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Image of 2002.20.1.3 - Skates

2002.20.1.3 - Skates

Broken leather strap from .1-.2 that would fasten around the ankle.

Image of M1968X.171.1 - Doily

M1968X.171.1 - Doily

This is a white doily. It has a round solid center (7cm diameter), and the outer edge is crocheted.

Image of 1997.9.4 - Bag, Dry Cleaning

1997.9.4 - Bag, Dry Cleaning

Master cleaners, rectangular paper bag with an inscription.

Image of 1977.92.3 - Toy, Soldier

1977.92.3 - Toy, Soldier

Toy, Soldier; Wearing blue tunic with white stripes down sleeves white front with sash, gray pants, sword on right side, Napoleonic style hat, drum gold coloured, red and white stripes around top and bottom, figure has two drum sticks.

Image of M1978.1.1 - Towel, Bath

M1978.1.1 - Towel, Bath

.1 Towel, Bath; White rectangular bath towel with stylized bud border and overall leaflet pattern (embroidered). Two ends of towel are fringed.

Image of M1968.97.3 - Towel, Face

M1968.97.3 - Towel, Face

This is a large, white, rectangular, linen wash cloth with embossed sailor's rope along the border. Scene of single masted Viking ship (embossed) at one end.

Image of M1968.97.1 - Runner, Table

M1968.97.1 - Runner, Table

White table runner. It is rectangular, loose knit stitching around the edge of the runner.

Image of M1968X.156.2 - Container, Cosmetic

M1968X.156.2 - Container, Cosmetic

This is a china cosmetic container. It is white with a gold trim above the base and on the lip where the lid sits.

Image of M1968.99.2 - Tie

M1968.99.2 - Tie

This is a red and gold curtain tie back. There are two looped ropes attached to a small loop which holds a large bell-shaped tassel. The cotton rope is braided together and is covered in a layer of silk to give it a rich appearance. The tassel is all red except for a gold trimming around the tassel. The rope has gold accents woven through a pattern.

Image of M1968X.94.1 - Cabinet, China

M1968X.94.1 - Cabinet, China

Two piece wood china cabinet. Top of cabinet has quarter columns, two glass doors each with two metal hinges. Brass sliding knob upon metal bracket is used to open and close cabinet. Apart from the bottom level of upper cabinet, 2 additional wooden planks are used as shelves. Interior of upper cabinet is painted light grey, apart from the exposed shelf ends which are stained to match the exterior of the china cupboard. Bottom of cabinet contains two drawers, each with a knob which are not original to the cabinet. Below the drawers are two doors, each with a knob and two metal hinges. Interior of cupboard contains bottom of cupboard and an additional wooden plank shelf. Base of cupboard

Image of 1994.45.6.2 - Cover, Shoe Button

1994.45.6.2 - Cover, Shoe Button

Two silver and cubic zirconia shoe button covers in an interlocking triangular pattern with a semi-circle on either side where the two triangles meet. The center of each cover forms a diamond shape where the two triangles meet and within the diamond there is one cubic zirconia fastened with two very small metal balls. Each triangle has six cubic zirconia fastened by 14 silver balls. The semi-circles have one cubic zirconia each also fastened by 2 silver balls a piece. On the back of each is a hook of which fits over the button.

Image of M1968X.14.1 - Holder, Candlestick

M1968X.14.1 - Holder, Candlestick

Tin candlestick holder, originally painted brown but it is extremely corroded. Round base with curved outer lip. Circular finger holder extends from edge of base. From centre of base a 9 cm cylinder extends to hold candle. Large rectangular hole in cylinder. Top of cylinder has curved lip.

M1968X.101.1.1 - Rug

This is a hooked rug with a floral pattern.

Image of 2000.8.3 - Cane

2000.8.3 - Cane

Metal & wood walking stick. Dark brown round, wooden knob at the top with 2 lines engraved around it. The length of the stick is wood, and is covered in indents, almost like knots in the wood. The stick thins towards the bottom and the tip at the bottom is made of metal.

Image of 1999.36.1 - Board, Switch

1999.36.1 - Board, Switch

Large desk-like switchboard machine. In the centre is a flat, black surface, sticking out. Attached to the underneath are two black boxes, each with two holes which are marked: "A B" and "C D" Sticking out of the "C D" box is a two pronged black box with a cord attached. The cord is very long and runs up to a telephone receiver on the top of the left side of the board. "NT Northern Telecom" is stamped on the top of this box. At the top of the desk part, on the right side is a rotary dialing part of a phone. Behind the desk part is the raised backboard of the switchboard. At the bottom are 15 sets of 2 plugs each. Beneath each plug is a small domed light. #s 1,3,5,7,9 and 15 are white a

Image of 2000.2.3 - Patch

2000.2.3 - Patch

White (faded to greyish) crest with green thread design. "GUELPH" in a banner at the top, school motto "HIC PATET INGENIIS CAMPUS" in banners at the bottom. Crown design under top banner, beneath which is a GCVI design. Maple leaves connect the top and bottom banners in a border like design, and the GCVI design is between the borders.

Image of 1994.24.8.2 - Badge

1994.24.8.2 - Badge

One piece three bar chevron badge of rank. Each chevron stripe is 1.25 cm wide and each side of chevon 7.5 cm. long. The 3-bar herringbone lace is sewn to a black felt backing. To be worn on uniform point down on the upper arm with the lower point 10 1/2 inches from the top of the sleeve. When worn on the forearm, they were to have the upper-most point 9 inches from the bottom of the sleeve. Circa WW 2.

Image of 2002.102.3 - Haversack

2002.102.3 - Haversack

Green khaki canvas haversack with two buckle front closure. On the side of the sack there are two buckles where a shoulder strap may have fit. On the back are two flaps with metal ends that have holes. The flaps likely hooked on to something. On the bottom of the sack are two more buckles. Inside there are two pockets and the number 32 is stamped near the opening.

Image of M1991.7.12 - Breeches

M1991.7.12 - Breeches

Breeches, Service; Khaki green wool breeches with five painted green metal buttons at the fly and six metal buttons around the waist. The waist tapers up in the back into a triangle and cut inward at the top. The inside of the waist is lined with cotton and has a black stamp of an arrow surrounded by a "c". The legs are padded along the inside of the thighs from the crotch to the mid-calves. The ankles have two button on the sides and the cuffs are cotton rimmed. The breeches have a pocket on each side near the hips.

Image of M1999.3.1 - Table

M1999.3.1 - Table

Brown wooden, plain rectangular card table. The top of the table folds out and twists around for stability and a larger playing space. Underneath the top is a square compartment made visible when the top is turned, but not folded out. There is a green felt band along the edge where the top turns. The front two corners are rounded. The compartment is only half the width of the table top.