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Catalog Number 1973.49.5
Object Name Booklet
Title Ontario Agricultural College Semi-Centennial Booklet, 1924
Date June 1924
Year Range from 1924
Year Range to 1924
Description Ontario Agricultural College Semi-Centennial (50th) Anniversary Booklet. The booklet is soft cover with a paper cover. The paper is a dark cream colour with a blue colour on the cover. There is an illustration of the Administration building on the cover with a banner "1874-1924" on the sides of the image. Above the image it reads "Ontario Agricultural College Science with Practice" Below the image is "Issued under the authority of the Hon. John S. Martin, Minister of agriculture Province of Ontario on the occasion of the Semi-Centennial of the College June 1924". Inside the booklet tells the history of the college and some of its faculty. There is also a description of each department and its head. Interspersed throughout are images of the College and its activities. The last two pages of the booklet lists the names of graduates and under graduates who died during WWI. At the end of the list is a verse from In Flanders fields and a brief mention that John McCrae taught at the OAC.
People Ackers, C.J.
Agar, E.Z. (Capt.)
Aldwinkle, E. (Lieut.)
Bagsley, H.E.
Baker, A.W.
Baptie, Dr.
Barlow, Bronson
Barrett, H.H.G.
Beckstedt, I.N. (Rev.)
Bethune, C.J.S. (Rev. Dr.)
Bews, R.
Blackwood, W.C.
Bowie, W.E.P.
Bradley, C.A.
Bryce, P. (Dr.)
Caesar, Lawson (Prof.)
Campbell, J.W.R. (Lieut.)
Chaffey, W.F.
Chambers, R.J.
Christie, H.F.
Clark, R.H.
Clarke, W.F. (Rev.)
Clemens, L.P.
Coulter, W.H.
Craig, J.A.
Creelman, George C.
Crow, J.W.
Cruikshank, Olive R.
Cunningham, H.S. (Lieutenant)
Davies, E.L. (Lieut.)
Day, G.E.
Dean, H.H.
Delamore, A.J.
Doherty, Manning W.
Donaldson, H.W.W.
Dow, A.R.
Drury, Charles
Dryden, John
Duff, George C.
Duff, James S.
Duffy, C.
Edwards, S.F.
Evans, John
Fairclough, E.R.
Fairweather, A.W.
Fee, J.J.
Fitzgerald, E.J.
Forman, C.T.
Gardiner, Charles (Lieut.)
Gibson, Charles G.
Goodall, G.M.
Graham, W. Richard
Grange, E.A.A.
Grange, J.B. (Lieut.)
Greenshields, James M. (Capt.)
Greenside, Frederick C.
Gregory, P.S.
Hales, John Playford (Captain)
Hamilton, John H.
Hamilton, John H.
Hammond, H.L. (Lieut.)
Harcourt, Robert
Harkness, N.J. (Lieut.)
Harrison, F.C.
Harrison, F.C.
Harrop, C.
Henderson, Lieut. J.F.
Henry, Capt. L.B.
Henry, George S.
Herder, Lieut. H.C.
Hextall, L.J. (Lieut.)
Hiddleston, J.S.
Hogarth, J.G.
Horan, B.K.
Howitt, J.E.
Hutt, H.L.
Ingram, F.H.
James, Dr. C.C.
Jarvis, L.G.
Jensen, Lieut. E.
Johnston, William
Jones, D.H.
Kay, Lieut. H.R.
Kedey, W.M.
Kennedy, S.
Kilgour, Lieut. A.W.
King, Lieut. V.
Kinnear, A.J.
Kirkley, Lieut. F.R.
Landels, Lieut. B.H.
Lane, A.C.
Lavis, G.E.
Lee, Capt. G.D.
Leigh, Capt. A. Austin
Leitch, A.
Lindesay, H.H.
Lochhead, William
Loghrin, Major S.
Loghrin, Misses
Macdonald, Wiliam Charles
Macklin, Lieut. J.M.
MacTavish, A. A.
Magee, W.G.
Martin, John S.
Massey, Chester D.
Massey, W.E.H.
Matheson, Lieut. A.P.
Maynard, D.S.
McCallum, A.
McCandless, Henry
McCrae, John
McCready, S.B.
McEwen, Major C.F.
McGilvray, Charles D.
McIlquham, Lieut. J.M.
McIntosh, James
McLaren, Lieut. Q.
McLennan, D.M.
McNaughton, H.D.
Millen, F.E.
Mills, Dr. James
Monteith, Nelson
Monteith, S.N.
Montizambert, T.
Moses, Lieut. E.N.
Mucklow, Lieut. G.
Neilson, Lieut. M.A.
Panton, James Hoyes
Patch, A.M.
Patterson, B.E.
Pawley, Lieut. N.H.
Periera, Capt. A.O.
Pettitt, Morley
Porter, Lieut. M.
Powys, B.C.
Pratt, Capt. W.J.
Putnam, G.A.
Raynor, G.T.
Read, D.G.
Reed, J. H.
Reid, J. Hugo
Rennie, William
Reynolds, J. B.
Roadhouse, W.B.
Roberts, Charles
Robinson, G.H.
Ross, Malcolm
Rowley, Lieut. E.G.
Rumsby, Lieut. R.W.
Scott, G.H.
Sharman, Lieut. W.W.
Shaw, Professor
Sherman, Franklin
Shipton, J.C.
Shuttleworth, A.E.
Singleton, W.
Skene, H.A.
Smith, Lieut. M.T.
Springer, S.
Squirell, William
Stairs, Lieut. K.
Steckley, Lieut. H.B.
Stevenson, Lionel
Stevenson, O. J.
Stewart, Dr. W. O.
Stokes, Lieut. C.
Stone, Frederick William
Streit, Dr.
Swinnerton, Lieut. A.R.
Timpany, B.J.
Toole, Wade
Treble, Lillian Massey
Walker, C.T.
Walsh, Lieut. F.W.
Waterhouse, F.
Waters, M.S.
Watson, M.U.
Watt, Lieut. R.S.
Weber, E.W.
Weir, Capt. D.
Weir, Lieut. J.
Westra, H.
Whitley, C.F.
Wilson, Lieut. N.I.
Wilson, S.C.
Winslow, J.H.
Wright, C.H.
Yule, R.G.
Zavitz, C.A.
Search Terms Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - Administration Building
Ontario Agricultural College - Agricultural Economics Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Animal Husbandry Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Apicultural Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Bacteriological Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Biological Building
Ontario Agricultural College - Botanical Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Chemistry Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Dairy Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Dining Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - English Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Entomology Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Experimental Farm
Ontario Agricultural College - Extension Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Farm Mechanics Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Field Husbandry Building
Ontario Agricultural College - Field Husbandry Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Horticultural Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Johnston Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Judging Pavilion
Ontario Agricultural College - MacDonald Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Macdonald Institute
Ontario Agricultural College - Massey Hall and Library
Ontario Agricultural College - Mills Hall
Ontario Agricultural College - Physics and Engineering Building
Ontario Agricultural College - Physics Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Poultry Husbandry Department
Ontario Agricultural College - Veterinary Science Department
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