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Catalog Number 1972.20.24
Object Name Program
Title Guelph Collegiate Institute Annual Commencement Program, 1905
Date 11/17/1905
Year Range from 1905
Year Range to 1905
Description Guelph Collegiate Institute Annual Commencement Program, held at the Opera House, Friday, November 17,1905. The program has a blue paper cover with gold print. On the inside front cover is an illustration of GCVI. The next page lists the staff and Board of Education and the following three pages list the graduates in the different forms. There are two pages listing the evening's program and then the remaining pages list the prize winners from 1900 to 1905. On the back cover is a gold printed vase with flowers with "Mercury Press" underneath.
People Adams, Fred
Allan, James
Anderson, C. (Miss)
Anderson, P.
Arkell, Reginald
Armstrong, Barclay
Armstrong, Mary
Barbaree, Mary
Barber, Etta
Barber, Vera
Barclay, Harriet
Beattie, Grace
Beattie, Lindsay
Bergin, Joseph
Black, Audrey
Black, Lois
Bollert, Ernest R.
Bond, Harry
Boyle, John
Broadfoot, Elealah
Broadfoot, S.
Brooks, Arthur
Browne, Harold
Brydon, Adelaide
Brydon, Grace
Brydon, Janet
Buckingham, Walter E.
Buskin, W.
Butchart, Agnes
Byrne, Arthur
Calvert, Lulu
Cameron, J.H.
Card, Annie
Card, Ida Bell
Carroll, William
Carter, Florence
Charlesworth, John W.
Clark, Walter (Captain)
Clark, Florence
Cleghorn, Agnes
Cooke, Heber
Cowan, Lily
Crowe, Charles R.
Crowe, Greta
Davidson, Gilbert Farquhar (Rev.)
Davison, James
Dawson, C.W.
Day, Charles
Day, Harry
Deike, Mildred
Doughty, J.H.
Douglas, Effie
Downey, Joseph Patrick
Duff, J.M.
Dunbar, Talbot C.
Evans, F.
Firth, W. Francis
Fitzgerald, Lillian
Forbes, Caroline
Foster, Ambriss
Foster, Douglas (Dr.)
Fowke, Fred
Fritz, Olive
Galbraith, Francis W.
Galbraith, Francis W. (Mrs.)
Gemmell, Greta
George, Margaret
Glassey, D.A.
Glassford, R.J.M. (Rev.)
Goldie, Gwenddolyn
Goldie, Marjorie
Gow, J.
Gow, James
Gow, Janet
Griffin, George A.
Guthrie, Hugh
Hales, Kate
Hall, Verva
Hamilton, Ross
Hanlon, John
Hart, W.W.
Hart, William
Harvey, Barbara
Hawkins, E.P.
Hill, Ethelbert L.
Holland, Rex
Howitt, Charles
Hughes, F.J.
Hughes, Frank
Humphries, Rowena
James, Ryckman
Johnson, Florence A.
Kelly, Charles
Kelly, Hattie
Kennedy, John
Kennedy, Katie
Kennedy, Maude
Kilgour, Edith
Kilgour, Edna
Laing, John M.
Lamond, Grace
Leader, Grace
Leadlay, George A.
Leadlay, H.J.B.
Leadley, Lieutenant
Little, Heber
Lochhead, Grant
Lounsberry, Anna
Lowry, Edwin
Lynch, Margaret
Lyon, Laura
Lyon, Vera
Macdonald, D. E.
Mackenzie, Brock
MacKinnon, Dr. A. M. (M.D.)
MacKinnon, Florence
Manderson, Jessie
McCullough, Lindsay
McEwen, Robert
McGill, Georgina
McGill, William
McIntosh, Annie
McIntosh, James Innes
McIntosh, James Innes
McIntosh, Mary Agnes
McKenzie, Russell
Mclachlan, Jean
McLachlan, William Alton
McLaren, W.
McLean, Gordon
McMillan, H.
McNab, John
McTague, Charles
McWilliams, Arnold
Morrell, Gertrude
Moyer, Thomas S.
Musselman, Annabelle
Nelles, Charles L.
Nelson, R.E.
Nicol, Hazel
Nicol, Marguerite
Noice, Clarence
Nunan, Marie
O'Connor, Randy
Ogg, Albert
Parker, Edythe
Penfold, Jessie
Peterson, Henry W.
Playter, Frances
Powell, J.B.
Presant, Florence
Presant, Gertrude
Pringle, G. D.
Ritchie, Edith
Ritchie, Edythe F.
Robertson, William
Robinson, Alice
Rose, J.O.
Ross, Midford
Rudd, Mabel
Rupay, F.
Rupay, Florence
Rutter, Charles
Ryan, James
Ryde, Anna
Savage, Thomas
Schell, Arthur
Scholfield, H.C.
Scrimgeour, Anna
Shepherd, Arnold
Shields, Arthur
Skinner, Arthur
Skinner, Kate C.
Smith, A.E.
Smith, Elsie
Smith, Lizzie Caswell
Speller, Rev. H.C.
Spragge, Ida
Stewart, Alex
Stewart, Margaret
Stiven, Georgina
Sutherland, John
Tanner, Sybil
Taylor, Daisy
Taylor, L.W.
Taylor, L.W.
Taylor, Melvin
Thomas, J.J.
Torrance, Douglas
Torrance, Reverend Robert
Walker, Douglas
Walker, Douglas
Wallace, Edna
Warren, Ivan
Warren, Ivan
Waters, Carrie
Waters, Fannie L.
Waters, Fannie L.
Waters, Lieutenant
Watson, Nellie
Watt, J.
Wheatley, Pearl
Whitelaw, May
Wigle, Mabel
Williamson, Anna
Wooding, Aggie
Young, Clarence
Search Terms Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute (GCVI)
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