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Name Grinyer, George E.B.

Associated Records

Image of 1980.114.83 - Booklet

1980.114.83 - Booklet

Booklet, "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario," issued 1916. 24 page booklet with detailed information about Guelph industries, commercial and civic operations. Has numerous B/W photographs of industries and buildings in Guelph. Rectangular booklet with pink construction paper cover with black printed text. Front cover has photograph of the Guelph Carnegie Public Library on the front cover. Written in ink at top: "Chamber of Commerce 1964 / Ross Maltby." Under picture of library is written in ink "1916". Printed on front cover: "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario / A Descriptive Review of a Number of Manufacturing and Mercanti

Image of 1994.47.76 - Receipt

1994.47.76 - Receipt

Receipt from the Geo. Grinyer Co. to Mr. Spalding of Lyon Ave. In the top left hand corner is a picture of the shop and beside it in black printing is the name of the company. Below this is a description of charges and their prices. At the very bottom there is a stamp saying "paid" with the initials H & B. "OCT 17 20 14 WIRE .20, 10 KNOBS .10, 10-3" TUBES .20, 1-WP SOCKET .25, 1-6 B&B 1.00, 1 HR CELLAR WIRING .50, 1-CHAIN DROP 1.75, 5 DROPS 3.75, 6 MAZDALAMPS 3.00, 1-MAZDA H.L., LAMP .75, 3 FLUSH SWITCHES 2 SNAPS" ETC. At lower right corner of picture is printer's logo: "Typographical Union Label Guelph".

Image of 1977.123.33 - Card, Announcement

1977.123.33 - Card, Announcement

Announcement of the Regular Weekly Luncheon Meeting of the Guelph Kiwanis Club, dated April 1st, 1925. Rectangular off-white letterhead, printed in black lettering. Announcement is typewritten in black. Letterhead has the Kiwanis crest or logo at the top. It is two circles, one within the other and a large "K" in the smaller circle. "KIWANIS CLUB INTERNATIONAL" is printed in between the two circles. "Guelph Kiwanis Club" is printed below the logo. Along the left side of the letterhead are printed the names of the executive of the Guelph Kiwanis Club. The typed announcement is dated April 1st, 1925 and is titled "Kiwanis Weekly Luncheon". The announcement notes that the regular weekly lunch

1978.165.404 - Invoice

Invoice from George E.B. Grinyer Co. Limited to Mr. McAteer, February 2, 1909. At the bottom of the invoice it is marked paid in pen.

2017.61.1 - Program

Guelph Choral Society Program, April 18, 1922. The program is 28 pages printed on cream coloured paper with black text and a grey paper cover with black text. Along with the program for the evening there is also a list of committee members and members of the chorus, song titles and lyrics and numerous advertisements for Guelph businesses. The songs are numbered 1-12 through the program. Front Cover: "Guelph Choral Society, James R. Pears, Conductor, Second Season, Eight o'Clock, Tuesday Evening, April Eighteenth, m.c.m.xxii. {1922}, Guelph Armory" Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: Black and white photograph of James R. Pears as well as a list of officers, committee members an

1978.165.403 - Invoice

Invoice from George E.B. Grinyer Co. Limited to the American Hotel, April, 1914. At the bottom of the invoice there is a purple stamp marked Paid" with a handwritten date of May 12, 1914.