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Catalog Number M1968X.449.1
Object Name Scrapbook
Title John McCrae's Scrapbook, 1882-1890
Date circa 1890
Year Range from 1882.0
Year Range to 1890.0
Description Maroon binding, coloured pages; collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, cards, admit to lecture cards, illustrations and train tickets. It is a developmental collection of a young man's interests from Boy's Own Magazine Illustrations to Foreign Travel and Boer War. Collected from 1882-1900.
"John McCrae, Guelph, 30/Nov. 1882."
The scrapbook includes the following:
Image # 1 Passenger List on R.M.S. Etruria April 24, 1886 which on another page (image 25) includes the 2nd page and the names David McCrae and son. This page also includes a newspaper clipping of the poem "A Thing of Beauty" by John Keats and a black and white print of the downtown Guelph Carden St, facing Market Square.
Image # 2: Black and white print of a young lady.
Image # 3: Newspaper Clipping of a Class List from U of T? 1888, listing J. McCrae Private Study and C. Little , Guelph
Image # 4,5,6, Canadian Pacific Railways Saloon Passenger List, Empress of Ireland which includes the name of Dr. John McCrae Nov. 16, 1906 From Liverpool to St. John's NB.
Image # 7 A Clipping of the poem "The White Man's Burden" by Rudyard Kipling. This poem was written in 1899.
Image # 8 Newspaper clipping of an obituary of a unidentified man who attended the Kingston Military College and was a soldier in the Boer War
Image # 9 A newspaper clipping of a fire at University of Toronto. Three black and white images of fire damage at U of T (image 51)
A Blue coloured photograph of a group of men sitting. John McCrae bottom left corner?
A blue photograph of the University of Toronto.
A ticket stub - Liverpool, 1902, Her Majesty's Theatre, Feb 13, tram tickets for Societa Romana.
A Clipping of The Cunnard Steamship Etruria crossing ocean in 5 days & 23 hours.
A photograph of Varsity Glee Club - on tour Dec 17-21, 1894. John McCrae is located 4th row, 4th from left.
A page with a image of Capt Clark's Highland Cadets & Ontario Agricultural College. The page also includes an outline of what may of been a leaf and a face of a young woman.
A coloured print of a man's face "A Jolly Old Tar"
A page with a collection of CPR railway tickets, First class from Guelph to McCrae, Guelph to Rockwood. Also includes coloured illustrations of a ship, plus a heading "Cunard, Royal Mail Steamship Eturia. There is a ticket for the Quebec Passenger Elevator.
A colour illustration from the "Boys Own Paper" " A Last Stand or For Hearth & Home".
A page with a Invitation to Athletic Sports Oct 24, 1890 at U of T, plus a ribbon University College Athletic Sports Committee 1890 and a newspaper clipping of the fire at U of T on Feb 16.
A Colour Illustration or birds and flowers.
A short story called "My Day Dreams", in handwriting at bottom of page "Journal of......" can't read the rest, 1891.
A Collection of cards, including a birthday card.
The months of the year pasted in a circle design with the last four months pasted in the middle of the circle.
Animal cards pasted on the scrapbook page
Two black and white illustrations: One of a group of men sitting around the table with a dog under the table. A small dog illustration on top right hand corner. The bottom illustration is of a blacksmith and is titled: Forging of Balmung.
A coloured illustration of a group of sailing ships in harbour: From Boy's Own and titled "On the Orwell, Ipswich".
Boys Own Calendar 1885
A colour illustration from the Boy's Own, titled "Fledglings".
A newspaper clipping about James Gay, Poet Laureate of Canada and a black and white illustration of a woman feeding a horse an apple with two dogs and titled "Friends". The 2nd illustration is in colour and is of rocks.
A colour illustration from Boy's Own Paper titled "Death of Caesar".
A colour illustration from Boy's Own Paper titled " A Promising Outlook". A lion is overlooking a photographer who has his head inside his camera.
