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Catalog Number 1974.15.7
Object Name Booklet
Title Booklet, "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries / Souvenir Industrial Number of the Evening Mercury of Guelph, Canada."
Date 1908
Year Range from 1908
Year Range to 1908
Description Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet.
Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering.
No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black
printed 1908
"Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, together with historical reviews of those representative concerns." Has b/w photos of prominent men who have assisted in the industrial, commercial and social development of Guelph as a city and community.
Illustrations/ Photographs: B/W
C.M. Nichols and John H. Dyas writers and compilers
The Mercury, J. I. McIntosh, Proprietor

Page 1 (Front Cover) - View of Guelph image
Page 2 - Bell Piano & Organ Co.
Page 3 - Title Page 1908 Souvenir Industrial Edition
Page 4 - Mayor and Councillors
Page 5 - Description of Guelph
Page 6 - Public Library; GCVI; First Brigade; General Hospital; Old Home Week programme Sunday, Monday
Page 7 - Old Home Week executive Committee; Monday programme continued and Tuesday Programme
Page 8 - Priory as CPR Station; Programme for Wednesday and Thursday; J.G. Gordon; Col. John Davidson
Page 9 - Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society; L.N.E. LaFontaine; Sleeman and Sons
Page 10 - The H.A. Clemens Co. Ltd.; A. Robertson & Son; Crowe's Iron Works; William Anthony; Central School
Page 11 - Guelph Spring and Axle Company; Guelph Cooperative Association Limited; Steele's Wire Works; William Galbraith; St. George's Square
Page 12 - Holliday Brothers; J.M. Dooley; Guelph Bicycle Emporium; A.R. Burrows & Co.; Tolton Bros. Ltd.; McConnell's Carriage Works
Page 13 - Raymond Manufacturing Co.; Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance; W.T. Doughty; Wellington Jewelry Hall; J.A. Tovell; McLean & Dawson;
Page 14 - D. McKenzie; T.F. Grant Pump Works; John Reinhart; J.E. Carter; Armoury; GTR Station; Exhibition Park
Page 15 - Birds Eye View of Guelph; Federal Life Assurance Co; Barber Brothers; Burr & Ainsworth; J.A. Paul; Alex Stewart
Page 16 - Reid & Ross; Joseph O'Mara; Johnston & Company; The Red cross Pharmacy; Guelph Elastic Hosiery Co.; Mitchell & Co.; W.C. Goetz
Page 17 - W. A. Couling; Charles T. Hicks; Gilson Manufacturing; Grand Central Hotel; F.H. Coleman; Kloepfer Coal Co.
Page 18 - Guelph Business College; Louden Machinery Co.; Charles H. Hughes
Page 19 - The James Goldie Co.; The Electric Boiler Compound co.; The Guelph Soap Co.;
Page 20 - Bank of Montreal; Gowdy Brothers; R.F. Maddock; Tovell Brothers
Page 21 - Jones and Johnston; E.B. Welsby; The Traders Bank of Canada; Guelph repair Works; The Western Hotel; G. Knechtel Shoe Company
Page 22 - The Dominion Bank; John Sutherland; Fountain House
Page 23 - The Simpson Co.; The Dominion Permanent Loan Co.; J.B. Armstrong co.; William Harper; D. McKenzie
Page 24 - Grant & Armstrong; A.M. Mitchell; G.R. Wolcott; H. Murton; W.H. Beattie; Albion Hotel; Guelph Veterinary Infirmary
Page 25 - Stevenson & Malcolm Co.; R. Hackney; Johnson's Boat House; City Pork Store; Mahoney Bros. Plumbers; William Sunley; Harding Bros.; A&W. Roberts
Page 26 - E.J. O'Neil; Miss L. Johnstone; J. U. Pequegnat; James Leachman; John Davidson; J.A. Scott; A.J. Groom
Page 27 - American Hotel; Royal Lumber Co.; Jackson & Son; S.G. Penfold; Guelph Carriage Top Co.; The Bochner Furnishing Co.
Page 28 - The Mercury
Page 29 - OAC Grounds; Standard Fitting & Valve Co.
