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Catalog Number 1972.42.1
Object Name Booklet
Title "Official Programme - Made in Canada Fair & Poster Show"
Date 06/17/1907
Year Range from 1907.0
Year Range to 1907.0
Description Booklet: Official Programme of the "Made in Canada Fair and Poster Show "- under auspices of the Ladies' Committee of the Guelph General Hospital held at the Winter Fair Building the week of June 17, 1907
No. of pages: 28 - glossy off-white paper with black print and b/w photographs.
Front cover: printed in black and red type with red highlights. Has B/W photograph of the Guelph General Hospital in lower right corner.
Binding of booklet done by Frank Nunan's Up-to-date Bindery, Upper Wyndham St.
Booklet has many advertisements for many different Guelph businesses in 1907.
People Adams, A. (Miss)
Adams, J. (Miss)
Alexander, A.W.
Allen, D. (Mrs.)
Anderson, Mrs.
Archer, Mrs.
Armbrister, Mrs.
Armstrong, Miss
Armstrong, B. (Miss)
Armstrong, W. (Miss)
Auld, Mrs.
Bailey, Miss
Baker, Mrs.
Baker, F. (Mrs.)
Barber, Minnie
Barber, F. (Mrs.)
Barber, W.F.
Beattie, Edith (Dr.)
Bollert, Ernest R.
Bollert, Helen
Bond, Miss
Bond, George (Mrs.)
Broadfoot, J.B.
Brock, L.
Brooks, Miss
Brown, Miss
Bruce, Miss
Burling, Miss
Burr, Miss
Burr, M.W. (Mrs.)
Busselle, M. (Miss)
Butchard, Miss
Callahan, James
Callander, A.
Campbell, Mrs.
Card, M. (Mrs.)
Carlton, Miss
Carter, E.
Carter, Sam
Cayley, Miss
Chadwick, Miss
Chadwick, Mrs.
Chisholm, Mrs.
Clark, Captain
Clark, J.C.
Clark, M. (Miss)
Clarke, Miss
Clarke, W.A. (Mrs.)
Coghlan, Mrs.
Colson, M. (Miss)
Congalton, Miss
Cooke, Miss
Cooke, J. (Miss)
Cooke, R. (Miss)
Cormie, H. (Mrs.)
Cowan, Miss
Crosby, G. (Miss)
Crowe, John
Cunningham, R. (Mrs.)
Davidson, E. (Miss)
Davidson, Gilbert Farquhar (Mrs.)
Davidson, J.A. (Mrs.)
Davison, E. (Miss)
Day, M. (Miss)
Day, T.J. (Mrs.)
Denyes, John
Dietrich, S.P.
Dixon, Mrs.
Douglas, M. (Miss)
Douglas, Marion (Miss)
Douglas, Mrs.
Drew, Mrs.
Dryden, J.R.
Dryden, Mrs.
Duff, J.M.
Duff, M. (Miss)
Duff, Mrs.
Dunbar, Maud S. (Mrs. Charles L.)
Duncan, Miss
Eardley-Wilmott, Miss
Elliott, L. (Miss)
Ellis, Myrtle
Fielding, J.T.
Forbes, C. (Miss)
Forbes, L. (Miss)
Forbes, L. (Miss)
Forbes, O. (Miss)
Forbes, J. (Mrs.)
Forbes, James (Mrs.)
Frew, Miss
Gilchrist, Miss
Gillespie, D. (Miss)
Gillespie, J. (Miss)
Goldie, Miss
Goldie, John (Mrs.)
Gordon, Mrs.
Gowdy, Samuel (Mrs.)
Gowdy, Thomas
Grant, M. (Miss)
Grierson, Miss
Gummer, G. (Miss)
Gummer, Mrs.
Guthrie, Donald
Guthrie, Miss
Guthrie, Hugh (Mrs.)
Hackney, J.J.
Hackney, Mrs.
Hamilton, John H.
Hamilton, Miss
Harcourt, Mrs.
Harley, Miss
Harley, M. (Miss)
Harley, M. (Miss)
Hart, William
Harvey, Miss
Harvey, A. (Miss)
Harvey, A. (Miss)
Harvey, Mrs. E.
Heffernan, M. (Miss)
Hewer, James
Higgins, G.L.
Higgins, G.L.
Higinbotham, Miss
Hill, Miss A.
Hill, Miss M.