A black and white postcard of "Dundurn Park" in Hamilton Ontario. There is a black and white illustration of a woman with hand writing underneath "Mary ?"
A colour illustration of a young woman holding a book with rabbits at her feet.
A colour illustration from Boy's Own Paper titled "A September Morning" from a painting by Caley Robinson.
A newspaper clipping about a military funeral of Seargent Gorrie. Capt. McCrae marched in the military parade. A clipping of the poem " Up!Freeman, Up" by Aleancer M'Lachlan. A poem about "The Best Book" which is the Bible. A Christmas card and black and white illustration of a city in the foothills of hills.
A colour illustration of two dogs waiting on a dock. From Boy's Own Paper, titled "On Duty" from a painting by Philip E. Stretton.
Two colour illustration with hand writing in Latin.
A colour illustration of an owl and raven, from Boys Own Paper titled "Wit & Wisdom, from a painting by Arthur Dodd.
A colour illustration of birds and flowers with a black and white insert of water scene.
A colour illustration, from Boy's Own Paper titled "Waiting an Audience with Agrippa", original painting by L. Alma Tadema.
Three black and white illustrations from Texas.
Four images which include, railway tracks, two water scenes and horse and carriage. In McCrae's handwriting the page is entitled Near Mount. Airy MD. The railway image hand the following handwritten inscription: "On the B & O just East of Mt. Airy Station. One right water picture has handwritten "On the Chesapeake" The carriage image has handwritten inscription "Hospital Carriage and Brad...... The embankment is the first railroad in America. The road built by Gen. Bradock."
Illustration of horse and carriages.
A clipping about the new Cunard steamer "Eturia"
A colour illustration from the Boys Own Paper, titled Oh Dear! Oh Dear. Drawn by W. Weekes.
A program? of "For the Festival of Christie his Masse" Toronto 1897 with signed poems inside. A Clipping of a poem "Be Patient with the Living" and black and white illustration of a young girl from behind a tree "A surprise".
A colour illustration from Boys Own Paper titled "The Queen's Barber" painted by G.Morton.
Pencil drawing "From the Pier Guelph Bay Magnetawan" in McCrae's handwriting. There is the JM symbol (J between the M) and two 00.
A page with three images: Toronto General Hospital, The Pavilion TGH and a group of men. McCrae is front row, lst from left.
A collection of photographs from McCrae's time at Mount Airy Maryland. The Photographs include two dogs "Christopher & Spot, a cat named "Bill", a patient, McCrae himself plus the Garett Hospital. The page is titled "The Garrett Hospital Mt. Airy Md 1897".
Two photographs on page, one of Toronto General Hospital and the 2nd of doctors holding babies. McCrae is in first row, 1st on right.
Three photographs: Toronto General Hospital, Doctors holding babies (McCrae first row, lst on right) and the staff of Toronto General Hospital (McCrae first row, first on left, dated 1898.
A collection of black and white images which include young ladies, boat/harbour scene, a horse lying dead in the snow by a canon.
A page of newspaper clippings: Highland Cadets mentioning the gold medal in proficiency in bayonet drill by McCrae; Militia General Orders with mention of McCrae; matriculates at Toronto University mentioning Thomas McCrae; Our Collegiate Institute and Recent Examinations mentioning McCrae.
A short story by John McCrae " A Modern Revenge" published in Varsity Feb 7, 1894.
A compilation of black and white images regarding boat travel.
A colour print of men carrying a body from the Boys Own Paper: "Bringing the Body of Gustav Adlphus to Sweeden".
A page with a small coloured butterfly and black and white print of a family scene and Central School Guelph.
A colour print of a rescue at sea from the Boys Own Paper, "Ashore" original painted by F. Brangwyn.
A photograph of a young woman pasted above a black and white illustration of a woman with the poem "She Walks In Beauty" by Byron. Leaves drawn in pen and ink behind the illustration.
