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Catalog Number 1991.32.1
Object Name Booklet
Title Programme for City of Guelph Centennial Celebrations
Date 1927
Year Range from 1927
Year Range to 1927
Description Souvenir Booklet, Programme of events for Guelph's Centennial Celebrations, July 31st to August 6th, 1927. It also includes various pictures and articles on the city and its institutions, as well as advertisements.
There is an article on the Guelph War Memorial (in Trafalgar Square) which was to be unveiled at this time.
Book is stapled. Pages are light brown paper with black printed lettering and B/W illustrations.
No. of pages - 36.
People Abrams, Cliff
Agnew, George (Mrs.)
Allen, H.C.
Ambrous, Mary (Mrs.)
Armstrong, John
Bahen, W.E.
Bain, Ald.
Bain, Alex
Bain, Herman
Barber, Norman
Barber, T. Ross
Barlow, D.H.
Barrett, James
Bedford, Thos.
Benallick, H.L.
Bentley, D.
Bentley, David
Bolton, Howard E.
Bond, George
Bond, George (Mrs.)
Brant, R. (Mrs.)
Brown, L.
Brown, Louis
Bruce, W.
Brydon, Robert H.
Burgess, Charles H.
Burgess, Charles H.
Burrows, E.S. (Dr.)
Bush, George L.
Card, J.M.
Cartledge, J.
Cavanagh, J. (Mrs.)
Chamberlain, George
Christie, J. M.
Clark, R. Stewart
Clough, E.
Coady, Maurice
Cockman, J.
Collins, C. (Mrs.)
Comar, E.A. (Mrs.)
Costigan, James
Cote, Frank J. (Dr.)
Cowburn, Charles
Crowe, D. (Major)
Crowe, Edith (Mrs. Charles R. Crowe)
Cunningham, Alderman
Cunningham, Lorne
Daly, Russell
Davenport, J.H.
Davidson, James
Davidson, James (Mrs.)
Davidson, Roy
Dawson, C.W.
Dawson, C.W. (Mrs.)
Dempsey, Charles William
Dougherty, W.
Doughty, W.T.
Drone, W.
Dunbar, Angus
Dunbar, Maud S. (Mrs. Charles L.)
Emery, George
Fletcher, J. (Mrs.)
Forbes, George D.
Fowler, W. (Dr.)
Freudeman, F.L. (Mrs.)
Freudeman, Fred
Frid, Earle
Galt, John
Gamble, William (Mrs.)
Gilchrist, James
Goldie, Roswell
Grenside, F.E. (Dr.)
Grenside, Frederick C. (Dr.) (Dr.)
Grenside, Frederick C. (Dr.) (Dr.)
Grenside, Mrs.
Grierson, Gordon
Groom, Archie
Grundy, Alderman
Grundy, Robert Henry
Gumbley, Alfred
Gummer, Bertram G.
Hales, E.A.
Hall, Z.A.
Hamilton, R.M.
Hammill, Charles (Mrs.)
Hammond, George
Hannigan, T.J.
Harcourt, R. (Mrs.)
Harcourt, R. (Prof.)
Haskett, Mrs. L.
Hastings, Geo. D.
Heeg, John
Heeg, John
Herron, Mrs. Mabel
Hewer, A.J.
Hewer, Charles
Hewer, Mrs. A.J.
Hewer, Charles (Mrs.)
Hewitt, Joseph A.
Hignell, H.
Holgate, Harry
House, J. A.
Howard, F.
Howden, Ald.
Howden, Ben
Howitt, J. R.
Jaffray, A.
Jaffray, Alexander
Johns, Herbert
Johnston, Jasper
Jolley, Mrs. A.
Kearns, J. M., K.C.
Keatinge, T.A.
Keenan, Thos.
Kelly, C. W.
Kelly, F.B.
Kelly, Matthew
Kelly, Mrs. C.W.
Kelly, Mrs. Matthew
Kennedy, Alfred
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Mrs. Alf.
Kennedy, Mrs. F. H.
Kennedy, Thomas G.
Kerwin, P.
Knighton, Robert A.
Kramer, Mrs. F.
Leadlay, H.J.B.
Leadley, H.J.B.
Lillico, Mrs. T.
Little, Heber
MacDonald, W.
Mahoney, Dr. R.
Mahoney, Harry
Mahoney, Harry
Mahoney, W. A.
Marriott, Miss E. S.
Marsland, R.A.
