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Catalog Number 1979.75.5
Object Name Journal
Title Records of The Wellington County Historical Society, Vol. 3, 1934
Date 1935
Year Range from 1933.0
Year Range to 1935.0
Description Journal, "Records of The Wellington Historical Society, Vol. 3, 1934." Published for the Society by The Confederate, Mount Forest, Ontario, 1935. Rectangular booklet with brown paper cover with printed black lettering & illustrations. Booklet has 23 pages off- white paper with printed black text. Bound together with 2 staples.
Front Cover: "Records of The Wellington County Historical Society, Volume 3, 1934 / Papers, Memorial Notices and Report from October, 1933, to October 1934. / Published by the Society / 1935 / PRICE 50 CENTS." On page 3, it notes that the booklet is "Published for the Society by The Confederate, Mount Forest, Ontario, 1935".
Includes a b/w photograph of an oil portrait of John Galt by Joshua Smith, R.B.A.
List of Contents: "Address Delivered by Wm. Stevenson in 1877"; "Early Industrial Life of Guelph" by David Allan; "Minto" by Dr. A.E. Byerly; Reports by the Secretary; Treasurer's Statement; List of Officers for 1934-35; "In Memoriam"; and a list of Members, October 18th, 1934, to October 18th, 1935."
Illustrations: Printed
No. of pages: 23
People Allan, Christina Idington (Mrs. David Allan)
Allan, David (Jr.) (1865-1939)
Allan, Edith (Miss)
Allen, David
Allinson, Capt. C.
Ariss, E.A., (Miss)
Ariss, M. (Miss)
Ariss, Miss
Arms, Mr.
Armstrong, A.
Armstrong, J.
Armstrong, J.B.
Armstrong, John
Armstrong, Robert
Armstrong, W.J.
Armstrong, William
Barber, Charles W.
Bell, Robert
Bell, T.M.
Bell, T.N.
Bell, William
Boult, Stephen
Bricker, I.C.
Britton, Garnet Percy (Dr.)
Brock, Henry (Mrs.)
Bruce, George A.
Buckingham, Walter C.
Burleigh, Bennett
Burnell, L.
Burrows, E.S. (Dr.)
Burrows, N.S. (Dr.)
Byerly, Alpheus E. (Dr.)
Card, J.M.
Carr, John
Chase, Caleb
Clarke, John
Cossitt, Levi
Crowe, John
Crowe, Robert
Cutten, Harry
Cutten, Lenore
Dunbar, C.L.
Dunbar, Maud S. (Mrs. Charles L.)
Evatt, Francis
Foote, Annie
Foote, Mary
Foster, A.S.
Foster, J.C.
Galt, John
Gilkison, David
Gilkison, William (Captain)
Gow, John
Gow, Peter
Gowdy, Thomas
Hamilton, A.M. (Rev.)
Hanlon, J.R.
Harvey, John
Harvey, R.H.
Harvey, Robert
Heffernan, Agnes J. (Miss)
Higinbotham, Harry
Higinbotham, John D.
Higinbotham, Mrs. Harry
Higinbotham, Nathaniel (Col.)
Hockin, C.M.
Hockin, John
Holliday, Miss E.
Howell, W.G.
Howitt, Charles E.
Howitt, Dr. Henry
Howitt, J. R.
Howitt, John
Howitt, Mrs. Henry
Howitt, Mrs. J.R.
Jackson, John
Johnston, R.G.
Kay, John
Kelly, J.W.B.
Kennedy, D. E.
Kennedy, John
Ketcheson, Fred G.
Laidlaw, William
Leaden, Captain
Leadlay, H.J.B.
Leadlay, Mrs. H.J.B.
Leitch, A.
Lye, O. G.
Macdonald, Evan
MacLean, Miss Selina
Mahon, Thomas
Martin, Sarah (Mrs.)
Mathieson, James
Mays, James
McConnell, John
McConnell, John
McCrae, Thomas (b. 1820 - d.1892)
McCullough, Mrs. J.S.
McElderry, John H.
McLagan, J.C.
Melvin, Mr.
Messner, Leo.
Millar, J.S.
Mills, R.E.
Mills, William H.
Mitchell, Grace
Munro, D. Paul
Munro, Miss May P.
Nelles, C. L.
Orton, Dr. T.H.
