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Catalog Number M1968.452.1
Object Name Scrapbook
Title Boer War Scrapbook
Date circa 1900
Year Range from 1899
Year Range to 1901
Description This is a South African War scrapbook collected by John McCrae. It contains a collection of photographs, articles, some diary material, menus, playbills, government notices. Dates from the South African War to the Artillery Train Wreck (1901-1903). On the interior is written: "John McCrae, 1901"

Page 1 Inscription "John McCrae 1901"
Page 3 Telegram from Lord Roberts to John McCrae; Orders for Reconnaisance which led to action at Elands, 1900
Page 5 Officers of Advance Column of the Carnarvan Field Force during march to Kenhardt; Laurentian Menu Card
Page 7 Officers of D Battery RCA, Africa 1900; Lt. Mccrae on Jack, Table Mountaind and Lions Head in background
Page 9 Lt. Morrison and Left section of D Battery taken at Edenburg; Lt. Morrison on Billy, Lt. McCrae on Jack, Capt. Eaton on Amy, Chap. Cox and "Smiddy, Lt. Morrison's servant
Page 11 D Battery on parade in Ottawa January 13th, 1900 - 4 photos
Page 13 Range table for long blue fuzes; Clipping "Killed in Louisiana; Inventories of Comfort
Page 15 Drawing of a girl from "The Soldiers Pocket Book"; Calling card of Dr. Hastings of Johns Hopkins Hospital; Birthday wishes from Baltimore;Menu card mess dinber on board the Laurentian
Page 17 Village of Victoria west; Lt. McCrae taken at Klimfontein with sand goggles; Ottawa, Jan 13, 1900; Ottawa Jan 13, 1900; caption for photo (photo missing - possibly loose photo of Sister Macdonald) of Macdonald D Battery Bloemfontein
Page 19 Major Hurdman and Lt. Morrison in camp De Aar C. Colony; Lt. Morrison on Billy taken in Cape Town
Page 21 Log of the Laurentian - Halifax to Capetown - log loose from page
Page 23 Greenprint commom, Capetown D and E Batteries
Page 25 Charlies Aunt Programme
Page 27 Sister Macdonald, D. Battery, caption for (missing possibly loose voucher) of Red tape in the field; All services Voucher
Page 29 Causalty return of "U" R.H.A., March 10, 1900; List of deficiencies "Q" R.H.A.
Page 32 Clipping from the Petrolia Advertiser, August 19, 1903 - "The Late T.W. Van Tuyl"
Page 33 Caption (item missing) of orders from Officers Com'g Troops, Goowan, to Lt. McCrae
Page 35 Eugene of Armoured Train, Neth R.R.; Jacko D Battery monkey, Orange River Station with Amber (horse) by gun wheel; Lt. Morrison D Battery
Page 37 Locomotive Cape Gov. R.R. Bullet holies in boiler; Major Ogilvy, Major Hurdman, Sister Macdonald on board Roslin Castle; Grave of Rear Guard Lt. Van Tuyl of 94 Reg.; Kwee Kwa Karoo desert, Chap. Cox , Lt. McCrae (photo loose)
Page 39 Battery D passing through Metcalfe St. Ottawa; Battery D leaving Ottawa for Haifax; Embark Guelph June 1901 16th Battery
Page 40 Clipping "Lecture by Major McCrae"
Page 41 Diary of John McCrae 1900
Page 43 continuation of diary
Page 44-47 blank
Page 48 Poem "For the Empire"
Page 49 Varsity Rugby Football Team 1891 (Thomas McCrae top row far right)
Page 51 Green point Camp Capetown - D & E Batteries; Mr. Cox (chaplain) on foot, Capt. Eaton, Lt. McCrae, Lt. Morrison
Page 53 Officers Capt. Eaton, Chaplain Cox, Lt. McCrae, Lt. Morrison; Review of Squadrons C and D in front of Parliament Buildings, Ottawa
Page 54 Clipping "Field Batteries, General Efficiency, 1903
Page 55 "U" RHA before Bloemfontein; Repairing Norval's Pont Bridge
Page 57 Boer Prison, Waterval North East of Pretoria
Page 58 Clippings "Artillery Men off 1st B.D.F.A. Left for Deseronto Monday Night"; "The Batteries Have a Narrow Escape at Enterprise Eleven Freight Cars Ditched"; "The Enterprise Wreck Further Particulars on the Run Off"
Page 59 Clippings "Night Bivouac - No Sunday Parade - Looking into Losses"; "The Deseronto Camp - Remnants of the Wreck Hard on the Horses - Fire Discipline"
Page 61 Wreck of Artillery Train June 9, 1903 - guns and battery equiopment all over track and road; train with cars off track and policemen surveying the damage
Page 62 Wreck of Artillery Train - View of wreck from lumber yard; view of horses from wreck grazing along side of track
Page 63 Wreck of Artillery Train - View of men extracting horses from wreck; view of front engine still on track with back engine off
Page 66 Wreck of Artillery Train - view of one of the engines off track; close up view of wreck
Page 67 Wreck of Artillery Train - view of men sitting in front of some of the wrecked cars; view of women and children standing in doorway of a home with the wreckage of guns in front door
Page 68 Wreck of Artillery train - close up of flipped car on its side; view of guns and equipment and dead cow
Page 69 Wreck of Artillery Train - view of wrecked car behind wooden fence; view of wrecked guns and equipment with policemen standing by
Page 70 Wreck of Artillery Train - view of wreckage with house in background; view of wreck by river with men sitting on fence watching the clean up crew
Page 72 Wreck of Artillery Train - view of guns strewn about; Close up of wreckage

Loose 1 Photo of Sister Macdonald
Loose 2 Postcard to John McCrae written in Morse Code
Loose 3 Voucher for cartridges, shells, etc. Oct. 11, 1900
Loose 4 Blank scrapbook page with 2 captions "Sketch of outlook from Fusilier Hill" and "Guns and Lumbers in position looking west"
Loose 5 Photo of clothes drying in the trees in encampment
Loose 6 South African newspaper

People McCrae, John
Eaton, D.I.V. (Capt.)
Morrison, E. W. B.
Hurdman, Maj. W.G.
McCrae, Thomas (b. 1870 - d. 1935)
Van Tuyl, Lt.
Search Terms Boer War
McCrae - Boer War
Subjects BOER WAR
Dimensions Length: 32.0 cm
Width: 24.0 cm
Height: 5.5 cm