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Name Christie, G.I. (Mrs.)

Associated Records

1998.21.18 - Card, Dance

Red and black dance card with an image of 2 men and a woman in formal wear.

1998.21.4 - Card, Dance

Medium sized dance card with an image of a 'hobo' on the front. Year '41 Hobo Frolic

1998.21.21 - Card, Dance

Medium sized green dance card with a cut out cover that reveals an image of possibly the Priory or more likely the Cutten Club.

1998.21.20 - Card, Dance

Orange and black dance card with an image of a black cat sitting on a fence with a moon behind its head.

1998.21.33 - Card, Dance

Red and silver dance card with an image of a band on the front. Year '43 OAC

Image of 2012.5.28 - Program

2012.5.28 - Program

O.A.C "Banquet and Dance" Program. Cover blue card paper and 8 blue pages inside. Front cover has image of a palm tree and volcano in black and says "In Blue Hawaii with Year '42" in blue, details of the event are in the bottom right corner. Back cover has the O.A.C logo in the center in blue. First page has same image as front cover, second has menu, third has toasts. Center pages have dance program/song line up. The final pages are dedicated to lists of persons involved with the organization of the dance.

1998.21.5 - Card, Dance

Blue and red cover for Mac '36 banquet and dance. There is an image of a man and a woman on the cover wearing a crinoline and a top hat.

1998.21.29 - Card, Dance

Square dance card with a coil spine and a small rope to dangle from the owners wrist. there is an image of a northern scene with an ice berg and a person in a kayak. Conversazione

1998.21.50 - Card, Dance

Blue dance card with a shiny wrapping paper- esque cover. From the patronesses listed in the card, it is likely Macdonald Institute.

1998.21.22 - Card, Dance

Red and white dance card with an image of a soldier marching. Mac '37

1998.21.13 - Card, Dance

Yellow and brown dance card with an image of two men hitch hiking. It says farewell dance on the front. Farewell Dance

1998.21.37 - Card, Dance

Red and navy dance card with an image of two men carrying a trunk. Freshman Dance De Frosh Nil Nisi Bonum

1998.21.23 - Card, Dance

Blue and red dance card. Blue cut out cover reveals a red print image of Macdonald hall.

1998.21.42 - Card, Dance

Off white and blue dance card with an image of a dancing couple. Frosh Dance Nov 2

1998.21.48 - Card, Dance

White, blue and red dance card with a triangular graphic on it. Banquet Year '34

1998.21.11 - Card, Dance

Green card that says "OVC 1940"on the cover. There is an image of a graduation cap and a scroll.

1998.21.15 - Card, Dance

Brown card with a light brown image of a wooden shoe. Mac '41 presents the Dance of the Wooden Shoe

1998.21.35 - Card, Dance

Green dance card with a green card an OAC crest in the bottom right hand corner. Freshmore Sophomore Dance

1998.21.40 - Card, Dance

Orange and green dance card shaped as a Jack O'Lantern. Halloween Dance 1942 year (inside cover) Tickets now on sale! (handwritten)

1998.21.28 - Card, Dance

Dance card shaped as an ocean liner. S.S. Sophomore