Hill, Miss M.
Hind, Miss M.
Hobbs, Dr. A.T.
Hobbs, Miss
Hood, Mrs. G.B.
Howitt, Henry
Howitt, Henry Orton
Howitt, Miss F.
Howitt, Miss G.
Howitt, Miss G.
Howitt, Miss K.
Howitt, Mrs. Chas.
Howitt, Mrs. H.
Humphries, C.
Humphries, Miss
Humphries, R.
Humphries, R.W.
Jackson, Miss
Jackson, Mrs. Clifford
Jamieson, Mrs.
Jeffrey, Mrs.
Johnston, Miss M.
Johnston, Mrs.
Jones, A.F.H.
Jones, Mrs. A.F.H.
Keleher, Mrs.
Kelly, Miss Ina
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Miss
Kennedy, Mrs. John
Kennedy, W. B.
Kilgour, Miss
Lansing, Harry
Laughlin, S.L.
Lawson, Mrs.
Leadlay, Miss
Lett, Mrs.
Lindsay, J.
Lindsay, James G.
Lockwood, H.
Lockwood, Mrs.
Lowry, W.H.
Lucy, Mrs.
Lucy, R.
Lyon, J.W.
Lyon, J.W.
Lyon, Miss
Lyon, Miss I.
Lyon, Miss L.
Lyon, Mrs.
Macalister, Miss
Macaulay, Mrs.
Macdonald, Belmore
Macdonald, Miss E.
Macdonald, Miss M
Macdonald, Mrs. William
Mackinnon, A.
MacKinnon, K.
Macklin, Miss
Macklin, Miss L.
Macklin, Mrs.
MacLean, Mrs.
Mahoney, Mrs. H.
McAteer, J.
McCallum, Miss
McConkey, Miss
Mcconkey, Miss D.
Mcconkey, Miss D.
Mcconkey, Miss D.
McConkey, Miss E.
McConkey, Miss E.
McConkey, Miss E.
McConkey, Mrs.
McCrea, J. A.
McElderry, J. E.
McElderry, Miss
McElderry, Miss Rose
McIntosh, James Innes
McIntosh, Miss
McIntosh, Miss A.
McIntosh, Miss Alice
McIntosh, Mrs. Innes
McKinnon, Mrs. K.
McLachlan, Miss H.
McLaren, Arch.
McLean, W.A.
McLellan, Miss
McMaster, Rowena (Mrs. Thomas G.)
McMillan, Mrs.
McMillan, R.
Melvin, Miss N.
Mercer, Miss
Mercer, Miss F.
Mercer, Miss F.
Mercer, Mrs. H. de Burgh
Mereweather, Miss B.
Mereweather, Mrs.
Mitchell, Miss
Mitchell, Miss N.
Mitchell, Mrs.
Mitchell, Mrs. I.
Mitchell, Richard
Moore, Mrs. J.E.
Morlock, Mr.
Morlock, Mrs. J.
Mowat, Miss
Murby, Miss
Murton, Miss
Murton, Mrs. Harry
Neff, Arthur E.
Nelles, Charles L.
Nelles, Miss
Nelles, Mrs. Charles L.
Nelson, Mrs.
Nelson, R.E.
Newstead Sr., John
Nicol, Miss
Nicol, Miss H.
Nicol, Miss H.
Nicol, Miss M.
Nicol, Miss N.
Nicol, Mrs.
Nunan, Frank
O'Drouski, Miss
O'Neill, Miss M. J.
O'Reilly, G.
Orton, Thomas H.
Parker, Miss
Parker, Miss
Peterson, Miss
Petrie, Miss
Postlethwaite, C.R.W.
Powell, Miss
Powell, Miss W.
Powell, Miss W.
Powell, Miss W.
Powell, Mrs. J.B.
Presant, Miss
Pringle, Miss M.
Pringle, Mrs.
Randall, F.W.
Randall, Miss
Reed, Mrs.
Reynolds, Miss E.
Reynolds, Miss K.
Reynolds, Miss L.
Reynolds, Mrs. J.B.
Richardson, Mrs. Geo.
Richardson, Thomas
Ritchie, Mr.
Roberts, Dr. H.G.
Roberts, Miss
Roberts, Mrs.
Robertson, Adam
Robinson, Miss
Robinson, Miss A.
Robinson, Mrs.
Robinson, W.J.
Robinson, W.J.