A colour illustration of a ship battle from Boys Own Paper "Close Quarters at St. Vincent", drawn by T.C. Moore.
A colour print of three red coats from Boys Own Paper" The Air that Led to Victory" original by E.R. White.
A compilation of black and white prints of scenes including water. Also a small clipping on the First Brigade Field Artillery and mentions 2nd Lieutenant John McCrae.
A advertisement card for Jas. Hough Jr. printer and black and white photograph of the Raymond home, Church spires in background.
A invitation to the 2nd Annual Banquet of the Class Society of '92 on Dec 10, 1890 and the proof sheet for the poem "The Song of the Derelict" by John McCrae, published in Canadian Magazine Nov 1898. McCrae illustrated this poem as well.
A hand drawn pen & ink illustration of a flower "Medeala". Also black and white print of cows and sailing ship. A black and white photograph of a cow and the poem "Golden Rod" by Sarah K. Bolton.
Black and white prints of a young woman framed by images of house on the water.
Newspaper clippings, University Examinations mentioning that John McCrae's name plus he received a scholarship for General Proficiency and received 2nd class honours for classics, math & English and first class honours in Botony. He's the first student from GCVI to receive a scholarship. A membership card in the Ontario Reform Club, 1890 for David McCrae.
A collection of black and white pastoral scenes.
A black and white photograph "Sunnyside Pier Oct 25, 1893; includes 4 women plus John McCrae" Also on the page two black and white prints of a young woman holding a fan and a village scene.
Two newspaper clippings of stories written by John McCrae and published in Toronto Saturday Night "The Last Parade" Feb 25, 1893 and "A Sunbeam and Shadow" April 1, 1893.
A colour print of a sailing ship "Anchor Line'" and a Chinese print. A newspaper clipping of poetry.
Black and white clippings of images of women and pastoral scenes.
A black and white illustration of a young woman sitting on water's edge, entitled "Sappho". In JM's handwriting at the bottom of the page are the words "The hopes of youth fall thick on the blast". The bottom right hand corner of the print is illustrated with leaves in pen and ink.
A colour illustration of sailing ships at dusk from Boys Own Paper "Moonrise Off Gravesend" from the original painted by H. Maurice Page.
Black and white illustration of a young girl whispering in the ear of an older lady. "Telling Her Secret to Grandmother".
Black and White illustration of two boys and man standing in front of Nelson's Tomb from Boys Own Paper, " A Lesson in Duty" drawn by Tom Taylor.
Black and white illustrations of crown scene and the Grand Trunk Railway Bridge in Guelph.
A clipping of a short story by JM. "A Love Affair" Varsity Xmas '93.
Two black and white prints of downtown Guelph "Upper Wyndham and Lower Wyndham Streets".
Black and white clippings of images of pastoral type scenes. A young face is in the middle. Also includes a clipping of a windmill.
Clippings of various scenes and in JM's handwriting at top of the page "Now fades the glimmering landscapes on the sight."
Three poems clipped from Varsity. The first poem has no title and was published Dec 6, '93. "A Song of Comfort" Jan 31, 1894 and "The Hope of My Heart" Feb 28, '94.
Three black and white images of men, one of them Longfellow. Handwritten quotes underneath or beside each picture.
Collection of railway tickets surrounding a black and white photograph of a train with inscription GTR at Jordon, 'an.'93.
Black and white illustration of a train surrounded by railway tickets.
A colour illustration of two men on horses with boy walking beside them from Boys Own Paper, based on a painting by R. Beavis.
Three black and white illustrations of young women, one holding a child, one spinning and one standing.
Black and white crowd scene illustrations.
Three colour Christmas cards.
Short story: "How the 23rd Paid Forfeit."
Continuation of the short story "How the 23rd Paid Forfeit" plus two poems "Eventide" published in Canadian Magazine May '1896 and poem "Then and Now".
A black and white illustration of the poem "Two Moods". A illustration on the bottom of girl. Pen and Ink drawing by JM of countryside pasted on top of the poem.