Parker, Robert
Pentelow, Mrs. W.M.
Rainer, Joseph F.
Raymond, Charles
Reed, Miss N.A.
Richardson, R.M.
Richardson, R.R.
Roberts, Yankee
Robertson, Adam
Robertson, Adam Jr.
Ryan, Joseph
Ryan, Paddy
Ryan, Patrick
Scovil, Archdeacon G. F.
Smith, J. Godfrey
Smith, Joshua
Smith, Mrs. J. Godfrey
Smith, Samuel
Snyder, Joseph M.
Snyder, Miss J.M.
Snyder, Miss J.M.
Standish, Miss E.
Steven, Geo.
Stevenson, O. J.
Stevenson, William
Stewart, Alex
Stewart, Etta (Miss)
Stewart, Phebe
Stewart, Robert
Strange, Captain
Sunley, George
Thain, Charles
Thorp, George
Till, Miss M.
Tolton, D.L.
Torrance, R.L.
Tovell, Mrs. Amos
Walkie, George
Wallace, Dr. Norman
Wallace, Mrs. Norman
Watt, Fred
Westoby, Harry
Wilson, Annie (Miss)
Wissler, Mrs. Henry
Worswick, Thomas
Wright, A.W.
Wright, A.W.
Search Terms Arms and Worswick Sewing Machines
Armstrong (J.B.) Manufacturing Company
Armstrong (Robert) Carriage Shop
Armstrong (W.) and Son Carriage Factory
Armstrong Furniture
Armstrong's Carpet Factory
Auld and Woodyatt
Barber Signs
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Biltmore Hats Limited
Boult (Stephen) Planing Mill and Lumber Yard
Break-neck Bridge
Bruce (George A.) Carriage Works
Burr and Skinner Furniture
Canada Company
Canada Furniture Manufacturing Ltd.
Canadian Pacific Railway
Chase (Caleb) Carriage Company
Clarke (John) Bridge Builder
Congregational Church
Cooke and Denison Machine and Tool Works
Cossitt's Agricultural Implement Works
Cray (M.F.) Coal and Wood
Crowe's Iron Works
Dundas Bridge
Empire Hide and Fur Company
Federal Wire and Cable Company Limited
Foster (J.C.) Tannery
Gilkison (David) Framing
Goldie's Mill
Gow's Mill
Gowdy (T.) and Company
Griffin and Grundy Stove Manufacturers
Griffin Foundry Company
Guelph Carpet Works
Guelph Hydro
Guelph Paper Box Manufacturing Company
Guelph Patent Barrel Factory
Guelph Public Library
Guelph Sewing Machine and Novelty Works
Harley and Heather Iron and Brass Founders
Inglis and Evatt
Jackson (Jonathan) Organ Manufacturing Company
James, Powell and Company
Kay (John) Foundry
Kelly (J.W.B.) Furniture Factory
Mays (James) Fanning Mill
Mays' Hill
McCrae Coal and Wood Yard
McLeod, Wood and Company
McNally's Garage
Mercer and Casey Sashes and Doors
Mills and Melvin Foundry
Murchey (A.) and Company
National Grocers
Occomore (H.) and Company
Parker Carriage Shop
Rainer (Joseph F.) Piano Factory
Rainer and Company
Rainer, Sweetnam and Hazelton
Raymond Sewing Machine Company
Reid and Ross
Roberts (Yankee) Potash
Robertson (A.) and Son
Robertson and Watt Foundry
Rowe Brothers Furniture Factory
Russel and McCrae
Ryan (Patrick) Potash
Sherer - Gilette Manufacturing Company
Smith (Samuel) Tannery
Steven (George) and Son Planing Mill and Lumber Business
Stewart and Copping
Stewart Lumber
Strickland's Bridge
Taylor-Forbes Company Limited
Thain (Charles) Implement Factory
Thain (Charles) Wagons
Tolton (D.L.) Garage
Tolton Brothers Agricultural Implement Works
Tolton Manufacturing Company Limited
Tolton's Service Station
Walker (Hugh) and Son
Wellington County Historical Research Society
Wellington Foundry
Wilkie and Osborn
Worsfold and O'Brien Furniture Manufacturers
Worswick Engine Company
Dimensions Cover, Paper, Stapled - 22.5 x 15.25 cm. - L x W