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Name Wedgwood
Other names
Dates & places of birth and death
Role Potter

Associated Records

Image of 2004.16.11 - Plate, Commemorative

2004.16.11 - Plate, Commemorative

Large round plate glazed and painted. Orange, peach and brown decorative edge with mythological figures, fruit bowl and urn with scrolling leaf pattern. Centre of plate is white with Ontario crest maple leaves and the letters "Guelph, Ont" printed below. Shield has the British red cross with crown on top and three yellow maple leaves on bottom half. An orange bow is tying two branches of maple leaves together. "Wedgwood" "3AJ" "Etruria England" stamped on bottom

Image of 1985.38.1 - Platter

1985.38.1 - Platter

Oval shaped serving platter. Well and tree indentation in centre, bordered with dark blue floral motif and woven edging. Two bracket feet to balance well. "Wedgwood FXS H" stamped into bottom.

Image of 1970.11.55 - Creamer

1970.11.55 - Creamer

Stoneware or earthenware creamer. Light blue with white Greek design applique, bulging shape with spout for pouring, stamped "Wedgwood, England".

Image of 1970.11.25 - Creamer

1970.11.25 - Creamer

Stoneware or earthenware creamer, royal blue with white Greek design applique, bulging shape with spout for pouring, stamped: "Wedgwood, England". Handle is broken off.

Image of 1969.9.7.2 - Tea Cup & Saucer

1969.9.7.2 - Tea Cup & Saucer

.1 Blue-grey background with black "Corean" pattern, round, sides comprised of 12 flat surfaces, scroll like handle. .2 Blue-grey background with black "Corean" pattern, round border molded into 16 facets.

Image of 2014.35.42 - Pitcher

2014.35.42 - Pitcher

Black basalt pitcher. On the face is a coat of arms, with "CANADA" written on a gold banner beneath. Further below, is a gold banner with "GUELPH." Rim of the pitcher has a green trim. Handle located on the back of the pitcher, has green line down the spine. On the base of the pitcher is stamped "WEDGWOOD. ETRURIA ENGLAND" and "24."