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Name Coulman, Donald
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Image of 2009.32.2134 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.2134 - Transparency, Slide

Black and white slide of Christian Reinhart, owner of the Commercial Hotel. The photograph is set in a black oval frame. Mr. Reinhart is wearing a black or dark-coloured suit. He is holding a cane in his left hand.

Image of 2009.32.370 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.370 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of Ukrainian Day in St. George's Square during the Sesquicentennial celebrations. Brad Mayes is in the immediate foreground, operating a VB3ZM, a special 150th Ham Rig. Mayes wears sunglasses, headphones, and a striped shirt and looks at the camera, making a peace symbol with his left hand. In the background is a crowd of people, and beyond that part of the Royal Bank and the towers of the Church of Our Lady are visible.

Image of 2009.32.1911 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.1911 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of Carden Street during the 1990 Guelph Spring Festival. There is a man in the background unrolling a long sheet of white paper on the ground. Some children with their faces painted are sitting and standing near the paper. A woman with them is standing on the right. The street is closed and there are other activities going on in the background. Further in the distance, the tower of the train station can be seen behind some trees.

Image of 2009.32.2150 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.2150 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of the Ambassador Hotel on Macdonell Street. It is a four-storey grey stone building with a steeply-sloped roof at the front and two dormer windows on the fourth floor with a central peak in the roof. There is a small balcony on the second floor above the central doorway. There is a man on a ladder at the top of a tower of scaffolding. He is installing a piece of glass that was made by Mr. George Dunsmore of Guelph Glass Company. There is a Canadian flag hanging from the lamp post in front of the hotel. A number of vehicles are parked in front of the hotel, and a couple more are stopped along the road in the foreground. At the right of the photograph, across an alley, is the 5 St

Image of 2009.32.4613 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.4613 - Transparency, Slide

Black and white slide of St. George's Square, c.1910

Image of 2009.32.1916 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.1916 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of the Guelph Performing Arts Centre. The large two-storey stone building was formerly the Speed Skating Rink, and still has that written on a stone over the front entrance. Portions of the roof have been painted red. There are two cars parked beside the front of the building. Woolwich Street is in the foreground.

Image of 2009.32.4933 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.4933 - Transparency, Slide

Coloured slide showing the opening of the Eaton Centre.

Image of 2009.32.145 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.145 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of Governor General Jules Leger in front of City Hall, with the heads of people in the crowd in the foreground. Mayor Jary is partially visible, to the left. A photographer holds up a camera in the background. Governor General Leger and Madame Leger were the guests of honour at the third annual Award of Merit luncheon and civic reception, which took place at the Cutten Club.

Image of 2009.32.284 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.284 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of a float in the Sesquicentennial Parade. Eight brown horses pull a green and red carriage with people sitting on top. The carriage is smoking at the back. Crowds of people watch from the side of Woolwich Street near the intersection of Norfolk and Norwich Streets.

Image of 2009.32.1623 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.1623 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of the St. George's School kindergarten class, 1940. There are twenty boys and girls in this photograph. They are wearing uniforms that consist of light-coloured caps tilted sideways on the head, and short darker capes with white trim. Most of the children are holding drumsticks or other musical instruments such as tamborines or spoons.

Image of 2009.32.1298 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.1298 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of a painting of the Ontario Agricultural College Main Building. The large college building is five storeys tall at the centre and three storeys tall along each wing. There is a driveway in front of the building leading off in both directions. Some hitching posts are visible along the driveway. Next to the Main Building, in the background from left to right, are the Chemistry and Gymnasium Buildings.

Image of 2009.32.4678 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.4678 - Transparency, Slide

Coloured slide showing the site of the future Eaton Centre.

Image of 2009.32.3907 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.3907 - Transparency, Slide

This is an image of Speed River in 1974. The river has flooded and appears to be moving very quickly. The river is so high it reaches the very edges of the large, grey building stretching out across the centre of the frame. The riverbank can still be seen towards the bottom right corner, where the corner of another building is apparent.

Image of 2009.32.2918 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.2918 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of a black and white photo of five young men. All are wearing suits with bow ties tucked under their collars and some have chains at their waists. In the background is a fern/tree backdrop.

Image of 2009.32.1 - Slide

2009.32.1 - Slide

Colour slide of Canadian flag and two maple leaves made of electronic lights affixed to the Court House wall on Woolwich St., in celebration of Canada's Centennial.

Image of 2009.32.3437 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.3437 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of a 1940 Packard car in front of 53 Hillcrest Drive. Standing on the right side of the car is Doug Wells, wearing blue and white plaid shirt and navy blue pants, holding up the side of the hood and Jonathan Coulman, wearing a white sweater with a graphic on it and jeans. In the background is a tree and part of a brick house with a row of windows along the front.

Image of 2009.32.754 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.754 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of the removal of Allan's Mill, looking north. The roof and parts of the walls have been removed, and all that remains is a stone shell. In the foreground a construction worker walks through a pile of stone, metal, wood, and debris that has been removed from the mill. In the background at the right is the CPR bridge and Allan's dam.

Image of 2009.32.2212 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.2212 - Transparency, Slide

Black and white slide of City Hall, with the Annex visible behind and to the left. City Hall is a large two-storey stone building with a tall three-tiered clock tower over the front-centre. The Winter Fair building is to the right of City Hall, with a large arched doorway at the front. The windows of City Hall all have flower boxes hanging from the windowsills. There is a bicycle resting against the front of the building.

Image of 2009.32.347 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.347 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide of Greek Day in St. George's Square during the Sesquicentennial celebrations. Numerous people, many of them in Greek costume, sit on the front edge of a stage that is set up in front of the Bank of Nova Scotia. Crowds stand back from the stage, leaving a large space where people in Greek costume are dancing, wearing long white dresses or blue skirts with white shirts. On the stage, a band in grey suits sings and plays instruments, including a drum set. There is a Greek flag flying from a pole over the stage. Beyond the stage is the Greek parade float shaped like a temple, and to the far left in the background is a green and yellow striped tent, with the top of the Royal Trus

Image of 2009.32.4807 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.4807 - Transparency, Slide

Coloured slide showing the fountain on St. George's Square under construction.