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Catalog Number 1981.268.1
Object Name Program
Title Order of Service, Unveiling the War Memorial, 1927
Date 07/03/1927
Year Range from 1927
Year Range to 1927
Description Program, image of war memorial and title page. Order of Service 1. Unveiling of Memorial II. Memorial Day Service Sunday July 3, 1927 at 3:00 Trafalgar Park. The program is four pages. Part 1 includes the unveiling of the memorial with O Canada, Scripture reading, prayers and remarks and dedication and address. The memorial was handed over to the city. Floral tributes were placed and St. George's Chimes were played by Mr. R. Donnell, Jr.
Part 2 Memorial Service - Hymns, Prayers, Address, Placing of Floral Cross and Honor Roll, Music, Two Minutes of Silence.
A Honour Roll of names is included in the program.
People Adams, R.E.
Adie, A.
Adie, A.
Adie, J.
Ambrous, A.C.
Anderson, H.
Angel, W.F.
Armstrong, T.M.
Ashton, H.
Baker, E.M.
Barr, J.
Baxter, J.
Beattie, A.
Beitz, R.
Bennett, S.
Berry, A.
Blair, J.
Bond, F.G.
Bond, William George (Mrs.)
Bonus, M.
Bowen, V.
Boyle, G.E.
Brabson, F.G.
Brundrett, J.
Brydges, N.
Burke, W.
Cabeldu, V.
Campbell, J.D.
Campbell, J.W.R. (Lieut.)
Carey, A.
Carey, H.
Carey, S. Buchanan (Rev.)
Carr, J.E.
Carter, A.
Carter, F.A.
Cheevers, C.
Chilvers, F.
Christie, A.
Clarke, S.N.
Cleal, G.
Coker, J. S.
Colley, E.A.
Cooper, J.E.
Crane, J.
Craven, H.
Crawshaw, G.
Cromwell, R.
Crossley, J.
Crowe, A.V.
Curzon, G.H.
Cutting, G.
David, L.
Davidson, C.
Davis, C.
Davis, R.C.
Davis, William G.
Dennis, L.
Dickinson, G.
Dickinson, T.
Donnell, Robert
Dougal, T.
Doughty, J.D
Driscoll, M.
Dudley, S.
Duignan, F.
Duignan, J.A.
Dunbar, Alex M.
Edmison, J.
Edwards, W.
Elgin, F.
Ellis, F.E.
Elsegood, T.A.
Elston, E.E.
Emery, H.
Fell, H.R.
Fitzgerald, V.J.E.
Fleming, W.C.
Fletcher, T.
Fowke, E.
Frenton, H.
Furby, E.E.
Gazzard, F.F.
Gibbs, O.T.
Goldie, T.L.
Goodwin, H.
Gordon, R.
Gordon, W.
Graham, J.B.
Graham, N.
Grant, K.
Grant, P.T.
Grindley, J.
Grinyer, R.
Guthrie, Hugh
Hales, J.P.
Hall, G.
Hamilton, J.
Hamilton, J.C.
Hampson, H.
Hancock, T.R.
Harland, G.R.
Hasley, J.
Hatherly, N.
Hawkins, W.K.
Hayes, S.F.
Haywood, W.
Headley, W.H.
Healey, F.
Henderson, V.C.
Henry, F.
Hewitt, R.
Hextall, L.J. (Lieut.)
Hill, O.G.
Hillsby, A.
Hindson, Rev. W.E.
Hockin, E.
Hodgson, N.N.
Hodgson, W.
Hoile, J.
Holland, C.
Holloway, W.
Howden, R.J.D.
Howden, T.
Howell, Alfred
Humphries, Robert J.
Hunt, L.
Ibbotson, W.
Ireland, R.A.
Ivanoski, T.
Jeffery, F.
Jensen, H.
Johnston, G.
Johnston, S.
Jolley, A.
Jones, H.
Juhlin, E.
Kay, H.
Keleher, P.
Kelly, V.
Kerse, C.
Keys, W.
Kinlock, A.
Kirvan, F.S.
Lane, A.C.
Laurie, J.A.
Lawrence, C.S.
Lee, J.
Leslie, G.F.
Leslie, W.B.
Lindsay, H.
Linekar, A.
Lobsinger, E.
Lovering, C.
Lovering, J. F.
Lowe, G.
Lowe, W.J., Jr.
MacDonald, R.
MacLachlan, J. S.
Marshall, P.A.
Marsland, F.
Martin, J.A.
Maud, T.
McArthur, J.
McClelland, A.
McColl, D.
McConkey, B.B.
McCrae, John
McKiel, R.
McNichol, A.
McQuillan, V.
McTague, J.S.
Meadows, James Christopher
Miller, D.
Mitchell, J.
Monroe, J.W.
Moore, J.L.
Moore, W.H.
Morrison, A.
Morrow, G.W.
Morse, J.
Moss, J.
Moss, T.
Moyser, C.W.
Murphy, D.
Nears, A.
Norrish, A.
Norton, T.
O'Drowsky, R.
Oakes, R.
Occomore, H.
Pantall, B.
Parker, A.
Parker, A.J.
Parker, C.
Parker, R.
Pearson, W.
Peer, C.
Pentecost, N.
Pettit, H.
Philip, H.W.
Pope, H.
Porter, P.R.
Poulton, W.
Price, A.T.
Price, E.
Price, W.
Pullen, H.
Quarterman, P.
Quinn, T.
Reeves, A.T.
Robertson, J.
Robinson, J.
Robinson, L.
Robinson, W.
Robson, Beverley
Rooley, E.
Route, E.
Russel, D.
Russell, T.
Ryde, H.J.
Ryde, W.H.
Rydem, H.
Ryder, G.T.
Sammon, F.J.
Sammon, W.W.
Samuel, L.J.
Saunderson, H.
Scott, G.B.
Scott, W.
Sherlock, W.C.
Simpson, J.
Simpson, W.W.
Sinclair, J.
Skimmonds, E.
Skinner, A.F.
Slinger, J.
Smith, F.
Springer, D.
Stables, G.C.M.
Stewart, C.H.
Stickney, J.C.
Street, E.R.
Sutherland, Y.
Sweeney, W.
Swift, P.
Symonds, G.
Tanner, W.C.
Taylor, J.M.
Taylor, J.M., Jr.
Thomas, A.
Thompson, H.A.
Till, H.
Tovell, H.
Trendell, E.A.
Troy, J.W.
Troy, J.W., Jr.
Truesdale, Miss Alice
Tucker, F.
Urquhart, A.
Vipond, H.
Waldon, E.
Waldon, W.
Walker, D.
Walker, J.
Walker, L.C.
Walker, T.W.
Wallond, H.
Walsh, G.
Walsh, P.
Walters, O.
Walters, W.
Washburn, H.N.
Waterhouse, W.
Waters, W.M.
Watt, Lieut. R.S.
Whetstone, B.
Whittaker, W.J.
Wideman, M.
Williamson, C.
Willis, F.
Wilson, S.
Winston, G.B.
Woodhouse, W.
Woods, P.
Wright, O.
Young, E.H.
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