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Catalog Number 2014.33.1
Object Name Book
Title The OAC Review, January 1905
Date 1905
Description The OAC Review, VOL XVII Issue No. 4, January 1905

The cover is a thick brown paper. The front has a red border and black and red writing. The writing, located at the top says, "OAC Review" and at the bottom "January 1905."

The picture on the front has two halves. The upper half is of a farmer with a horse drawn flow, in a field. The lower half is of a steam ship at port.

On the left side there is a red staff, intertwined with wheat stocks. From the red staff, are two ornate and red "C"'s, which across the page, encompass the two pictures.

The back cover contains an advertisement.

Contents of the book are advertisements as well articles related to the OAC. The book is 100 pages long. The contents of the articles are as follows:

Our Horse Interests
The Causes of the Russo-Japanese War
An Educational Experiment
Somewhat Personal
Book Reviews
College Life
MacDonald Notes

The contents page is on blue paper. Page xxiia/b is also a blue page.

People Albright, W. D.
Baker, Bob
Barberre,G. L.
Black, W.J.
Byers, W. E.
Chapman, George
Clark, C. P.
Craig, H. A.
Creelman, George C.
Cumming, Melvin (Prof.)
Cutting, M. C.
Deachman, R. J.
Dean, H.H.
Dickson, J.R.
Duff, J.M.
Eddy, E. D.
Elford, F. C.
Esmond, C. W.
Fairbairn, J.B.
Fawcett, C. Fred
Frier, G. M.
Guillet, Cephas (Dr.)
Guthrie, Donald
Guthrie, Hugh
Hamer, R. S.
Hand, J. A.
Jacobs, W. S.
Jones, A.F.H.
Jones, D.H.
Jones, W. H.
Kennedy, J. W.
Klinck, C.R.
Leach, J. D.
Ledrew, H.H.
Lennox, W. J.
Logan, F. M.
MacCormick, M.
MacMillan, H. R.
McElderry, J. E.
McKenzie, D. A.
McKillican, W. C.
Mills, James
Moodie, Marion, L.
Mortimer, R.E.
Nag-Tany, B. R.
Newman, H.
Reed, J. H.
Ross, Hank R.
Ross, L. L. (Miss)
Scholfield, H. C.
Tucker, Jas. A.
Walker, G.E.
Search Terms Anderson (C.) and Company
Armstrong (J.B.) Manufacturing Company
Beattie (W.H.) Druggist
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Bollert (E.R.) and Company
Bond Hardware Company
Booth (D.H.) Photo Studio
Bureau of Colonization
Burgess (Charles) Studio
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Canadian Pacific Railway
Central Book Store
Clark (W.A.) Jeweller
Coghlan (Fred T.) Dentist
Coon Barber Shop
Electric Boiler Compound Company
Foster (D.M.) Dentist
Foster (W.M.) Dentist
Gemmell and Company Steam Dyers and Cleaners
Grand Trunk Railway
Grand Trunk Railway Station
Guelph Business College
Guelph Foundry and Mill Stock
Guelph Foundry Company
Guelph Herald
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Steam Laundry
Guthrie and Guthrie
Hing Chinese Laundry
Independent Order of Foresters
International Harvester Company of America
Jones and Johnston Insurance
Kandy Kitchen
Keleher and Hendley Tailors
Kennedy Studio
Law The Druggist
Macdonald (D.E.) and Brothers
McCrea (J.A.) and Son
McHugh Brothers
McKee (J.D.) Dispensing Chemist
McLaren (W.) and Company
Mitchell (Robert) Grocer
Morris (G.B.) Hardware
Mutual Life Insurance
Neill The Shoe Man
Nelles (Charles L.) Stationer
Nelson (R.E.) Gents Furnishings
Occomore (H.) and Company
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - Athletic Association
Ontario Agricultural College - Bacteriological Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Dairy Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Horticultural Department
Ontario Agricultural College - MacDonald Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Macdonald Institute
Ontario Agricultural College - Review
Ontario Conservatory of Music and Art
Pringle (G.D.) Jewellery Store
Raymond Sewing Machine Company
Rogers (J.W.) Photography
Rowen's Shoe Store
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Scott (J.A.) Tailor
Scott and Tierney
Steele's Wire Springs Limited
Stevenson and Malcolm Company
Stewart Lumber
Stewarts Drugs
Taylor-Forbes Company Limited
Thornton and Douglas Limited
Toronto Dominion Bank
Traders Bank of Canada
Tyson's Butcher Shop
Waters Brothers Picture Gallery
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Dimensions 25cm x 18cm