Rogers, A.
Rogers, Miss
Rogers, Miss G.
Rogers, Miss H.
Rose, Miss
Rose, Miss A.
Ross, Dr. Annie
Ross, Mrs. R. W.
Ross, W.
Rudd, D.E.
Rupay, Miss L.
Rutter, C.J.
Ryan, G.B.
Sandilands, Miss
Sandilands, Miss A.
Sandilands, Miss J.
Sandilands, Miss J.
Saunders, Thomas Willcocks
Savage, Miss G.
Savage, Miss G.
Savage, Mrs.
Savage, W.F.
Scholfield, H. C.
Scholfield, Mrs.
Scoon, Miss G.
Scroggie, David
Shepherd, Miss
Shepherd, Miss
Shepherd, Miss F.
Simpson, Mr.
Simpson, R.
Sinner, B.
Sleeman, George
Smith, James
Smith, Miss E.
Smith, Miss Elsie
Sorby, Mrs. O.
Stark, Miss
Stevens, Miss L.
Stewart A.
Stewart, Bee
Stewart, Miss
Stewart, Miss P.
Stewart, W.O.
Struthers, J.M.
Sussex, Miss
Tamblyn, Miss
Taylor, Miss
Taylor, Miss C.
Taylor, Miss N.
Taylor, Mrs. Adam
Taylor, Mrs. J.M.
Thompson, Miss
Thompson, Miss T.
Thorp, George J.
Thurston, Miss I.
Till, Miss
Torrance, Mrs. R.L.
Torrance, R.L.
Walker, George E.
Walker, Miss
Walker, Mrs. Geo.
Walker, Mrs. W.C.
Walsh, J.
Ward, Mrs.
Waterous, Miss
Waters, Miss F.
Watt, Miss K.
Watt, Miss K.
Wells, Mrs.
Wheatley, Pearl
White, William W.
Wilcocks, Mrs.
Wilcocks, Mrs.
Wilcocks, MIss F.
Wilcocks, Miss G.
Wilcocks, Miss G.
Wilcocks, Miss M.
Wilcox, Mrs.
Williams, Mrs. Algernon
Williams, Mrs. Geo.
Worswick, Miss
Yule, John
Search Terms American Hotel
Bank of Montreal
Beattie (W.H.) Druggist
Bell Piano and Organ Company Limited
Blacksmith Fountain
Bogardus and Company Pharmacy
Bond Hardware Company
Broadfoot's Red Cross Pharmacy
Burr and Ainsworth Furniture
Cameron's Pharmacy
Canadian Furniture Company
Clemens (H.A.) Company Limited
Commercial Hotel
Davidson (John) Furniture and Upholstered Goods
Dominion Home Furnishings Company
Dominion Permanent Loan Company
Fat Stock Club
Fielding (W.H.) Grocer
Goldie and Son
Gowdy Brothers
Grand Trunk Railway
Grant and Armstrong Furniture Dealers and Upholsterers
Grundy Stove Works
Guelph and Ontario Investment and Savings Society
Guelph Electrical Works
Guelph General Hospital
Guelph Mercury
Guelph Soap Company
Guelph Stove Company
Harding Brothers Wines and Liquors
Hewer (James) and Son
Kandy Kitchen
Keleher and Hendley Tailors
Kelly's Music Store
King Edward Hotel
King's Daughters
Knechtel Shoe Company
Ladies' Hospital Aid
Lillie and Hadden
Macdonald and Company
Made in Canada Fair and Poster Show
McCrea (J.A.) and Son
McKee's IDA Drug Store
McMillan Brothers
Metropolitan Bank
Norfolk Street United Church
Norfolk Street United Church - Young Ladies Group
Nunan Bookbindery
Opera House Pharmacy
Pequegnat Jewellery Store
Queen's Hotel
Reynolds and Son Painters
Richardson (G.A.) Hardware
Riverside Park - Bathing Place
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Hotel
Royal Opera House Barber Shop
Scroggie Brothers
St. George's Square
St. Joseph's Hospital
Stevenson and Malcolm Company
Struthers (J.M.) Furniture Company
Sunley (William) Stoves
Toronto Dominion Bank
Traders Bank of Canada
Walker (Hugh) and Son
Wellington Hotel
Williams (George) Confectioner and Baker
Winter Fair Building
Dimensions 22.75 x 15 cm. - L x W