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Catalog Number 1998.27.16
Object Name Book, Account
Title Ledger of the Torrance Home and School Association 1948-1949
Date 1948-1949
Year Range from 1948
Year Range to 1949
Description Green account book with the word "Ledger" on the front.
Ledger (on the cover) "The Canadian Line" Blank book sheet 9x7 1/2 inches full waterproof cloth - made in the following rulings 1860 Ledger, double entry, 1 a/c, Indexed, 1860B bank ledger, debit, Audit & balance Index in front, 1862 cash or journal, 2 col. 1868 Record, feint and margin. made in 200 pages only. To obtain a duplicate of this book order by number indicated by arrow.
People Antonette, Mrs.
Bard, L. (Mrs.)
Bartlett, Mrs.
Bebbey, R.O. (Mrs.)
Bebbey, R.O.
Bechtel, S. (Mrs.)
Bechtel, S.
Beirnes, E. (Mrs.)
Blood, W. (Mrs.)
Blythe, J.
Blythe, J.M. (Mrs.)
Bolton, G. (Mrs.)
Bowers, E. (Mrs.)
Brown, G.L. (Miss)
Brown, A (Mrs.)
Brown, J. (Mrs.)
Brydges, G.F.
Brydges, G. (Mrs.)
Cardinal, Mr.
Cardinal, Mrs.
Church, C.E.
Clayton, J.A. (Mrs.)
Collins, J.
Collins, J. (Mrs.)
Couling, G.
Couling, G. (Mrs.)
Cross, G. (Mrs.)
Dobbie, Mrs.
Downes, M. (Mrs.)
Drebin, R. (Mrs.)
Drebin, R.
Drone, George (Mrs.)
Fon, B.W. (Dr.)
Fon, B.W. (Mrs.)
Forester, Mrs.
Foster, W. Mortimer (Mrs.)
Geil, M. (Miss)
Griese, Mrs.
Haines, R. (Mrs.)
Hannigan, T.J. (Mrs.)
Hayhurst, Mrs.
Holman, Mrs.
Hutton, Mrs. R.W.
Hutton, R.W.
Jackson, Mrs. H.E.
Karn, Mrs. W.
Kernahan, J.
Kernahan, Mrs. J.
Laughlin, Mrs. T.
Legate, Mrs. M.
Leslie, Mrs. G.
Luton, Miss D.
Lyon, J.
Lyon, Mrs. J.
MacCallum, H.
MacCallum, Mrs. H.
MacDougall, J.
MacDougall, Mrs. J.
Macpherson, G.
Manns, C.
Manns, Mrs. C.
Manske, Mrs. R.
Manske, R.H., Dr.
Masson, R.
May, Mrs.
McArthur, C.
McArthur, Mrs. C.
McCall, Mrs. R.
McCall, R.
McCarthy, Mrs. J.
McGillivray, Mrs.
McGinnis, A.
McGinnis, Mrs. A.
McIntosh, Mrs. George
McLeod, Mrs. J.
Merriam, L.
Merriam, Mrs. L
Monkhouse, Mrs.
Parkinson, Mrs. H.
Peer, Ina
Perkins, H.
Perkins, Mrs. H.
Pevitt, J.
Pevitt, Mrs. J.
Redman, Mrs. R.
Reeve, Mrs. A.G.
Reid, Mrs. M.
Ridler, Mrs. G.
Ritchie, Mrs. W.
Ritchie, W.
Roach, Mrs. M.
Robinson, G. W.
Robinson, Mrs. G.W.
Rumney, Mrs. W.S.
Ryder, G.
Ryder, Mrs. G.
Saharevich, Mrs. A.
Schmuck, Mrs. F.
Scott, Miss A.
Scott, Mrs.
Smith, Mrs. B.
Smurlick, Mrs. S.
Smurlick, S.
Stapley, Mrs. K.
Taylor, Mrs. H.
Ventry, Mrs. W.
Ventry, W.
Wieler, Mrs. J.
Wilson, Mrs. E.
Wilson, Mrs. O.
Wilson, Mrs. W.
Zess, A. (Mrs.)
Search Terms Torrance Public School
Torrance Home and School Association
Dimensions 9.45/7.48 - Length/Width