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Name Guthrie, Hugh
Othernames Hon. H. Guthrie
Born Aug. 13, 1866
Birthplace Guelph, Ontario
Deceased Nov. 3, 1939
Places of residence Craiganour House, Delhi St., Guelph (1866-1870s)
Titles & honors K.C.
Spouse Maude Henrietta Scarff
Education Osgoode Hall
Called to the bar in 1888
Occupation 1908 Member of Parliament for Guelph
Solicitor-General of Canada 1017-1918
Minister of Militia and Defecne 1920-1922
Minister of Justice and Attorney-General 1930-1935
Head Canadain Delegate to the League fo Nations, 1931
Chairman of the Board of of Trasnport Commissioners 1935-1939.

Associated Records

Image of 2000.13.1 - Report, Annual

2000.13.1 - Report, Annual

Annual Report, "YMCA - YWCA First Annual Report, February 14, 1962". White stapled booklet detailing the YMCA-YWCA's first annual report. The YMCA-YWCA logo is printed in red, white & blue in the top left corner, from which a set of three red lines extends down to the centre of the page, across the middle, and down to the bottom on the right hand side. At the top right "THE YOUNG MEN'S AND THE YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF GUELPH." appears in small red print, "FIRST ANNUAL REPORT" in large blue, and "ANNUAL MEETING, FEBRUARY 14, 1962" again in small red. At the bottom left, "BUILDING" appears in blue, followed underneath by a list in red: "-A CHRISTIAN PERSONALITY -A CHRISTIAN SOCI

Image of 2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

2007.34.2 - Scrapbook

Black, thick cardboard covers around yellowed ledger sized pages. All of the pages have come away from the spine of the book. It is filled with newspaper clippings, starting on this inside cover. The scrapbook also includes; voting ballots and results, referendum ballots and results, sports items, death announcements, wedding annoucements, public notices, job postings, advertisements, election campaign adverts, historical articles, polling results (numbers added in pencil crayon),

1970.39.15.2 - Book

Beige soft cover book "St. Andrew's Church Centennial Anniversary 1832-1932" The book is 29 pages in length and has several black and white photos and illustrations. The book chronicles the 100 year history of St. Andrew's Church. The book is string bound with a gold cord.

Image of 1973.23.26 - Program

1973.23.26 - Program

Program and Souvenir Booklet for Old Home Week, Guelph, August 2-6 1908. White glossy paper cover with purple printed lettering and border. Pages are glossy white paper with printed black lettering and b/w photographs of city officials and public buildings and tourist sites. Booklet is stapled bound. On back cover in lower right corner, in small purple print is name of printing/publishing company: "MILN-BINGHAM, TORONTO". Illustrations: Printed B/W No. of pages: 28

Image of 2000.44.3 - Program

2000.44.3 - Program

Program for the Guelph Figure Skating Club's Rhapsody on Ice, Saturday and Sunday, March 2 and 3, 1974. The programme has an orange paper cover with the Guelph Figure Skating Club's logo of a skate with wings in black and the title also in black on the front. On the back cover is a congratulatory note from the City of Guelph for the Club's participation in the community. The program contains ads, a listing of all of the participants in the show, the club executive, photos of the participants, and photos of the guest artists. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W On Cover "Guelph Figure Skating Club presents Rhapsody on Ice, 1974. " There are numerous notes and autographs throughout the program

2012.62.1 - Book, Minute

Hard cover 500 page meeting minute and account book for the Guelph Union Curling Club. Brown cover with tan corners and what was originally a dark brown spine. Edges of pages have marbling effect in blue, red and yellow. Inside covers have a blue diagonal striped background with a red, black and yellow marbling effect on top. Title page reads "Guelph Curling Clubs Minute Book 1887." Meeting minutes make up the first 243 pages dating from January 11, 1887 to January 9, 1936 and financial records start on page 418 until the last page of the book. Records were kept from back to front starting in 1888 with the final entry recording the membership from 1908-09 on page 418. Pages 482-484 are f

Image of 2000.44.6 - Program

2000.44.6 - Program

Program for the Guelph Figure Skating Club's Rhapsody on Ice, Saturday and Sunday, February 26 and 27, 1977. The programme has a white glossy paper cover with the Guelph Figure Skating Club's logo of a skate with wings in blue and the title also in blue on the front. In the upper left corner of the front cover is the City of Guelph Sesquicentennial logo, printed in red. On the back cover is a congratulatory note from the City of Guelph for the Club's participation in the community. The program contains ads, a listing of all of the participants in the show, the club executive, photos of the participants, and photos of the guest artists. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W On Cover "Guelph Figu

1972.10.22.2 - Newspaper

Guelph Evening Mercury, April 23rd 1927. The paper's main story is of the founding of Guelph 100 years ago to the day. The title reads "This Is Guelph's red letter day". The paper is in two sections. .1 section 1 pages 1 - 18. .2 section 2 pages 19-28.

1981.30.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Daily Mercury Insert "1980 The Year That Was" A review of top stories of 1980. The paper is dated Saturday, January 24, 1981. The front cover has a drawing of a man and a woman looking to the sky. The insert is twelve pages and on every odd page (except page 1) is an honour roll of Guelph Businesses.

1989.33.1 - Book

Book "The Homewood Sanitarium: 100 Years of Service 1883-1983" The book has a blue cover with a colour photo of the Homewood on the front. Inside contains the history of the homewood with several black and white photographs chronicalling the hospital's 100 years of service.

