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Image of M1968.96.5 - Sheet, Bed

M1968.96.5 - Sheet, Bed

This is a white sheet with finished side edges. Bottom edge has 1.5cm hem (machine sewn). Top hem is 6cm wide with open fancy work at bottom edge of hem.

Image of M1968.97.2 - Towel, Bath

M1968.97.2 - Towel, Bath

This is a white linen bath towel with striped design in middle (65cm x 42cm). It is surrounded by floral design. Borders have a wave finish at the two ends of towel.

Image of M1968X.229.1.5 - Lamp, Hanging

M1968X.229.1.5 - Lamp, Hanging

This is a 3-piece decorative brass hanging/frame system used to attach the lamp to the ceiling hook. The two lower pieces are both circular and decorative; they are attached to the top piece with 6 chains. The lower piece is thin and decorated with a protruding petal like design. The middle piece is larger in width and has an ornate design involving triangular figures and fleur de lis. The top piece is smaller and cone shape with a latch on top to hook to the ceiling to hang. This piece has similar designs as the first two pieces as well as three pulley systems for the chains to hold up the object.

Image of M1968X.157.1 - Receiver, Hair

M1968X.157.1 - Receiver, Hair

This is a rectangular china cosmetic container lid. It is white with a multi-coloured floral design. It has a raised circular handle in the middle of lid. There is a gold trim at the base of the handle and on the top of the handle. There is a gold trim along edge of the lid. The lid is unglazed where it fits with the base.

Image of M1968X.275.1 - Tablecloth

M1968X.275.1 - Tablecloth

This is a white damask tablecloth with a wide border and stylized flowers and diamonds on the inside of border. One edge has an embroidered "M.B."

Image of 1987.68.5 - Drawing

1987.68.5 - Drawing

Framed charcoal drawing of Archibald Gilchrist. The portrait is of an older man with grey hair and a receding hairline. He has a mutton chop beard. The gentleman is wearing a dark suit and dark cravat. The drawing is highlighted with white pencil. The drawing is in a gilt wood frame of very simple design - a simple molding painted gold. The image has been re-matted at some point. Print Finish: MATT Print Type: PRINT, B/W

Image of M1968X.176.1.2 - Box, Deed

M1968X.176.1.2 - Box, Deed

1.1: Box, Deed; Rosewood deed box with a rectangular piece of mother-of-pearl on lid. Box has brass hinges, lock and key. The inside of lid is painted red. Key plate for lock is missing and lock is broken. Base of box is put together by small nails. 1.2: Box, Deed Key

Image of M1968X.177.1.1 - Dresser

M1968X.177.1.1 - Dresser

Chest of Drawers; Walnut chest of drawers with three drawers and mirror. Bottom drawer is the largest. Each drawer has a lock in the top centre. Below the lock is a "u" shaped piece of wood glued to the drawer with fine engraved lines. On each side of the "u" shaped piece of wood are burled pieces of wood with burled handles which are screwed into drawer interior. Top of chest has two raised boxes with hinged lids. Boxes are in back outside corners of top drawers. Boxes appear to be made of a different wood. Mirror extends from back of chest of drawers. Mirror is rectangular with rounded top corners. Mirror is set in an ornate wood frame. Two small round shelves are found on each side of mirr

Image of M1968X.181.1 - Pincushion

M1968X.181.1 - Pincushion

This is an oval shaped petit-point pincushion, covered in silk. The top of the cushion is decorated in petit-point or cross-stitch in a landscape design (possibly..picture badly faded)

Image of 2002.20.1.3 - Skates

2002.20.1.3 - Skates

Broken leather strap from .1-.2 that would fasten around the ankle.

Image of M1968X.115.1 - Rug

M1968X.115.1 - Rug

This is an irregular-shaped rug. It is rust in colour with beige accents. The rug is comprised on three separate pieces. It is hand sewn at the seams with dark threads to join them together. The rug has a floral leaf pattern with a geometric design backdrop. One side of the rug has rust as the main colour, and the other side is reversed with beige as the main colour. The hems are hand sewn with dark thread.

Image of M1998.12.1 - Medallion

M1998.12.1 - Medallion

Round silver medallion. McCrae's image on one side. First verse of the poem with poppy illustration. Poem is written in John's handwriting. The medallion is set inside blue cardboard & covered in mylar. Plexi case with black plastic stand.

Image of M1968X.265.1 - Cup, Tea

M1968X.265.1 - Cup, Tea

Cup, Tea; Cup without handle, classical Chinese shape. Hand painted in black with dotted wave and floral design on interior of cup. Exterior of cup has floral design with small floral design around the remainder of the cup. Above floral designs is a geometric design around cup.

Image of M1988.3.1 - Banner

M1988.3.1 - Banner

This is a rectangular banner, made with a treated cotton. It has a red border surrounding a white square with blue diagonal stripes in top left corner. In the middle of the white square is a blue circle with "100%" written in blue inside and near the bottom of the square, written in blue is "Victory Loan 1918". The top of edge of border is white cotton covering a piece of wood and at each corner there is a metal hoop to allow hanging.

Image of 1975.21.86.1 - Doll

1975.21.86.1 - Doll

Doll; Doll with wax over papier mache shoulder head, cloth body sawdust filled, kid arms, brown human hair braided and coiled sewn on, brown glass eyes, three fingers indicated by stitching, closed mouth.

Image of 1977.92.2 - Toy, Soldier

1977.92.2 - Toy, Soldier

Toy, Soldier; Wearing blue tunic, white front with crossing sashes, gray pants, sword on right side, gun over left shoulder, Napoleonic style hat, uniform possibly Napoleonic.

Image of M1968.182.1 - Jug

M1968.182.1 - Jug

This water jug/pitcher has a diamond pattern (variation of saw tooth), except on the base, the rim and on the handle. The base has a thick rim with a star pattern. The handle is "c" shaped with a thick lower joint (where handle meets jar). The top 3-4cm of jug has no pattern.

Image of 2000.2.3 - Patch

2000.2.3 - Patch

White (faded to greyish) crest with green thread design. "GUELPH" in a banner at the top, school motto "HIC PATET INGENIIS CAMPUS" in banners at the bottom. Crown design under top banner, beneath which is a GCVI design. Maple leaves connect the top and bottom banners in a border like design, and the GCVI design is between the borders.

Image of 2002.83.7.3 - Dress

2002.83.7.3 - Dress

.1 Navy blue sheer over dress. Short sleeved overdress with blue and white checked trim around the sleeves and down the front. The over dress has a hook and eye closure at the front and a belt loop. .2 Blue and white checked dress that fir under the over dress. The sleeves are tank top style straps. The dress is knee length. The dress has no fasteners and would have slipped over the head. .3 Navy blue cotton covered belt that was worn over the over dress. The belt is size 18.5 and is vinyl covered in fabric. The belt closure is with a centre metal prong. the belt has five holes.

Image of M1968.133.1.4 - Bed

M1968.133.1.4 - Bed

This is a dark walnut wood bed. It has a large headboard which rises in the centre. There is an ornate design at the rise of the headboard. There is an additional scroll design that has been glued and or nailed to main piece of wood. The post have turned knobs at the top which match the posts of the footboard. The footboard has a centre turned knob. The sideboards have no design. The wood is stained and varnished, yet varnishing appears only in exterior areas. It has east lake influences (late Renaissance). .1 is the headboard .2 is the footboard .3 is the sideboard and .4 is the sideboard No of Parts: 4