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Catalog Number 1983.27.2
Object Name List, Membership
Title Guelph Social Register, 1912
Date 1912
Year Range from 1912
Year Range to 1912
Description Blue leather book with gold lettering "Guelph Social Register". Published by the Watchful Circle of the King's Daughters. Includes alphabetical names of women, their addresses and days of the week they are at home. 34 pages in total.
People Abraham, H.E. (Mrs.)
Alexander, A.W. (Mrs.)
Allan, Christina Idington (Mrs. David Allan)
Anderson, A.A. (Mrs.)
Anderson, James (Mrs.)
Anderson, O.M. (Mrs.)
Anderson, Thomas (Mrs.)
Archer, George (Mrs.)
Archer, George (Mrs.)
Armstrong, Robert (Mrs.)
Armstrong, S.A. (Mrs.)
Armstrong, W.J. (Mrs.)
Baine, W.A. (Mrs.)
Baker, F.K. (Mrs.)
Barber, Franklin H. (Mrs.)
Barber, W.F. (Mrs.)
Beattie, W.H. (Mrs.)
Beaty, W.J. (Mrs.)
Bell, Edwin E. (Mrs.)
Bell, W.J. (Mrs.)
Bethune, Miss
Black, A.A. (Mrs.)
Bocarde, I. (Mrs.)
Bogardus, Fred (Mrs.)
Bond, John M. (Mrs.)
Briggs, W.F. (Mrs.)
Broadfoot, Bruce (Mrs.)
Brooks, Miss
Brown, James (Mrs.)
Bruce, George (Sr.) (Mrs.)
Bruce, George R. (Mrs.)
Brydon, Robert H. (Mrs.)
Buckingham, Walter (Mrs.)
Burgess, Charles H. (Mrs.)
Burr, M.W. (Mrs.)
Burrows, H.H. (Mrs.)
Bush, George L. (Mrs.)
Callander, H.B. (Mrs.)
Callander, William (Mrs.)
Calvert, S. (Mrs.)
Campbell, Milton R. (Mrs.)
Campbell, R. (Mrs.)
Carter, J. Ernest (Mrs.)
Carter, Joseph (Mrs.)
Chadwick, A.C. (Mrs.)
Chadwick, Mrs.
Charlesworth, John (Mrs.)
Chisholm, Mrs.
Christie, D.D. (Mrs.)
Clancey, E.B. (Mrs.)
Clancey, E.B. (Mrs.)
Clark, William A. (Mrs.)
Cockburn, H.G. (Mrs.)
Coffee, Miss
Coghlan, F.T. (Mrs.)
Cole, Nicholas J. (Mrs.)
Cole, Norman (Mrs.)
Colson, Mrs.
Colwill, William Frye (Mrs.)
Congalton, Alexander (Mrs.)
Cooke, George Bryan (Mrs.)
Cormie, Herbert A. (Mrs.)
Cosford, Elmer (Mrs.)
Crawford, E.A. (Mrs.)
Cray, M.F. (Mrs.)
Creelman, George C. (Mrs.)
Crosbie, A. (Mrs.)
Crossman, J. (Mrs.)
Crowe, Edith (Mrs. Charles R. Crowe)
Crowe, J. Raymond (Mrs.)
Crowe, John (Mrs.)
Crowe, L. (Miss)
Crozier, H. (Mrs.)
Cunningham, Robert (Mrs.)
Cutten, Mrs.
Davidson, H.D. (Mrs.)
Davidson, J.A. (Mrs.)
Davidson, James (Mrs.)
Davidson, John (Mrs.)
Davidson, Miss
Day, George E. (Mrs.)
Day, T.J. (Mrs.)
Dean, H.H. (Mrs.)
Dixon, J.R.M. (Mrs.)
Dooley, J.M. (Mrs.)
Doughty, J.H. (Mrs.)
Doughty, W.T. (Mrs.)
Dowrie, W. (Mrs.)
Drew, G.A. (Mrs.)
Drew, John J. (Mrs.)
Dryden, J.R. (Mrs.)
Dryden, T. Wilbert (Mrs.)
Duff, J.M. (Mrs.)
Dulmage, Mark (Mrs.)
Dunbar, Maud S. (Mrs. Charles L.)
Easton, John (Mrs.)
Edwards, S.F. (Mrs.)
Emery, R.E. (Mrs.)
Fannin, Thomas (Mrs.)
Fielding, H. (Mrs.)
Fielding, Joseph L. (Mrs.)
Fielding, Wesley H. (Mrs.)
Fitzpatrick, J.D. (Mrs.)
Fletcher, Miss
Forbes, Caroline
Foster, Douglas (Mrs.)
Foster, W. Mortimer (Mrs.)
Freer, Cortlandt (Mrs.)
Frew, Archibald (Mrs.)
Gair, M. (Mrs.)
Gamble, Jean (Mrs. W.P. Gamble)
Gamble, Jean (Mrs. W.P. Gamble)
Gerald, W.T. (Mrs.)
Gladstone, Robert William (Mrs.)
Goldie, John (Mrs.)
Goldie, Lincoln (Mrs.)
Goldie, Thomas (Mrs.)
