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Catalog Number 1981X.231.1
Object Name Map
Title Map of County of Wellington 1861
Date 1861
Year Range from 1861
Year Range to 1861
Description Map of County of Wellington 1861. "Map of the County of Wellington Canada Est, Published by Guy Leslie and Charles J. Wheelack, P.L.S. Orangeville 1861 Lith. by W.C. Chewett & Co., Toronto." Map shows townships, lots, landowners in the rural area,s the businesses and home of major subscribers, lists of major subscribers and map inserts.
People Adams
Allan, David (Sr.) (1808-1895)
Allan, Michael
Allan, William
Amos, G.
Amos, J.
Amos, W.
Anderson, T.
Anderson, Thomas (Jr.)
Anderson, Thomas (Sr.)
Applegarth, William
Arkell, Thomas
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, J.
Armstrong, J.B.
Armstrong, John
Atcheson, William
Atkinson, George
Atkinson, J.
Atkinson, M.
Atkinson, Mrs.
Atkinson, Thomas
Baker, Richard
Barber, S
Barkley, Mrs.
Bates, A.
Bates, James
Benham, George
Benham, William
Best, Thomas
Bilby, William
Black, George
Blythe, A.W.
Bolton, Thomas
Bolton, William
Boulton, John
Boyd, Robert
Bright, H.
Brodie, R.S.
Brown, J.
Brown, W.J.
Bruce, George
Bruce, John
Brydon, Robert
Buckham, George
Budgeon, Benjamin
Burns, Peter
Caldwell, James
Campbell, R.
Caraher, Michael
Card, John
Card, Mrs.
Card, Thomas
Carroll, Bryan
Carroll, Edward
Carter, Henry
Carter, James
Carter, Joseph
Carter, Thomas
Carthew, Edward
Cauldfield, John
Chadwick, Fred J.
Chadwick, J.
Chadwick, John Craven
Chambers, James
Champion, William
Chipchase, William
Clark, J.
Clarke, William (Dr.)
Cleghorn, James
Cleghorn, Robert
Cleghorn, William
Clements, John
Coghlin, Thomas
Collins, Robert H.
Cook, R.
Cooper, T.W.
Couling, L.
Cowan, James
Cowan, Walter S.
Cowan, William A.
Craig, Murdock
Creighton, A.
Creighton, William
Cullen, Alfred
Cullen, Patrick
Cummins, Daniel
Darby, William
Dartnell, George
Davidson, Charles
Davis, Fred
Davis, George
Davis, John
Day, J.W.
Day, Thomas
Dayman, P.
Dean, Benjamin
Decker, William Henry
Devlin, Henry
Diller, Joseph
Dooly, Martin
Drew, John
Duggan, D.
Dunbar, R.
Dwyer, Mrs.
Edwards, Silas
Elliott, George
Elliott, James
Elliott, Robert
Farrell, J.
Ferguson, Adam
Fergusson, Adam Johnston (A.J.)
Fergusson, William
Fife, George
Fife, John (Sr.)
Fife, William
Fisher, Joseph
Fisk, J.
Fleming, G.
Fletcher, Samuel
Forbes, Frederick J.B.
Foster, Henry
Foster, John
Fry, E.J.
Fry, W.P.
Fulton, James
Fulton, W.
Galbraith, Francis W.
Gay, James
George, Frederick
Gibson, Thomas
Gilles, John
Gold, James
Gordon, John
Gow, Peter
Grange, George John (Sheriff)
Green, J.
Greet, Richard
Grey, William
Griffith, William
Hamilton, Alex
Hamilton, William
Hans, John
Hans, Thomas
Harland, E.A.
Harland, E.M.
Harrod, John
Hart, Michael
Harvey, John (Dr.)
Harvey, George
Harvey, J.
Hawes, Charles
Hawes, George
Hawes, John
Hawsan, James
Hawsan, Michael
Hayes, George
Heard, Henry
Heard, J. Henry
Heffernan, J.
Heffernan, Thomas
Hemming, E.F.
Hemming, George
Henderson, A.
Henderson, T.
Herbert, William
Hern, William
Hewatt, William
Hewitt, M.
Higinbotham, Nathaniel (Col.)
Hinds, John
Hinds, Ralph
Hinds, Walter
Hobson, Joseph
Hodgkins, T.
Hogg, John
Hogge, Arthur
Hood, George
Hood, Gideon
Hood, Thomas
Hood, William
Hook, John
Hough, James
Howitt, J.
Howitt, John
Hubbard, E.
Hughes, Patrick
Husband, James G.
Hutchinson, Charles P.P.
Hutchinson, Mrs.
Iles, John
Jackson, A.M.
Jackson, Daniel
Jackson, J.
Jackson, Joseph
Jackson, R.
Jackson, T.
Jackson, William
Johnston, Robert
Johnston, William
Jones, Charles
Jones, Robert
Keating, Thomas
Keeling, G.M.
Keenan, Edward
Keenan, Michael
Keizer, Mrs.
Keleher, D.
Keleher, Patrick
Kench, Thomas
Kennedy, A.W.
