the congregation inside the church. The book is nine chapters in length plus appendices and is interspersed with black and white photographs.
"A Journey shared A History of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Guelph 1979-2000 The Rev'd Dr. Peter J. Darch"
No of Pages: 139
People Allen, Marg
Anderson, Heather
Aniol, Meghan
Anstice, Olive
Arbuckle, Nettie
Armour, Jean
Bainborough, Muriel
Bauer, Edmund
Blatherwick, Margaret
Blyth, Elspeth
Bower, Doris
Branch, Jake
Brisbin, Helen
Campbell, Wilma
Campbell, Winnifred
Cole, Margaret
Cromey, Fred
Cromey, Mollie
Crowder, Catherine
Darch, Alan
Darch, Jacqueline
Darch, Jane
Darch, Peter J. (Rev)
Dodge, Jean
Doner, Heather
Duff, Glen
Dunnett, Ronda
Endicott, Don
Fairclough, Joanne
Feast, Ed
Feast, Phyllis
Ferns, Anne
Fisher, Abby
Fleming, Grace
Fountain, Jim
Fountain, Mary
French, Brian
Goodwin, May
Gooyers, Gwen
Graham, Douglas (Rev.)
Grills, Herb
Grills, Iona
Guest, Betty
Hall, Clifford
Hall, Deborah
Hall, James
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Margaret
Hall, Mike
Haugen, Elsje
Hercules, Blanca
Hercules, Carlos
Hercules, Christian
Hercules, Elvis
Hercules, Victorina
Hodgson, Joyce
Hodgson, Ray
Hogg, Nan
Holman, Mrs. Anne
Holman, Ross
Inotay, Leslie
Ireland, Bob
Ireland, Sharon
Kennedy, Don
Kennedy, Doreen
Kerr, Graeme
Kerr, John
Kerr, Margaret
Kerr, Marnie
Kerr, Mary Visser
Koch, Ruth
Kotey, Elizabeth
Lanneval, Lois
Lanneval, Marcel
Laughlin, Guy
Laughlin, Scotty
LePage, Darlene
Love, Grant
Maddock, Ruth
Maddock, Wayne
Mahaffey, Katie
McAlister, Malcolm
McAllister, Diane
McAllister, Donna
McAllister, Marie
McIntosh, Clarabeth
McIntosh, Jack
McKinnie, Sheilagh
McKinnie, William G.
Middleton, Agnes
Morrison, Diane
Morrison, Phyllis
Mustafa, Pashtrik
Mustafa, Shaip
Mustafa, Verona
Mustafa, Vezire
Nicol, Gregory
Niesiobedski, Darlene
O'Kane, Peggy
Orme, Malcolm
Pauli, Joyce
Pauli, Ross
Pennock, Anne
Pennock, Paul
Phronprasith Family
Proud, John
Proud, Nancy
Reid, Dr. Stanford
Reid, Jean A.
Riekels, Jerry
Rife, Jim
Rife, Mary
Root, Bennett
Root, Diana
Rowat, Ross
Ruddy, Peggy
Salazar, Jose Manuel
Salazar, Marisol
Salazar, Rosa
Sanderson, Pauline
Santos, Helen Da Costa
Savic, Alexandr
Savic, Bozidar
Savic, Slobodan
Savic, Sofia
Savic, Spasenka
Shaffer, Caroline
Shaffer, Fred
Shaffer, Susan
Smart, Alan
Smart, Wilma
Smit, Trudy
Snellgrove, Susan
Spencer, Bob
Spencer, Maureen
Stoskopf, Anne
Stoskopf, Neal
Stoskopf, Nora
Szabo, Sandor
Taylor, Joseph
Toolsie, Indira
Toolsie, Knolly
Toolsie, Nalini
Toolsie, Paul
Townsend, Nina
Townsend, Prof. Gordon F.
Walter, Cornelius (Dr.)
Williamson, Marjorie Helena
Wynne, Doreen
Young, Eileen
Young, Norman
Young, Willis (Rev.)
Search Terms St. Andrew's Church
Dimensions Cover, Paper - 11.02/8.54 - Length/Width