A photograph of JM and three women in "High Park" Oct 25, 1893. A sample of plant leaves remain, Two illustration one of a man and one of a path.
A ticket/invite to the First Annual Dinner Class of '92 held on Dec 6, 1889. The page also includes a poem by Miss L.L. Green, class poet about the class of '92.
Black and white illustration of two women.
Black and white illustration of a Viking called "Homeward Bound" drawn for Boys Own Paper by H.J. Walker.
Part of building, which has been cut out.
Black and white photograph of University of Toronto. Whatever was below has been cut out.
Two images of University of Toronto, one before the fire, one after the fire.
Three poems published" Unsolved" Canadian Magazine Oct.'95; "In Due Season" Westminster Jan'97 and "Anarchy" Massey Magazine Jan'97.
Collection of lecture tickets for University College, Toronto, Admit to lectures in 3rd and fourth year plus small strips of paper with words such as bashful, Adipose, Basaltic, Gelatine and have McCrae name after them.
Outside of the letter from Major John Davidson, No. 2 Battery, 1st Brigade to Lieut. John McCrae July 15, 1893 for his information. Also stamped on the letter in purple ink MacDonald & Macdonald July 14, 1893 Barrister,s Guelph Ontario.
Letter from the Royal School of Artillery authorizing admission for John McCrae 2nd Lieut. No. 2 Battery July 11, 1893.
Certificate: Non-professional examination cocumen awarded to John McCrae July 1885 for third class non-professional training.
Tickets for 1st and 2nd year lectures University College, Toronto
Pupils Certificate of Admission for John McCrae for high school in Guelph June 15, 1883. Signed by Robert Torrence and W. Tytler.
Certification that Mr. McCrae attended laboratory to qualify for 3rd year, May 21, 1889.
A newspaper clipping about the funeral of George Paxton Young, a university professor.
A colour print of a bird and flowers surrounding a black and white winter scene.
A collection of JM's poetry that had been published; "Mine Host" Westminster August'97, "Equality" Westminster, Jan '98, "Summer Songs" Canadian Magazine Sept'97, "Ways of Death" Westminster June'97 and "Disarmament" Globe Jan 10,'99. The writing underneath the poems is JM's.
Newspaper clippings "Honour Lists, University Results by Dept. and "Intermediate and Four Years Lists: Pass with honour - J. McCrae. Winners of Faculty Medals and Scholarships 1898, Faculty Gold Medal John McCrae. Students of University Faculty Degree in Medicine 1898, John McCrae. John was lst place standing in Medicine, Clinical Medicine, Pathology & Therapeutics, Surgery, Clinical Surgery, Surgical Anatomy and Pathology.
Four "boat/water" illustrations with a hand written poem and tiny pen and ink illustration.
Black and white illustration of a moonlight night with a woman and boy walking down a path.
Small coloured postcards of various Ontario scenes; Peele Island, On Lake Huron, The Dam at Port Carling, Lake of the Isles, The Nipissing, Mohawk Church in Brantford, Muskoka River, On Lake Rosseu.
12 Black and white scenes of boats/ships.
Short Story "The Comedy of a Hospital" by John McCrae. Published in Westminster, Sept '97. Blue images of children from Garrett Hospital in Mt Airy Maryland. Includes one photograph of a male JM? holding a scythe.
Images from Garrett Hospital and include the following nurses: Miss Schive, Miss Martin, Miss Packard, Miss Wade, Mrs. Ashley & Sport, Baker, Miss Packard & Christopher "The Doctor" (JM) and L.F. Barker at microscope.
A memorial card for Zeta Psi Fraternity member Lyman Aubrey Moore, July 20, 1896 with the clipping of a poem "Passion Flowers" by Reginald Geoffrey.
Photographs of The Garrett Hospital, Mt Airy Md 1897. Includes a photograph of a group of children "Convalescents", Miss Packard and dog Christopher, A view of the Hospital from the East and West, The Kitchen and Laundry facilities and the Isolation Ward. All in JM's handwriting.