Kennedy, David
Kennedy, J.
Keough, James
Kerr, F.
Kerr, Francis
Kerr, Robert
Key, James
Key, William
King, Lewis
King, Thomas
Kingsmill, John Juchereau
Kingsmill, Nicholas
Knowles, Robert
Laidlaw, James
Laidlaw, John
Laidlaw, Thomas
Laird, Mrs.
Leslie, John T.
Lillie, George
Lindsay, I.
Lochrane, William
Logan, John
Logan, Thomas
Logan, William
Lowry, William
Lynn, Mrs.
Macdonald, Alexander
Malloy, Phenton
Manderson, James
Manderson, John
Marcon, F.
Marriot, Henry
Marsh, William
Marshall, A.
Marshall, James
Martin, Anthony
Martin, Edward R.
Matthews, R.
May, James
Mayberry, F.
Mayer, S.
Mays, J.
McBridge, Thomas
McConnell, Mrs.
McCorkindale, Archibald
McCorkindale, John
McCrae, John (not poet)
McCuen, Sam
McCuen, William
McCullen, J.
McCullouch, H.
McDonald, Alexander
McDonald, Evan
McDonald, John
Mcdonald, William
McElderry, Charles A.
McGarr, P.
McGrogan, William
McIntosh, Alex
McIntosh, Angus
McIntosh, John
McIntosh, Robert
McKenzie, Robert
McNeil, John
McWhort, J.
Metcalf, G.B.
Mickle, Charles J.
Mickle, J.
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, Robert
Monger, R.
Moore, R.M.
Moran, P.
Morgan, J.
Murphy, Patrick
Murphy, William
Neeve, John
Neill, Joseph
Neish, George
Nesbit, T.
Nesbitt, Hugh
Nevills, Mrs.
Newton, F.
Nicholson, W.
Norris, G.
Norris, John Sr.
O'Connor, T.
O'Neil, Thomas
Oliver, A.
Oliver, John
Oliver, Robert
Orr, Robert
Orton Sr., Dr. Henry
Owens, Samuel
Owens, William
Pallister, Richard
Pallister, Thomas
Palmer, Reverend Arthur
Parker, Robert
Parker, William Henry
Parsons, Henry
Paterson, John
Paterson, William
Patterson, George
Patterson, R.
Patterson, William
Pearson, George
Peterson, Henry W.
Petty, John
Pigot, Michael
Pipe, John
Piper, Stephen
Porter, R.
Porter, William
Quarry, Andrew
Quarry, George
Quarry, William
Racnemann, Theobald
Reading, John
Reading, Sam
Reid, William
Rennie, James
Rennie, William
Renny, John
Richardson, G.
Richardson, John
Richardson, Mrs.
Richardson, Robert
Rife, Samuel
Ritchie, Andrew
Roths, Val
Rudd, George
Sallows, Benjamin
Sallows, John
Sanders, Henry
Sandilands, Thomas
Saunders, Thomas Willcocks
Savage, David
Schwendiman, C.
Scott, James
Scroggie, John
Seifrid, John
Seurr, R.
Shone, Mrs.
Shortreed, George
Shortreed, John
Shutt, Louis
Shyne, T.
Skae, E.E.
Smith, John
Snelling, George
Spiers, John
Spiers, Pringle
Stewart, G.M.
Stewart, John
Stiffler, Casper
Stiffler, Lewis
Stone, Frederick William
Suber, C.L.
Sullivan, J.
Summer, W.H.
Sweetman, M.
Taylor, James
Taylor, John
Thompson, E.V.
Thompson, R.W.
Thompson, William
Thomson, John
Thomson, R.
Thorpe, James A.
Thring, W.
Thurtell, Mrs.
Todd, George
Tolton, Henry
Tolton, John
Traynor, J.
Vale, Captain
Valentine, T.
Vance, Edward
Walker, Charles
Walker, Ennis
Walker, W.
Walsh, Michael
Walsh, Simon
Watson, A.
Watson, C.J.
Watson, Charles
Watson, Henry
Watson, Thomas
Webster, James Sr.
Wellzer, George
Wetherald, Thomas
White, A.
Whitelaw, Thomas
Whitelaw, William
Whiteside, George
Willoughby, Charles
Wilson, A.
Wilson, George
Wilson, H.
Wilson, James
Wilson, John
Wilson, William
Worswick, Edward
Wright, J.
Wright, James G.
Young, Henry
Zimmerman, John
Search Terms Allan's Distillery
Allan's Mill
American House
Armstrong (J.B.) Manufacturing Company
Bank of Montreal
British Hotel
Brown (W.J.) and Company Grocers
Canada Company
Commercial Hotel
Ferguson and Kingsmill Barristers
Gore Bank
Grand Trunk Railway
Guelph Mercury
Hogg (John) Company
Hood Grist and Saw Mill
Horsman Hardware
Inkerman Hotel
Lemon and Peterson Barristers
Mays (James) Fanning Mill
Palmer and Winstanley Barristers
Todd (George) and Sons Tinsmiths
Wellington County