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Name Gemmell, Barney

Associated Records

Image of 1992.28.57 - Photograph

1992.28.57 - Photograph

This photograph depicts a store front window on which a picture of Santa Claus has been painted. A small sign with the words "H. GEMMELL" has also been painted on the window. An automobile tire is also visible in the window, suggesting the nature of the business in question. Front: "H. GEMMELL"

Image of 1985.61.1 - Photograph

1985.61.1 - Photograph

Black and white photograph with gray mount of a hockey team with a trophy, identified as Hall's Red Indians, City Champions 1933-34. The Sponsor of this team was Herbert J. Hall, who was proprietor of Hall's Red Indian Service Station, located at 21-23 Gordon Street. The photograph was taken in front of this service station ( note the numbers 23 and 21 above the door. ) Players and position identified on mount. Back row: Mickey McMillan, Coach; Bert Hall, Sponsor; Stew Young, Manager; Hughie Anderson, Sec.-Treas. Front row: Herbie Thomas, Goal; Tiny Beattie, Centre; Howie Jackson, L. Wing; Chesty Brill, L. Defense; Dipper Steep, Centre; Fat Young, R. Defense; Snort Steep, L. Wing; Hawkeye Oc

Image of 1985.61.3 - Photograph

1985.61.3 - Photograph

Black and white group photograph, with gray mount, of the Guelph Intermediate Hockey Team, 1934-35. Players identified on mount below photograph: "BACK ROW [left to right]: Mickey McMillan (L.Def.); Dick Carroll (Coach); Lamp Peer (Trainer); Roy Mason (Pres.); Ken Simpson (Sec.-Treas.); Army Armstrong (Sub. Def.) MIDDLE ROW [L to R]: Art Childs (Sub. Goal); Eddie Meron (Forward); Barney Gemmel (Forward); Dude Lindsay (L. Wing); Chesty Brill (R. Def.); Harold Stade (Goal). FRONT ROW [L to R]: Ilio Marzo (R. Wing); Frankie Finnemore (Mascot); Cec. Shears (Forward). INSERTS: Tiny Beattie (Forward); Auddy Kaiser (Centre); Joe Klein (Forward).