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Catalog Number 1985.12.1
Object Name Booklet
Title The History of the Guelph Red Cross
Date 1977
Year Range from 1900
Year Range to 1977
Description Booklet, "The History of the Guelph Red Cross" written by Carol Vaughn, a local writer. Printed in 1977 in honour of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Guelph. Glossy white paper cover with black and red printed lettering on the front and back. Contains 51 pages of white glossy paper with black printed text and b/w printed photographs. The history of the Guelph Red Cross covers the years from 1900 (when a Guelph branch of the Canadian Red Cross was established to provide care for soldiers who had been wounded in the Boer War) to 1977 when the book was published. Contents include: World War I and II; Peacetime Years; Post War Period; the Homemaker Service; the Loan Cupboard; Swimming and Water Safety; Blood Donor Service; Meals on Wheels; Women's Work Committee; Home Nursing Course; Red Cross Youth; Civilian Inquiry Service; First Aid Service; Hospital Visiting; Outpost Hospitals.
Front Cover: There is a red cross in upper left corner. "THE HISTORY OF THE GUELPH RED CROSS / THE CANADIAN RED CROSS SOCIETY".
Illustrations: B/W printed.
No. of pages:51
People Albert, Monty
Allan, Christina Idington (Mrs. David Allan)
Allen, Alice (Mrs. H.C.)
Allen, H.C.
Anderson, Fred (Mrs.)
Armstrong, P. (Mrs.)
Armstrong, Sue (Mrs.)
Arthurs, Louise
Arthurs, Louise
Ashton, Morley
Auld, Hyde
Aylward, J. (Mrs.)
Babcock, L.G.
Baetz, Reuben C.
Barfoot, B. (Mrs.)
Barry, Grattan (Mrs.)
Barry, M.G. (Mrs.)
Bayne, Frank (Mrs.)
Bazett, Alfred H.
Beatty, Mrs.
Bennett, R.B. (Mrs.)
Black, Marjorie (Mrs.)
Black, Myrtle (Mrs.)
Bladon, Elaine
Blair, John (Dr.)
Blair, B.D. (Mrs.)
Bond, John M. (Mrs.)
Booth, Isabelle (Mrs.)
Braucht, Frank
Britton, Mary
Britton, W. (Mrs.)
Brooks, Barry
Brown, Robert C.
Brydon, Adelaide
Brydon, Robert H. (Mrs.)
Cabelder, A. (Mrs.)
Cameron, Mrs.
Campbell, Lois
Chappel, Mrs.
Christie, J.M. (Mrs.)
Clancy, J.M.
Clancy, M.M. (Mrs.)
Clark, R.S. (Judge)
Clendenan, Mrs.
Cockburn, L. (Miss)
Cockburn, Lila
Collins, Clare (Miss)
Collins, Clare (Miss)
Conway, F.L.
Coon, M. (Miss)
Cooper, Lionel (Mrs.)
Cossar, E.C. (Rev.)
Crowe, Edith B.
Crowe, Edith (Mrs. Charles R. Crowe)
Crowe, Raymond
Crumback, Helen (Mrs.)
Crumback, S. (Mrs.)
Cutten, Miss
Daniel, A. (Mrs.)
Dawson, D. (Mrs.)
Day, George
Drew, John J. (Mrs.)
Dunbar, Angus
Dunbar, Maud S. (Mrs. Charles L.)
Dutton, Gordon
Eaglesham, Doris (Mrs.), R.N.
Eaglesham, Doris (Mrs.), R.N.
Eaglesham, D. (Mrs.)
Edmiston, Wallace
Elliott, G.C.
Evans, A. Craig
Evans, S. Craig
Ferguson, A.E. (Mrs.)
Ferraro, Louis
Findlay, R.P.
Fisher, Stan
Forrester, D. (Mrs.)
Fowke, Mary
Frears, Mrs.
Freeman, R. (Mrs.)
Freeman, Ruby (Mrs.)
Fuller, Laura (Mrs.)
Gamble, Jean Telford (Mrs.)
Gamble, John T.
Gamble, Jean (Mrs. W.P. Gamble)
Gamble, Jean (Mrs. W.P. Gamble)
Gausden, Meryl
Gausden, C. (Mrs.)
Gibson, M.A.
Gillies, Archie
Gilmour, Rilla (Mrs.)
Girdwood, Helen
Gladstone, Robert William (Mrs.)
Gladstone, Robert William
Gordon, P. (Miss)
Gowdy, Nettie A.
Gray, Leslie (Mrs.)
Griggs, May Beatrice
Gummer, Merelie
Gummer, Mrs.
Haayen, John
Hall, Mrs.
Hallowell, Frances
Hamilton, Fred
Hamilton, S. (Mrs.)
Hamilton, William
Hannigan, T.J. (Mrs.)
Harcourt, Mrs.
Harvey, Florence
Harvey, Edmund (Mrs.)
Hauck, Mrs. A.
Heffernan, G. (Mrs.)
Higinbotham, Mrs. A.
Hillis, Dr. R.
Holley, Mrs. S.C.
Hollingshead, Roy
Howcroft, Mrs. Alfred
Howcroft, Mrs. J.
Howitt, Dr. William
Howitt, J.R.
