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Catalog Number 1986.36.3
Object Name Catalogue
Title Ontario Provincial Winter Fair Official Catalogue of Entries, 1933
Date 12/05/1933
Year Range from 1933
Year Range to 1933
Description Catalogue: "Ontario Provincial Winter Fair / Official Catalogue of Entries, 1933 / The Fiftieth-First Annual Ontario Provincial Winter Fair, held at Guelph, Ontario / December 5,6 and 7, 1933 / Price Ten Cents."
Cover, paper stapled, yellow with black and red printed text. Front cover has title printed inside a three line drawn rectangle. Handwritten in pencil in the upper right corner: "A.G. Misener, 321 Mills Hall, III Yr. An. Hub."
Back Cover is a b/w photograph of Wyndham Street as seen from the entrance to the Winter Fair Building. The caption for the picture advertises Guelph as "The Home of the Winter Fair" and "An Ideal Manufacturing and Distributing Centre."
Inside front cover is a b/w photograph of P.J. McEwen, President of Ontario Provincial Winter Fair.
No. of pages - 68, white with black printed lettering.
Page 1 lists the patrons, honorary directors, directors, officers and committees, officers and staff of the Ontario Provincial Winter Fair for 1933.
Page 2 is a list of the officials, and a description of the various prize ribbons.
Pages 3 and 4 - "Programme of Judging."
Page 4 - "Programme of Events."
pages 5 -65 - List of Entries
Page 66 - "Agricultural Society Class - Entries."
Page 67-68 - "List of Box Holders."
People Amos, George
Babcock, F.A.
Babcock, F.A.
Barber, Stanley
Barry, M.J.
Becker, O.H.
Bowman, James
Brickell, P.J.
Brickenden, G.A.P.
Briggs, Thomas
Brownridge, W.W.
Chalmers, A.B.
Chappell, W.T.
Chart, Wilfred M.
Christie, G.I.
Christie, Peter
Cox, Cecil
Craig, Albert H.
Crow, T.A.
Currie, A.E.
Cutten, H.
Daly, Russell
Davison, G.A.M.
Dempsey, Charles
Doran, M.A.
Dorrance, H.A.
Douglas, James
Dunbar, C.L.
Fairbairn, J.B.
Featherstone, J.K.
Fischer, D.M.
Fitzgerald, A.A.
Flatt, John I.
Foster, George E.
Fowler, W.J.R. (Dr.)
Gamble, W. P.
Gamble, W. P.
Graham, W. Richard
Grenside, Frederick C. (Dr.)
Hales, E.A.
Hall, Z.A.
Hamill, H.C.
Hamilton, C.S.
Hankinson, L.D.
Harcourt, R. (Prof.)
Heath, R.T.
Henderson, J.P.
Higinbotham, Henry Blaney
Hodgson, D.
Hosford, M.
Howell, A.G.
Howitt, Ann
Howitt, H.
Howitt, Henry Orton
Howitt, J.O.
Humphries, Harold
Innes, C.E.
Jewell, C.L.
Johnson, Bonnie
Johnson, Gordon
Karn, J.H.
Kay, Betty
Kay, James A.
Kay, W.J.
Kelly, David
Kennedy, D. E.
Kennedy, T.L. (Hon.)
Lennox, W.J.W.
Lerch, D.J.
Lowe, John
Lye, O. G.
MacIlraith, Branion
MacKinnon, M.
Maltby, S.
Mason, A.W.
May, Geo. H.
McAllister, J.A.
McCague, H.C.
McCague, J.J.E.
McCollum, Chas. M.
McCutcheon, Wm.
McEwen, P.J.
McEwen, Robert
McGilvary, Dr. C.D.
McKay, J.W.
McLean, James
Misener, A.G.
Morton, M.J.
Munro, D.P.
Murray, Gus Jr.
O'Neill, L.E.
Pearson, Wm. H.
Phelps, Ruth
Price, R.L.
Prior, Douglas
Prior, Johnnie
Revell, T.M.
Ridler, L.
Ritchie, Dr. A.B.
Roberts, W.J.
Robinson, A.E.
Robson, R. Beverly
Saunders, J.H.
Simpson, T.
Smith, A.R.G.
Squirrell, W. J.
Steckley, John C.
Stewart, Peter
Stuart, R.
Sutherland, J. Jr.
Tantardini, J.
Teale, W.J.
Telfer, Geo. L.
Templeman, Wm.
Thompson, C.W.
Thurston, W.J.
Torrance, R.L.
Tyson, A.W.
Wade, R.W.
Walker, Geo.
Wallace, Dr. N. C.
Wardell, Sgt. Major F.
Watson, J. R.
Watson, W.P.
Watt, F.
Watt, J.A.
Watt, J.A.
Weir, Robert (Hon.)
Whitelaw, A.
Whitelaw, W.
Whitelaw, William
Wilton, R.
Search Terms Canada Bread Company
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)
Doughty-McFarlane Mill
Green Acres Farm
Helman and Sheward
Henderson (J.P.) and Son
Kay and Myer
McCutcheon (William) and Sons
Ontario Agricultural College (OAC)
Ontario Agricultural College - Animal Husbandry Department
Ontario Provincial Winter Fair
Ontario Veterinary College
Royal Dairy
Silverwood Dairies Limited
Spalding and Thompson
Stewart (Peter) and Sons
Watson (J.R.) and Son
Wyndham Street
Dimensions Cover, paper, stapled
21.9 x 14.8 cm. - L x W