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Catalog Number 1983X.47.1
Object Name Program
Title Guelph Collegiate Institute Annual Commencement Program, 1899
Date 11/24/1899
Year Range from 1899.0
Year Range to 1899.0
Description Guelph Collegiate Institute Annual Commencement Program, held at the Opera House, Friday, November 24,1899. The program has a green paper cover with blue and gold print. On the inside front cover is an illustration of GCVI. The next page lists the staff and Board of Education and the following four pages list the prize winners from 1893 to 1899. There are two pages listing the evening's program and then the remaining four pages list the graduates in the different forms. On the inside back cover is a stylized gold wreath with the Latin motto of the school in gold print "Hic patet ingeniis Campus". Below that, in blue print is "Royal opera House Friday, Nov. 24th, 1899."
People Anderson, Captain
Anderson, J.
Anderson, P.
Bailey, Gertrude M.
Barclay, J.
Barclay, Jane
Barclay, Jane
Barker, Herbert
Barker, M.J.
Beattie, A.M.
Beattie, F.N.
Belt, J.D.
Belt, James
Bernard, Frederick
Black, Agnes Knox
Black, I.M.
Black, Marguerite
Blyth, Sarah J.
Bollert, Ernest R.
Bollert, Minnie L.
Broadfoot, Fred
Broadfoot, S.
Bruce, M.B.
Brydon, R.
Brydon, Robert
Burr, M.W.
Card, M.
Card, Maggie
Carroll, William
Carter, F.V.
Carter, Florence
Chambers, G.
Charlesworth, John W.
Christie, J.T.
Clark, Walter (Captain)
Clark, I.L.
Clendennan, Charles
Colgate, A.
Cook, G.J.
Cooper, E.
Copeland, C.L.
Cormack, J.
Cormack, James
Cranston, Loudon
Cull, C.
Davidson, J.A.
Davison, Allan R.
Davison, E.A.
Davison, James
Day, C.H.A.
Day, Charles
Day, F.A.
Day, Frederick
Day, T.J.
Dickieson, F.T.
Dobbie, William J.
Doughty, J.H.
Dowler, Josephine
Dowler, W.M.
Dowler, Wilma
Dredge, F.G.
Duff, J.M.
Evans, F.
Evans, I.J.
Evans, Jessie
Evans, W.
Evans, Winifred
Field, G.W.
Foster, Douglas (Dr.)
Foster, L.
Foster, Laura Bell
Frew, Eliza
Frew, Margaret A.
Friendship, Eliza
Fyfe, A.E.
Fyfe, M.
Gair, E.
Gair, Elsie
Girdwood, Annie R.
Glassford, R.J.M. (Rev.)
Goldie, J.O.
Goldie, James
Goldie, Jennie
Goldie, T.L.
Goulding, Hannah
Guy, William
Hallett, A.
Hallett, Annie
Hart, W.W.
Hart, William
Hewer, G.F.
Hill, E.M.M.
Hill, Ethelbert L.
Hind, E.G.
Hind, Eda
Hind, L.W.
Hind, M.R.
Hind, Myrtle
Hockin, Laura
Howie, R.
Hughes, F.J.
Hughes, Francis
Hughes, Frank
Humphries, B.R.
Humphries, Rowena
Innes, James
Jackson, R.
Jamieson, H.C.
Johnson, Edward
Jolliffe, C.J.
Jolliffe, R.O.
Jones, A.F.H.
Kelly, C. W.
Kennedy, D. E.
Kilgour, Edith
Kilgour, Edith
Kilgour, Edna
King, George
Kloepfer, Christian
Laing, J.M.
Laing, John M.
Laing, John M.
Lingwood, James
Lowry, N.G.
Lynch, M.
Lyon, E.J.
Lyon, I.
Lyon, V.
Lyon, Vera
Macalister, M.M.
MacKinnon, Dr. Archibald L. (Archie)
MacKinnon, Kenneth
Maclauchlan, D.C.
Maclean, N.D.
Maddock, P.F.
Maddock, P.F.
McCallum, J.W.
McCallum, Jessie
McCrea, J. A.
McCutcheon, G.
McEachern, J.G.
McElderry, J. E.
McGunnigle, E.
McGunnigle, Lizzie
McIntosh, A.H.
McIntosh, Alex
McLachlan, Jessie
McLachlan, L.L.
McLaren, W.
McLarty, T.
McLean, J. A.
McMillan, Hugh
McPhee, S.E.
McPherson, Flossie
McPherson, J.F.
Millar, M.I.
Millman, W.L.
Millman, William
Mooney, A.
Mooney, Annie
Murray, L.
Murray, Louise
Nelles, Charles L.
Nelson, R.E.
Nicklin, D.
Nicol, M.E.
Nicol, N.
Nicol, Nollie
O'Brien, A.M.
O'Connor, Helen A.
O'Connor, J.C.
O'Connor, Joseph
O'Connor, Kathleen
O'Connor, Mary
Pallister, J.E.
Peterson, Henry W.
Petrie, H.
Porteous, F.B.
Powell, W.B.
Presant, F.L.
Presant, Florence
Presant, Hattie M.
Pringle, G. D.
Quantz, F.M.
Reynolds, Professor
Robinson, E.O.
Rogers, L.M.
Ryan, G.B.
Ryde, L.M.
Schwalm, Ada
Scrimgeour, Wm.
Sinclair, L.M.
Skinner, A.F.
Skinner, Kate C.
Smith, C.
Smith, W.G.
Snowdon, Herbert A.
Spragge, M.
Stewart, Alex
Stirton, Dr.
Stiven, L.G.
Stiven, Lulu
Stivens, Fanny
Strachan, H.M.
Strachan, R.G.
Strachan, Robert
Sweeney, M.
Sweeney, Margaret
Sweeney, S.C.
Torrance, R.L.
Torrance, Reverend Robert
Tytler Jr., William H.
Tytler, Dr. William
Tytler, M.F.
Wagner, George J.
Walker, A.O.
Waters, Ada
Waters, C.F.
Waters, Carrie
Waters, W.B.
Watt, J.
Weatherston, E.M.
Weatherston, Eppie
Webster, G.
Welsh, I.M.
Welsh, Ida
Williamson, O.F.G.
Willoughby, Mabel
Wilson, Herbert E.
Young, E.L.
Young, Ethel
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