Goodeve, Miss
Goodfellow, A.E. (Mrs.)
Gordon, James (Mrs.)
Gordon, Robert (Mrs.)
Gordon, William (Mrs.)
Gow, James (Mrs.)
Gowdy, S.M. (Mrs.)
Graesser, F.A. (Mrs.)
Graham, W. Richard (Mrs.)
Graham, W.J. (Mrs.)
Grant, Miss
Grenside, Frederick C. (Mrs.)
Groom, A.J. (Mrs.)
Gummer, Bertram G. (Mrs.)
Gummer, H. (Mrs.)
Guthrie, Hugh (Mrs.)
Hackney, Robert (Mrs.)
Hadden, M.L. (Miss)
Hadden, Joseph C. (Mrs.)
Hales, E.A. (Mrs.)
Hallett, Misses
Hamilton, Nellie
Hamilton, G. Powell (Mrs.)
Hamilton, John H. (Mrs.)
Hamilton, W.H. (Mrs.)
Harland, Francis John (Mrs.)
Harley, Miss
Harvey, Edmund (Mrs.)
Harvey, Gardiner (Mrs.)
Harvey, J.T. (Mrs.)
Harvey, Robert (Mrs.)
Heffernan, Misses
Heffernan, T.P. (Mrs.)
Henry, J.A. (Mrs.)
Hepburn, Thomas (Mrs.)
Hewer, John (Mrs.)
Hicks, Charles (Mrs.)
Higinbotham, Miss
Hill, Mrs. Alexander
Hill, Mrs. F.
Hilliard, Mrs. F.B.
Hobbs, Miss
Hobbs, Mrs. A.T.
Holliday, Miss
Hood, Mrs. G.B.
Howard, Mrs. Geo.
Howitt, Miss M.
Howitt, Misses
Howitt, Mrs. C.E.
Howitt, Mrs. Henry Orton
Humphries, Mrs. R.W.
Hutcheon, Mrs. Jas.
Hutt, Mrs. H.L.
Ingraham, Mrs. M.W.
Jackson, Miss
Jackson, Mrs. Clifford
Jackson, Mrs. H.E.
Jackson, Mrs. William
James, Mrs
Jamieson, Mrs. J.
Jeffery, Mrs. George
Jeffries, Mrs. John L.
Johnston, Mrs. F.R.
Johnston, Mrs. George
Johnston, Mrs. Thomas
Jones, Mrs. Hugh F.
Keatinge, Mrs. T.A.
Keleher, Mrs. J.C.
Kelly, Mrs. C.W.
Kelly, Mrs. M.J.
Kennedy, Mrs.
Kennedy, Mrs. John
Kerr, Mrs. James
Kerr, Mrs. W.B.
Kilgour, Mrs. John W.
Kilgour, Mrs. William J.
Kloepfer, Mrs. B.J.
Kloepfer, Mrs. Christian
Knowles, Mrs. W.A.
Kuhlman, Mrs. N.V.
Laidlaw, Mrs. James
Lamprey, Mrs. John A.
Laughton, Mrs. F.W.
Law, Mrs. Harry
Lawson, Mrs. Joseph
Lett, Mrs. Stephen
Lillie, Mrs. John A.
Lindsay, Misses
Loch, Mrs. Henry
Loghrin, Misses
Lucy, Mrs. Robert
Luton, Dorothy L.
Lyon, Mrs. J.W.
Macalister, Mrs. W.W.
Macauley, Mrs. H.R.
MacCormack, Mrs. Malcolm
Macdonald, Miss
Macdonald, Mrs. A.H.
Macdonald, Mrs. D. Alan
Macdonald, Mrs. Evan
Macdonald, Mrs. Hugh
Macdonald, Mrs. William
MacKinnon, Mrs. A. M.
MacKinnon, Mrs. A.H.
MacKinnon, Mrs. Angus
MacKinnon, Mrs. Kenneth
Maclachlan, Mrs. A. Campbell
Maclean, Mrs. Kenneth
Maddock, Mrs. R.F.
Mahoney, Mrs. Harry
Mahoney, Mrs. J.J.
Mahoney, Mrs. W.A.
Mason, Mrs. Springer
McArthur, Mrs. J.D.
McCallum, Mrs. A.
McCannell, Mrs. W.G.
McConkey, Mrs. B.R.
McCrae, Mrs. David
McCrae, Mrs. J.A.
McCrae, Mrs. Robert
McCutcheon, Mrs. T.S.
McHardy, Mrs. John
McIntosh, Mrs. J. Innes
McKenzie, Mrs. Robert
McKinnon, Mrs. R.L.
McLaren, Mrs. Archibald M.
McLaughlan, Mrs. William
McLean, Mrs. Albert E.
McLeod, Mrs. D.
McMaster, Mrs. T.G.C.
McMaster, Rowena (Mrs. Thomas G.)
Medcalfe, Mrs. J.
Melvin, Misses
Menzie, Mrs. Edward
Mercer, Mrs. H. de Burgh
Millar, Misses
Millar, Mrs. James S.
Mills, Mrs. John
Mitchell, Mrs. Austin M.