Howitt, Mrs. Henry Orton
Jackson, Robert
Jones, Dr. T. Lloyd
Jones, Dr. T.L.
Jones, L. E., Lieut.-Colonel
Keen, Mrs.
Kenning, Miss
Kenning, Miss E.A. (Lizzie)
King, Miss J.
Kramer, Mrs.
Laidlaw, Mrs. G.
Laidlaw, Mrs. Vera
Lark, Jean (Mrs.)
Lett, Mrs. Stephen
Leyland, Mrs. Maureen
Lillico, Margaret (Mrs.)
Logan, Mrs. Hanna
Long, Mrs. L.
Long, Mrs. Mildred
Lowell, Elvie
Lowell, V.C.
Luneau, Miss
Maclean, Mrs. Gladstone
Mahaffey, Clara (Mrs.)
Maltby, Mrs. R.W.
Maltby, Mrs. R.W.
Mann, John H.
Marsland, Lynda
Martin, Dr. Elizabeth Stockdale
McClennan, Mrs. G.L.
McConkey, Benjamin
McConkey, Mrs. R.B. (Katherine)
McCready, Dr. Margaret
McCullough, Mrs. E.F.
McElderry, J.H.
McGrath, Morley
McKersie, Mrs. R.
McLean, Mrs. G.
McLeod, Mrs. Clayton
McNamara, Mrs. Joy
Mercer, Paul
Merrill, S.B.
Millar, Miss Janet
Moersch, F.W.
Morrison, Mrs. Gordon
Motzok, Dr. I.
Muller, Annie (Mrs.)
Muller, Mrs. D.G.
Nelson, Dr. E.J.
Oakes, Edward C. (Private)
Palmer, Mrs.
Patterson, James
Patterson, Mrs. L.A.
Pearse, Mrs. M.E.
Pequegnat, Miss Helen
Pickard, Mrs. S. Hamilton
Price, Ann (Mrs.)
Proctor, Mrs. B.W.
Rae, Myrtle
Ramsey, Mrs. F.R.
Reed, Mrs. J.H.
Reid, Mrs. Andrew
Reynolds, Mrs. J.B.
Roberts, Miss Edna
Rose, Mrs.
Routley, Dr. Fred W.
Ryan, G.B.
Ryan, H.G.
Ryan, Mrs. G.B.
Saulnier, Mrs. H.
Shutt, Greta
Sibbald, J.E.
Sibbald, Jack
Sibbald, Mrs. J.E.
Simmons, Mrs. N.
Sinclair, Don
Smeaton, Victor C.
Smith, Alec
Smith, Mrs. Godfrey (Dorothy)
Smith, T.A.
Sneyd, Howard
Sneyd, Mrs. Howard
Stewart, W. A. (Mrs.)
Tait, William McD.
Taylor, Mrs. J.C.
Templeman, Alice
Thompson, Mrs. G.
Thompstone, E.
Thomson, Mrs. J.P.
Tolton, Miss M.
Torrance, Mrs.
Train, J.
Train, John
Train, John
Vaughn, Carol
Vincent, Mrs. Grace
Watt, Mrs. Frederic
Webster, H.W.
Weir, Mrs. Gladys
Wexler, James
Wheatley, Dr. A.C.
Whyte, Dorothy (Mrs.)
Wilkinson, A.S.
Wilkinson, Mrs. A.S.
Williams, H. (Mrs.)
Williams, Harold
Wilson, Ken
Wright, Betty (Mrs.)
Wright, Charles A.
Wright, E. Gerald
Wright, Gerald
Wright, Mrs. E.G.
Yeates, Miss Wynn
Search Terms Bell Telephone Company
Board of Health
Canadian General Electric
Canadian Patriotic Society
Canadian Save the Children Fund
Canadian Welfare Council
Colonial Dresses Ltd.
Community Chest for War and Welfare Services
Conestoga College
Eramosa Basketball Club
Girls' Friendly Society
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
Guelph Community Chest
Guelph Fire Department
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Horticultural Society
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Public Library
Heffernan Warehouse
Imperial Tobacco
IODE - Major Robert Mutrie Chapter
Kelly's Music Store
Kiwanis Club Camp for Retarded Children
Kiwanis Club of Guelph
Knox Presbyterian Church
Loan Cupboard
Lyon Park Swimming Pool
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - Macdonald Institute
Ontario Reformatory
Red Cross
Red Cross - Blood Donor Clinic
Red Cross - Civilian Inquiry Sevice
Red Cross - Junior
Red Cross - Meals on Wheels
Red Cross - Youth Club
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Canadian Airforce
Royal City Ambulance
Royal Dairy
Royal Women's Institute
Ryan (G.B.) and Company Department Store
Salvation Army
Scythes and Company Ltd.
Speedwell Military Convalescent Hospital
St. George's Church
St. John Ambulance
St. Joseph's Home for the Aged
St. Joseph's Hospital
Tolton Manufacturing Company Limited
Trafalgar Building
Victoria Road Recreation Center
Victorian Order of Nurses (VON)
Wellington County Board of Education
Wellington County Civil Defence Organization
Wellington County Historical Research Society
Women's War Work
Women's Work Committee
Women's Work Service
World War I
World War II
Subjects BOER WAR
Dimensions Cover, Paper, Stapled - 22.5 x 15 cm. - L x W