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Catalog Number 2001.20.1
Object Name Program
Title GCVI Field Day Program, October 4, 1935
Date 10/04/1935
Year Range from 1935.0
Year Range to 1935.0
Description Small GCVI Field Day program on cream coloured card stock. The cover is printed in green type and is covered in signatures of several participants of the day's events. The signatures are in black and blue ink and in pencil. The inside of the program, also in green type, lists the boys events on the left and the girls' events on the right. More signatures are located inside the program. On the back is the listing of the officers of the Athletic Association, the boys executive, the girls' executive, the honorary judges, the badge committee, the booth committee, and the girls' recorder. More signatures are on the back.
"Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Field Day Campus October 4, 1935"

People Allen, E.
Allen, Patty
Anderson, John
Barber, Morley
Barnett, M.
Barry, Tom
Bell, Fred
Binkley, J.
Bishop, A.
Blair, B.
Blair, B.
Blair, Mr.
Braucht, F.E.
Braucht, Mr.
Briggs, Thomas
Brill, Evan D. Chesty
Bruder, W.
Burcombe, Turk
Canfield, F.
Carscadden, Helen
Chapman, Isabel
Chapman, Marion
Colson, Eleanor
Cowie, Miss
Craven, Miss
Cray, Inez
Curzon, Ken
Dawson, G.
Dixon, F.
Dollery, Helen
Donaldson, J.
Doughty, J.
Dudgeon, G.
Durrant, J.E.
Eagleton, Glenys
Fisk, L.
Gibbons, Nels
Gilchrist, John M.
Glenn, E.
Goetz, George
Hale, K.
Harvey, John
Hatten, M.
Hill, J.
Hill, Mr.
Hodgkiss, George
Howitt, N.
Howse, V.
Humphries, Miss
James, Mr. R.
Johnson, Gordon
Johnston, H.
Jones, A.
Kay, Margaret
Laidlaw, Ruth
Laird, Mr.
Leamen, R.J.
Leckie, B.
Little, Ellen
Longstaff, Jean
Loughland, Alan
Lowes, Mrs.
MacCallum, Miss
MacGowan, J.
Marcellus, K.
Marcellus, Kenneth
Marshall, L.
Martin, Edward
Masson, R.
McDonald, Miss
McFaddin, Margaret
McFaddin, Margaret
McKen, K.
McKinnon, J.P.
McLean, P.
McLeod, Anne
McPhail, J.
McTague, J.S.
Moore, Bill
Morrison, Kenneth
Norris, Harvey
O'Donell, Vernon
Osburne, E.
Pigott, Miss M.
Pinkney, L.
Porter, Dorothy
Prgott, Miss
Proud, Alan
Radish, Lula
Randall, Vic
Reed, Jack
Reid, Miss
Ricketts, M.
Robinson, D.
Robson, J.
Ross, John F.
Rowe, W.
Sinclair, Miss
Slinger, Elsie
Smith, Audrey
Smith, Norrish
Sobol, Annie
Sooke, Helen
Spence, J.
Stewart, K.
Strang, Miss G.M.
Taylor, Clayton
Telford, Gretta
Tilk, Connie
Tillis, Marge
Valeriote, M.
Wagner, T.
Walker, Dorothy
Ward, Miss
Warren, Fred
Webb, G.
West, Mr.
Whiteside, Dorothy
Wismer, Ronald
Search Terms Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute Athletic Council
Dimensions Cover, Paper - 7.08/8.46 - Length/Width
/When open