Newspaper clipping "Reflections" and a Cunard Steam Ship Co. List of Saloon passengers for the S.S. Eturia.
Short story "1892" from OAC Review January. A clipping of a poem "Only a Song" and a colour print of a woman in long white dress.
Black and white image of duck hunters and woman sewing, a clipping of the poem "God's Poems" and a colour postcard of Toronto.
Poem "Harvest of the Sea" with illustration by JM from the Westminster May 7, 1898. A black and white photograph of Tom and John.
Black and white illustration of pastoral scene. A clipping of the poem "The Unanswered Prayer" and a colour cover "I am the True Vine"
Mr. MacMillan requests the pleasure of Mr.J. McCrae's company Sunday at 8: Am Rm 15 Knox College. Shaving with an illustration of a man being shaves. A brightly colour illustration of a man wearing yellow boots with blue pants.
Newspaper clipping of a image of the Zsi Zeta Fraternity annual conference.
Newspaper clipping "Amenities of the Lecture Room".
Newspaper clippings about the Artillery, marks received by John McCrae and the promotion of Thomas McCrae from Lieut, to Captain and of John McCrae from Battery Quartermaster to 2nd Lieut. August 9, 1893.
Clipping of Sir Daniel Wilson, President of Toronto University and illustration of front steps to a building.
Newspaper clippings on Artillery Scoring at the Dominion Artillery competition and Examination Results for University which includes Thomas and John McCrae (2nd standing...but off with illness). J.F. Kilgour is also mentioned.
Two pages of newspaper clipping on the Results of Annual Examinations from U of T. J. McCrae is mentioned in third year.
Newspaper clipping about the Scientific Society meeting and Flora about Guelph. The article mentions about trip to Elora. Clipping on the rugby game "Varsity Vs Ontarians", J McCrae is mentioned in article. Clipping about scores in Kingston in Sept. Lieut. McCrae. Also image of city hall.
Two poems: "Shadows" of Cross" published in Easter Varsity March 21, 1894 and "Penance" published in Canadian Magazine April '96.
Three newspaper clippings of three men with handwritten verses.
Illustration of young girl and waves crashing into a shore. Black and white photograph of 4 ladies and John McCrae, "High Park Oct 25, '93".
Cover page of a list of cabin passengers from steamship State of Pennsylvania New York to Glasgow June 30, 1887.
Newspaper clippings about the deaths of grandparents Thomas McCrae and Jean Campbell McCrae. They are pasted over a colour illustration of a young lady holding a bird.
Collection of loose railway tickets.
People Davidson, John
Gay, James
Kilgour, James Frederick
Little, C.
McCrae, David (b. 1845 - d. 1930)
McCrae, Jean Campbell
McCrae, John
McCrae, Thomas (b. 1820 - d.1892)
McCrae, Thomas (b. 1870 - d. 1935)
Packard, Elizabeth
Torrance, Robert
Tytler, Dr. William
Search Terms 1st Brigade Canadian Field Artillery
Canadian Pacific Railway
Carden Street
Central School
City Hall
Grand Trunk Railway Bridge
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Scientific Society
Highland Cadets
Hough Printer
MacDonald and MacDonald
Market Square
Massey's Magazine
McCrae - Elementry Education
McCrae - Highland Cadets
McCrae - Mount Airy, Maryland
McCrae - Poems
McCrae - Robert Garrett Hospital Maryland
McCrae - Royal Military College
McCrae - Secondary Education
McCrae - Short Stories
McCrae - Sketches
McCrae - Toronto General Hospital
McCrae - Travels
McCrae - University College
McCrae - Varsity Glee Club
McCrae - Zeta Psi Fraternity
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Reform Club
University Magazine
Wyndham Street
Subjects ARTS
Dimensions Length: 31.5 cm
Width: 25.0 cm