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Name Dahms, Fred

Associated Records

2013.51.291 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Bond Building at St. George's Square. The building has "National Trust Building" written on it. There is one car on the road, and there are two people on the sidewalk. Three lampposts are visible.

Image of 2013.51.1037 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1037 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Hanlon and Wellington Street interchange. The photograph was taken from below the overpass. It is currently under construction evident from the sand piles on the left. The Speed River runs underneath the overpass.

2013.51.214 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of two buildings on the east side of Lower Wyndham Street. Kelly's Appliance store is on the corner of Wyndham and MacDonnell Streets, and next to it is the Petrie Building, which, in the photograph, has a sign which says "Restaurant" on it. There are two cars on the road outside the buildings, and a small amount of snow on the sidewalk. There is one person on the sidewalk by the buildings. In the foreground, there is what appears to be a mailbox, and there is a stoplight.

Image of 2013.51.938 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.938 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of World War I reenactors and memorabilia at McCrae House. There is a white tent with a stretcher in front with supplies on it. There are two rectangular cases on the left. On the right, there is a pot and a box with various cans on top. On the far right there are people looking at the various WWI items that are on a table. There is also two machine guns on the grass.

Image of 2013.51.1147 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1147 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Sediment Pond and Royal Recreational Trail on Kortright Road near Hanlon Creek Park. The Trail runs on the bottom of the photograph. There is a post beside it labelled: RRT Crossing. The Kortright Road is visible on the top left corner. The sediment pond is fenced off.

2013.51.192 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Oseco Retail Farm Seeds building. The photograph shows a building which is mostly two storeys tall, but has a three-storey portion, and is covered in blue siding, and has red-framed windows and a red door. A large sign reads "Oseco Retail Farm Seeds," and there are two smaller signs below this, reading, "Dunns Farm Seeds" and "Purity Seed Company." To the left of this building, there is a two-storey building which appears to be residential, and has white lattice on the facade. There is a gravel-covered area in front of the building, with some grass beside it.

2013.51.378 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of Bernardi's Precast Inc. located at 412 Elizabeth Street. The building is on the right. In front of the building, there are concrete ornaments including: a cowboy on a horse, a rooster, lion, sculptures of people, fountains, a canopy, etc.

Image of 2013.51.659 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.659 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the First Baptist Church. Taken at the intersection of Woolwich St. , Norfolk St., and Norwich St on the left side of the road. The church is a large stone building with a taller pillar at the front right side. The church has arched windows. There are cars in the parking lot. Beside the Church at the intersection is a Hakim Optical.

Image of 2013.51.1042 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1042 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the construction of the Wellington Street interchange off the Hanlon. There is a mound of sand/dirt used to construct the Wellington interchange. An apartment building and the Manor are visible in the background.

Image of 2013.51.811 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.811 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the house at 49 Edinburgh Road - on the corner of Galt and Edinburgh. The photograph was taken from the road. It has an interlocking driveway with two stone pillars at the end of the driveway on each side. It is a two-storey stone house with bay windows on the first and second story on the right. It also has a peaked roof line on the right. There is one window on each storey on the left. The windows have green shutters. The front door is in the center. There is a second-story door with balcony directly above the front door.

Image of 2013.51.1106 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1106 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Royal Recreation Trail near the River Run Centre (on left). It shows the paved walking trail that follows alongside the railroad tracks and the bank of the Speed River. The path has lamp posts along the side. The Heffernan Foot Bridge crosses the Speed River. There are apartment buildings in the background.

2013.51.548 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Bus Barns located at 371 Waterloo Avenue. There are two almost identical rectangular stone buildings with gable roofs. The two buildings are attached by a stone wall in the center. The building on the left has a stone addition attached on the side. The addition is similar in shape but shorter. All three buildings have garage doors at the front. There is a chimney in the background. There are vehicles parked out front of the buildings.

Image of 2013.51.37 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.37 - Transparency, Slide

Colour slide Regent Hotel, 52 Macdonell St.

2013.51.174 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Guelph Water Tower. It is visible through the leafless branches of several trees and shrubs which stand in the same field as the Water Tower. Behind the Water Tower, there is an apartment building visible.

Image of 2013.51.352 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.352 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of St. George's Anglican Church on Woolwich Street. It is a grey stone church with a green and black zig-zag patterned roof. It has a steeple with a green roof at the front of the building. It has many roof lines but all are gable roofs.

Image of 2013.51.1159 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1159 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Farmer's Market, exterior. Two vendors are standing behind tables filled with various kinds of vegetables. People are perusing the stands. The Market building is visible in the background and a white truck. The Church of Our Lady towers are also visible.

Image of 2013.51.705 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.705 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the Farmer's Market outdoors on Gordon Street. There are stands with vendors selling produce and fruit. People are perusing the stands. In the center of the photograph is a man selling what appears to be flowers. They are hung upside down and a beige colour.

2013.51.151 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the condominiums at Arthur Street North and Norwich Street East. The south side of the building is most prominently visible, though the east side is partially visible as well. The photograph shows several open windows in the condominium's gables. There are two poles with power cables in front of the building, and several of the residents have put out their garbage and recycling. The south wall features two large windows and a door, with three steps leading to it. There is a small amount of vegetation at the base of this wall.

Image of 2013.51.899 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.899 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of a band playing in the Santa Claus Parade. They are dressed as Santa Claus. There is a row of members holding flags. There is a large crowd of people watching. Buildings are in the background.

Image of 2013.51.1004 - Transparency, Slide

2013.51.1004 - Transparency, Slide

Photograph of the George H. Belton Lumber Co. building located at 60 Cardigan Street. It is a two-storey brick building with two rows of fourteen windows on the front. There are two painted yellow strips across the building facade. The first yellow strip is above the second-storey windows and has white lettering that says: "Geo. H. Belton Lumber Co." The second yellow strip is below the second-storey windows and has red lettering that says: "Established 1954." There are two stores on the ground floor. They both have signs above the door and first-floor window. One store is "Culligans Water Conditioning" and the other is for "House of Bulbs". On the side of the building there is a sign at the