Page 30 - Canada Furniture Co.; Robert Haugh; Commercial Hotel; George McAllister; C.D. Worthington
Page 31 - Taylor-Forbes Co.; Guelph Marble and Granite Works
Page 32 - Leyes Bros.; C.F. Simpson; H. Precious; W.C. Keough; Thornton & Douglas; OAC College
Page 33 - W.F. Stewart; W. Davidson; The Corinthian Stone Co.; M.F. Cray; James Gow
Page 34 - The City Shoe Store; The Guelph Stove Co.; McCormick & Robinson; Macdonald Hall
Page 35 - OAC; The Guelph Ice Co.; D.H. Booth
Page 36 - Hamilton & Sons; Cameron's Pharmacy; The Guelph Piano Co.; Guelph Steam Laundry; G. Harvey; Singer Sewing Machine Co.; J. Tilk
Page 37 - The White House; George John Thorp; The Royal Knitting Co.; R.E. Nelson
Page 38 - Canadian Bank of Commerce; R.J. Stewart; The Guelph Cartage Co.; The Royal Bank of Canada
Page 39 - Wellington Hotel; Carter's Ice Co.; G. Powell Hamilton; W.A. Clark
Page 40 - Queen's Hotel; Ralph W. Humphries; H. Walker & Son; G.A. Richardson
Page 41 - C. Anderson & Co.; The Canadian Life Assurance Co.; C.H. Burgess; Kenneth Maclean; Thomas Griffin; W. Metcalfe
Page 42 - J.M. Struthers; Inglehart's Grocery; J.McMahon; J.W. Dennis; James Hewer & Son
Page 43 - Homewood Sanitarium; The Guelph Bookbindery
Page 44 - R.H. Barber; Austin Cooper Chadwick; Brunswick Bowling alleys; Palmer Brothers
Page 45 - The Bond Hardware Co.; Robert Stewart Ltd.; McMillan Bros.
Page 46 - D.E. Macdonald Bros.; L.E. Rowen; J.D. McKee
Page 47 - Royal Hotel; The Mutual Life Assurance Co.; J.T. Chittick; James Gilchrist; Morlock Brothers
Page 48 - The Dominion Garment co.; George K. Readwin; Daly's Cigar Store; J.A. McCrea & Son; James Law; Ernest A. Hales; Daniel Bailey
Page 49 - G.B. Ryan; St. Andrew's Church; Thomas Gowdy
Page 50 - Standard White Lime Co.; Benor, Scott & Co.; Laughlin Garage; Victoria Hotel
Page 51 - David Young; Lieut.-Col. W.W. White; Kennedy's Portrait studio; Charles W. Kelly; Scott & Tierney; Guelph Cigar Co.; C.L. Nelles
Page 52 - Union Hotel; Imperial Hotel; Guelph Electrical Works; The King Edward Hotel; Hoopers Livery; Loretta Academy
Page 53 - Yeates & Thomas; R. Neill; Keleher & Hendly; Wood's Fair; Miss Burns Art Store; The Royal Canadian Cafe; William Tytler
Page 54 Index
Page 55 - Colonial Whitewear Co.
Page 56 (Back Cover) - Guelph Carpet Mills
People Allan, David (Sr.) (1808-1895)
Anderson, F.G.
Anthony, William
Barber, R.H.
Becker, Chris
Bell, William
Booth, D.H.
Brown, Joseph
Burgess, Charles H.
Burrows, Alvin R.
Callandar, H.B.
Carter, J. Ernest
Carter, Sam
Cartledge, Joseph
Chapman, George
Chittick, J.T.
Christie, D.D.
Clancy, E.B.
Clark, J.C.
Clark, W.A.
Clemens, H.A.
Colwill, William W.P.
Cray, M.F.
Cull, Robert S.
Daly, Russell
Davidson, John
Davidson, W.
Dawson, William
Dougherty, F.K.
Duff, I.J.M.
Dyas, John H.
Eby, N.
Frank, Frank
Gilson, J.
Gow, James
Gowdy, Joseph
Gowdy, Samuel
Griffin, Thomas
Groom, A.J.
Hamilton, G. Powell
Hamilton, John H.
Harvey, Dr. G.
Haugh, Robert
Hesson, John
Hewer, A.J.
Hewer, James
Hicks, Charles T.
Higgins, G.L.
Hobbs, Dr. A.T.
Howell, W.G.
Hughes, Charles H.
Humphries, R.W.
Hunter, D.M.
Hyde, Thomas W.
Inglehart, E.
Johnston, R.G.
Jones, W. H.
Keatinge, T.A.
Keil, W.L.
Kelly, C.W.
Kennedy, John
LaFontaine, L.N.E.
Lansing, Harry
Laughlin, Sam
Lockwood, H.
MacCormick, Malcolm
Macdonald, D. E.
Macdonald, Evan
Macdonald, William
Maclean, Kenneth
Mahoney, Alderman Harry
Mahoney, Richard
Malone, Hugh
McArthur, J.D.
McCrea, Robert
McIntosh, James Innes
McLean, M.
Millar, James
Mitchell, A.M.
Morlock, J.G.
Morlock, William
Morris, George B.
Moxley, C.D.
Nelson, R.E.
Newstead Sr., John
Nichols, C.M.
Nunan, Frank
O'Neil, E.J.
Palmer, Edward T.
Palmer, George T.
Penfold, George
Penfold, Samuel
Pequegnat, J.U.
Ramsey, James
Readwin, Richard
Reid, Robert
Reinhart, Joseph
Reinhart, Norman
Robertson, A.
Rose, J.O.
Ross, R.
Rowen, L.E.
Ryan, G.B.
Scholfield, H.C.
Scott, J.A.
Simpson, James Howard
Simpson, R.
Simpson, Robert
Singular, Lot
Steele, James
Stewart, Alex
Stewart, R.J.
Stewart, Robert
Stewart, W.F.
Struthers, J.M.