2016.47.2 - Newspaper

The Guelph Mercury Progress Edition, February 24, 1979. The paper has eight sections. The front page reads "Guelph Today - Tomorrow, This is Guelph 1979...Standing Tall for Progress" in blue and black text. The paper includes articles about numerous Guelph businesses as well as articles about Guelph clubs, heritage, arts, life, sports and general interest. Section 1 (pages 1-14): The section is 14 pages and contains the current news both locally and internationally. Section 2 (pages 15-28): The section is 14 pages and includes special interest, sports and classified advertisement. Section 3 (pages 1a-12a): The section is 12 pages and has articles and advertisements for Guelph busi

Image of 2015.6.2 - Booklet

2015.6.2 - Booklet

Program booklet for the Guelph Council Knights of Columbus Number 1507 Silver Jubilee 1910-1935. The booklet contains advertisements from local businesses, articles from various higher up members of the organization, some historical articles and a program of events for the banquet celebration including menu. Front Cover: Marigold coloured textured cardstock cover with "Knights of Columbus" written in calligraphy in the top left corner. The "K" and the "C" are a red colour while the rest of the text is black. In the bottom right corner is the Knights of Columbus Guelph Council logo that reads "Silver Jubilee 1910-1935, Guelph Council No. 1507". Hand written in ink in the top right corner "T

Image of 1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

McLean's Magazine article, "The Royal City," by Frederick Edwards. Published October 15, 1940. Six loose pages torn from original magazine. 12 pages (25-30, 58-61). Illustrations: B/W Article gives history of Guelph and its development and talks about some of the city's more famous citizens. B/W photographs of Guelph people and landmarks. Some pages have strips of colour on advertisements for accent.

Image of 1976.40.21 - Program

1976.40.21 - Program

Program, "Guelph Centennial Old Home Week Official Programme, August 1-6, 1927". Rectangular pale yellow paper cover, stapled, with black printed lettering. City Crest is on front cover. Inside pages are off-white with printed black text and b/w pictures of various public buildings and sites in Guelph. Contains a schedule of events for each day of Old Home Week, as well as small essays about the past and present history of Guelph. Included are two poems: "Guelph - Our Heritage" by Anne Sutherland; and "In Flanders Fields" by Lt. Col. John McCrae. As well there are numerous commercial advertisements placed by Guelph businesses. Front Cover: "Guelph Centennial Official Programme / City C

Image of 2012.68.37 - Program

2012.68.37 - Program

Three-fold paper program for "Memorial and Thanksgiving Services." White paper with black print, front cover has a bold swastika border. At the top of the front cover reason for the service, the location and the time. In the center is a black outlined box with a list of men "Killed in Action." The date is printed near the bottom and underlined and a poem below. Page 2 and most of page 3 provide the program or the Memorial Service. The bottom of page 3 to the bottom of page 4 provide the program to the Thanksgiving Service. Page 5 has a list of 119 names and is entitled "Honour Roll." the back of the pamphlet is blank.

Image of 1969.68.1 - Manuscript

1969.68.1 - Manuscript

Memoir, "Some Recollections of James Walter Lyon." J.W. Lyon was a leading book publisher and owned World Publishing Co. Typewritten pages, 45 in total with a blank one at the end. On legal size tissue type paper. Dated 1924. Covers the period from his 1848 birth in Pennsylvania through to 1924. Page 15 is the first mention of Guelph. No. of pages: 45

Image of 2010.8.2 - Program

2010.8.2 - Program

Guelph Collegiate Institute Commencement Program. Has a dark green cover with gold text that is hard to read. Consists of eight pages inside, with black text. The booklet is bound with two staples. Inside it consists of mostly people's names of the staff and the graduates.

2017.61.2 - Program

Guelph Choral Society Program, May 1, 1923. The program is 32 pages printed on cream coloured paper with black text and a grey/brown paper cover with black text. Along with the program for the evening there is also a list of committee members and members of the chorus, song titles and lyrics and numerous advertisements for Guelph businesses. The songs are numbered 1-11 through the program. Front Cover: "Guelph Choral Society, James R. Pears, Conductor, Eight o'Clock, Tuesday Evening, May the First, MCMXXIII {1923}, Guelph Armory, Third Season" Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: Black and white photograph of James R. Pears as well as a list of committee members, honorary member

Image of 2014.33.1 - Book

2014.33.1 - Book

The OAC Review, VOL XVII Issue No. 4, January 1905 The cover is a thick brown paper. The front has a red border and black and red writing. The writing, located at the top says, "OAC Review" and at the bottom "January 1905." The picture on the front has two halves. The upper half is of a farmer with a horse drawn flow, in a field. The lower half is of a steam ship at port. On the left side there is a red staff, intertwined with wheat stocks. From the red staff, are two ornate and red "C"'s, which across the page, encompass the two pictures. The back cover contains an advertisement. Contents of the book are advertisements as well articles related to the OAC. The book is 100 pages

1976.40.46 - Book

Book "Souvenir of the 28th Annual Convention of The Trades and Labour Congress of Canada in Guelph, Ontario, September 1912" The book is hardcover with a dark red cover with gold print. The book is 102 pages in length and has photos of different unions, members of Guelph Labour Council and ads from companies all over the country.