Matthews, Arthur
McArthur, J.D.
McCrae, John
McElderry, J.
McElderry, J. E.
McElderry, Miss Rose
McGowan, Matthew
McGregor, Donald
McIlwraith, V.
McLean, Mrs. G. N.
McNally, J. H.
McNiven, Ald.
McNiven, Angus
McRobbie, A.
Meldrum, George J.
Melrose, Sadie A.
Mereweather, Major
Millar, Jas.
Milton, F.J.
Mitchell, A.M.
Moore, J.
Murphy, Fred
Murray, Gus
Nicklin, H.S.
Nunan, F.
Orton, Dr. T.H.
Palmer, Geo.
Parker, J.H.
Penfold, C.R.
Penfold, Samuel
Penfold, Samuel
Philpott, Jack
Phin, W. E.
Powell, Chas.
Pringle, Geo.
Pritlove, Mrs. E. P.
Purcell, J. M.
Purcell, J. M.
Purcell, Mrs. James M.
Rae, J.A.
Ramsay, Ald.
Ramsay, F. R.
Ramsay, Mrs.
Readwin, R. K.
Robson, Beverley
Rose, J. Orr
Rudell, Dr. M. J.
Rundle, Ald.
Rundle, Samuel
Savage, A. D.
Savage, Mrs. A.D.
Scroggie, G.A.
Shaw, J. James
Sherwin, W. F.
Simpson, Lieutenant-Colonel W.
Simpson, W.S.
Sinclair, Jack
Singer, W. Garnet
Squirrell, W. J.
Stephens, R. G.
Stewart, Jack
Stewart, R.J.
Stewart, R.J.
Stuart, Dr. L. M.
Stuart, L. M.
Stuart, W.W.
Sullivan, Jas.
Sullivan, Mrs. James
Sutherland, Anne
Tate, Mrs. S.J.
Thompson, Mrs. Jas.
Torrance, Mrs. R.L.
Torrance, R.L.
Tovell, Dr. Garnet
Tully, W.
Tytler, Dr. William
Tytler, Martha (Mrs. William)
Walker, E.J.C.
Walker, Geo.
Walker, Mrs. Edith
Wallace, Dr. Norman
Wallace, Mrs. Norman
Watson, Mrs. Alf.
Watt, Fred
Wicks, H.E.
Williams, H.
Williams, Mrs. W.G.
Wing, Ald.
Wing, Ross H.
Wiswell, Norman
Woods, E. M.
Woods, F.
Woods, L.
Woolner, Nora (Miss)
Search Terms Anderson (C.) and Company
Art Shoppe
Bahen (W.E.) Battery Service
Bedford Motor Sales Ltd.
Canadian National Railway Station
Capitol Theatre
Castle Theatre
Chalmers United Church
Church of Our Lady
City Battery and Electrical Service
City Councillors
City Hall
Douglas Street
Exhibition Park
Frid (Earle) Flowers
Gilchrist Florists
Gilson Manufacturing Company Limited
Goldie's Mill
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Cartage Company
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Junction Railway
Guelph Minor Baseball
Guelph Musical Society Band
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Tire Service
Guelph Trust Company
Guthrie and Kerwin
Hanna Brothers
House of Flowers
Johns (Herbert) Tobacconist
Jones and Johnston Insurance
King Edward Hotel
Little (H.) Ford
Mahoney Building Company Limited
Malone Brothers Limited
McNally (J.H.) Studebaker Dealer
Model Dairy
Newton's Sporting Goods
Old Home Week
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - Experimental Farm
Ontario Reformatory
Parker (J.H.) and Son
Pequegnat Jewellery Store
Raymond Sewing Machine Company
Reinhart Beverage Company
Robin Hood Service Station
Robson Motor Corporation
Rosery (The)
Royal City Garage
Royal Dairy
Royal Hotel
Savage (A.D.) Jeweller and Optician
Singer (W. Garnet) Jeweller and Optometrist
Sleeman Brewing and Malting Company
Smith and Mahoney Jewellers
St. Andrew's Church
St. George's Church
St. George's Square
St. James the Apostle Church
Stewart (R.J.) Tailor
Stewart Cleaners
Stewart Lumber
Sutherland (John) and Sons Limited
Taylor-Forbes Company Limited
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Trafalgar War Memorial
Wellington County
Wellington Hotel
White Rose Service Station
Wyndham Street
Dimensions 23.9 x 10 cm. - L x W