Thomas, J.J.
Thomas, J.J.
Thorp, George J.
Wagner, George J.
Walker, C.H.
Walker, E.J.C.
Walker, George W.
Walker, Hugh
Walker, John C.
Walker, S.T.
Worthington, C.D.
Young, David
Search Terms Albion Hotel
American Hotel
Anthony (William) Baker
Armstrong (J.B.) Manufacturing Company
Bank of Montreal
Barber Brothers
Bell Piano and Organ Company Block
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Benor, Scott and Company
Boat House
Bochner Furnishing Company
Bond Hardware Company
Brunswick Bowling Alleys
Burns (Miss) Art Store
Burr and Ainsworth Furniture
Burrows (A.R.) and Company
Cameron's Pharmacy
Canada Life Assurance Company
Canada Manufacturers Ltd.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Carter Ice Company
Central School
City Hall
City Pork Store
Clemens (H.A.) Company Limited
Coleman (F.H.)
Colonial Dresses Ltd.
Commercial Hotel
Corinthian Stone Company
Couling (W.A.) Grocer
Cray (M.F.) Coal and Wood
Crowe's Iron Works
Daly News and Cigar Store
Dominion Garment Company
Dominion Permanent Loan Company
Dooley (J.M.) Groceries
Doughty (W.T.) Flours and Feeds
Electric Boiler Compound Company
Exhibition Park
Galbraith (William) Second Hand Store
Gilson Manufacturing Company Limited
Goetz Shoe Store
Goldie's Mill
Gordon (J.G.) Locksmith
Gowdy Brothers
Grand Central Hotel
Grand Trunk Railway Station
Grant (Thomas F.) Pumpworks
Grant and Armstrong Furniture Dealers and Upholsterers
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Bicycle Emporium
Guelph Book Bindery
Guelph Business College
Guelph Carriage Top Company
Guelph Cartage Company
Guelph Cigar Company
Guelph Co-Operative Association
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Elastic Hosiery Company
Guelph Electrical Works
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Ice Company
Guelph Marble and Granite Works
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Piano Company
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Repair Works
Guelph Soap Company
Guelph Spring and Axle Company
Guelph Steam Laundry
Guelph Stove Company
Guelph Veterinary Infirmary
Hackney (R.) Tobacco
Hale's Meat Market
Hamilton and Sons
Harding Brothers Wines and Liquors
Harper (William) Art Store
Hewer (James) and Son
Holliday Brothers Brewery
Homewood Health Centre
Hooper's Livery
Hughes (Charles H.) Fuels
Humphries (Ralph W.) Tea Merchant
Imperial Hotel
Inglehart's Grocery
Jackson and Son
Jones and Johnston Insurance
Kandy Kitchen
Keleher and Hendley Tailors
Kennedy Studio
Keogh (W.C.) Baker
King Edward Hotel
Kloepfer Coal Company
Knechtel Shoe Company
LaFontaines Furs Limited
Laughlin's Garage
Leyes Brothers
Loretto Academy
Louden Machinery Company
Macdonald (D.E.) and Brothers
McAllister's Sawmill
McConnell Carriage Works
McCormack and Robinson
McCrea (J.A.) and Son
McKenzie (D.) Shoeing Forge
McLean and Dawson Electrical Contractors
McMillan Brothers
Mitchell and Company Funeral Services
Morlock Brothers
Murton's (Harry) Mill
Mutual Life Insurance
Nelles (Charles L.) Stationer
O'Mara (Joseph) Pork Packer
Old Home Week
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - MacDonald Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Macdonald Institute
Palmer Brothers
Precious (H.) Grocery
Queen's Hotel
Raymond Sewing Machine Company
Red Cross
Reid and Ross
Richardson (G.A.) Hardware
Roberts (A and W) Meats
Robertson (A.) and Son
Rowen's Shoe Store
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Cafe
Royal Hotel
Royal Knitting Company
Royal Lumber Company
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store
Scott and Tierney
Simpson (C.F.) Grocer
Simpson Company Wholesale Grocers
Singer Sewing Machine Company
Sleeman Brewing and Malting Company
St. Andrew's Church
St. George's Square
Standard Fitting and Valve Company Limited
Standard White Lime Company
Steele's Wire Springs Limited
Stevenson and Malcolm Company
Stewart Lumber
Sunley (William) Stoves
Sutherland (John) and Sons Limited
Taylor-Forbes Company Limited
Thornton and Douglas Limited
Thorp's Seed Store
Tilk (J.) Tobacco Store
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Toronto Dominion Bank
Tovell Funeral Home
Tovell Harness Company
Traders Bank of Canada
Union Hotel
Victoria Hotel
Walker (Hugh) and Son
Wellington Field Battery
Wellington Hotel
Wellington Jewelry Hall
Wellington Mutual Fire Insurance Company
Welsby (E.B.) Plumbing
Western Hotel
White House
Wolcott (George R.) and Company Tinsmiths
Yeates and Thomas
Dimensions 31 x 23.6 cm - L x W