Mitchell, Mrs. John
Moncur, Mrs. W.L.
Moore, Mrs. G.G.
Moore, Mrs. R.E.
Moore, Mrs. Winthrop H.
More, Mrs. James E.
Morgan, Mrs. G.W.
Moritz, Mrs. Alfred L.
Morlock, Mrs. L.E.
Morrison, Misses
Murton, Mrs. Harry
Nelles, Mrs.
Nelles, Mrs. Charles L.
Nelson, Mrs. R.E.
Newstead, Mrs. Thomas
Northcott, Mrs. S.H.
O'Brien, Mrs. E.C.
O'Connell, Misses
O'Neil, Mrs. E.J.
Oldham, Misses
Orton, Mrs. T.H.
Parker, Miss Carrie
Parsons, Mrs. Francis H.
Pass, Mrs. E.H.
Payne, Mrs. R.A.
Penfold, Mrs. H.J.
Pentelow, Mrs. W.M.
Pequegnat, Mrs. Joseph
Peterson, Miss
Peterson, Mrs. Clayton
Petrie, Mrs. (Col.) A.B.
Petrie, Mrs. A.B.
Presant, Mrs. E.J.
Pringle, Mrs. G.D.
Purcell, Mrs. James M.
Quarrie, Misses
Rapp, Mrs. W.A.
Raymond, Mrs. H.J.
Read, Miss K.G.
Readhead, Mrs. R.H.
Reed, Mrs. E.
Reed, Mrs. J. Hugo
Reekie, Miss
Rennie, Mrs. B.S.
Reynolds, Mrs. A.
Reynolds, Mrs. J.B.
Richardson, Mrs. George A.
Roberts, Mrs. Hugh
Robertson, Miss
Robertson, Mrs. MacKenzie
Rodgers, Mrs. R.H.
Rose, Mrs. H.
Rose, Mrs. J.O.
Ross, Mrs. John
Ross, Mrs. William
Rowen, Mrs. L.E.
Russell, Mrs. William
Ryan, Mrs. G.B.
Sampson, Mrs. A.R.
Sandilands, Misses
Saunders, Mrs. Sydney S.
Saunders, Mrs. T.W.
Savage, Mrs. A.L.
Savage, Mrs. B.
Savage, Mrs. G.A.
Savage, Mrs. T.F.
Savage, Mrs. W.F.
Scoon, Miss Grace
Scott, Mrs. Andrew
Scrivens, Mrs. W.
Scroggie, Misses
Scroggie, Mrs. G.A.
Seacord, Mrs. T.E.M.
Shaw, Mrs. T.J.
Shortreed, Mrs. Robert
Simpson, Mrs. J. Howard
Simpson, Mrs. Will
Skinner, Mrs. George
Skinner, Mrs. H.C.
Sleeman, Mrs. E.A.
Smith, Miss M.E.
Smith, Mrs. Alfred
Smith, Mrs. F.E.
Smith, Mrs. J.C.
Snider, Mrs. R.A.
Sparling, Mrs. C.A.
Spence, Mrs. W.D.
Spofford, Mrs. Fred
Springer, Mrs. S.
Steele, Mrs. H.R.
Stempfly, Mrs. Louis Edward
Stevenson, Mrs. W.J.
Stewart, Mrs. Alexander
Stewart, Mrs. M.C.
Stewart, Mrs. R.J.
Stewart, Mrs. Robert Douglas
Stewart, Mrs. W.O.
Stiven, Miss
Street, Miss E.A.G.
Struthers, Mrs. John M.
Stuart, Mrs. Peter
Sullivan, Mrs. James
Sully, Mrs. J.G.
Sunley, Miss. B.
Sutherland, Mrs. Bruce C.
Sutherland, Mrs. John
Tanner, Mrs. William T.
Tatham, Mrs. C. Carlyle
Tatham, Mrs. C.J.
Taylor, Mrs. Adam
Taylor, Mrs. J.M.
Taylor, Mrs. J.M. Jr.
Thomas. Mrs. J.J.
Thompson, Miss
Thorp, Mrs. George J.
Thurston, Mrs. M.
Thurtell, Mrs. George
Tierney, Mrs. W.S.
Till, Mrs. Thomas M.
Tolton, Mrs. David
Torrance, Mrs. R. Lindsay
Tovell, Mrs. Amos
Tovell, Mrs. Joseph A.
Trimble, Mrs. C. Roy
Trumper, Mrs. F.W.
Tytler, Martha (Mrs. William)
Walden, Mrs. F.A.
Search Terms Ardmay
Beaver Hall
Bona Vista
Bryn Alt
Colonial (The)
Court Villa
Edge Hill
Elliott Seniors Home
Fawn's Park
Gables (The)
Gore Lawn
Hedges (The)
High Hedgeholm
Homewood Manor Building
Hope Side
Huntley House
King's Daughters
Laurel Mount
Lilacs (The)
Park View
Pleasant Heights
Prospect Place
Residence (The)
Sunny Acres
Sunny Lodge
Thorn Cottage
Ulmenwald (Peterson Property)
Ulmenwald (Peterson Property)
Dimensions 16.0 cm L x 10.0 cm W