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Name Hanna, William Stanley

Associated Records

1971.47.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951 - section 2 of paper only. This section contains pages 17-32. The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor.

Image of 1981.32.4 - Program

1981.32.4 - Program

Hockey Program for Ontario Professional Series, Guelph "Maple Leafs" vs. Stratford "Nationals" on Monday, January 26, 1931. To be played at the Guelph Arena. Eight page program stapled together. Off-white paper with printed black text. Most of program filled with advertisements of local Guelph business. Front page reads: "1931 Official Hockey Program / Guelph Arena / Ontario Professional Series / Guelph "Maple Leafs" vs. Stratford "Nationals" / Monday, January 26." Page two lists the officers of the Guelph "Maple Leafs" hockey team. Page four gives the "Ontario Professional Hockey League Schedule" from Wed. Jan. 21 to Fri. Feb. 13, 1931." Page five lists the members of the two teams playin

Image of 2009.50.4 - Newspaper

2009.50.4 - Newspaper

The Municipal Review Newspaper from January 4, 1930. This newspaper is an political advertisement informing citizens of the candidates running for mayor, and alderman. There is information provided about each of the candidates as well as their occupation and a photograph of many of them. A few lines about their political aspirations and why people should vote for them is also provided. We are also given information about the newspaper itself. The circulation of The Municipal Review is 5000 and distribution is free. They were located at 45 Wyndham St. and J.E. Cheevers was the publisher and editor. Running for Mayor is F.R. Ramsey who is a manufacturer and R.B. Robson who is a merchant. Runnin

Image of 1980.41.2 - Booklet

1980.41.2 - Booklet

Booklet, "Play Ball!, Guelph 1884-1971" by Harold A. Cole. Paper cover with a green front cover and printed black lettering. Front cover has b/w pictures of the author, and of the "Guelph CJOYs, Intercounty Senior Champions, 1970." Book is a history of baseball in Guelph from 1884 to 1971 and has many b/w pictures of baseball personnel and teams in Guelph during this period. There are also numerous advertisements representing local businesses. Illustrations: Photographs, Printed, B/W No. of pages: 20

Image of 1980.114.83 - Booklet

1980.114.83 - Booklet

Booklet, "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario," issued 1916. 24 page booklet with detailed information about Guelph industries, commercial and civic operations. Has numerous B/W photographs of industries and buildings in Guelph. Rectangular booklet with pink construction paper cover with black printed text. Front cover has photograph of the Guelph Carnegie Public Library on the front cover. Written in ink at top: "Chamber of Commerce 1964 / Ross Maltby." Under picture of library is written in ink "1916". Printed on front cover: "Commercial, Industrial and Progressive Edition of Guelph, Ontario / A Descriptive Review of a Number of Manufacturing and Mercanti

1980.114.98.3 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury Progress edition, January 27, 1951. The paper has three sections with a total of 48 pages. The paper contains articles about many of the companies operating in Guelph at the time. .1 Title on the front is "Spirit of Progress Animates Royal City" The cover has several pictures showing the changing face of downtown. .2 The title on the front of the section is "Progress with Guelph" and has a photo of Guelph and a photo of each of the councillors and the mayor. .3 Title on the front is "Guelph...A Progressive City". The cover has images of working and industry and below are two large ads for local industries.

Image of 1977.123.17 - Announcement

1977.123.17 - Announcement

Promotional Announcement/Letter from Hanna Bros., Distributors of Gray-Dort Motor Cars, to owners of Gray-Dort cars. Letter head printed in black on white paper: "HANNA BROS. / Distributors of / Gray-Dort Motor Cars / "QUALITY GOES CLEAR THROUGH" / PHONE 1129 / 98 Macdonnell Street." Typewritten letter reads: "Guelph, March 27th, 1924./ Mr. Gray-Dort Owner: - We take great pleasure in announcing that Gray-Dort Motors, Ltd has recently re-organized their Company. We, as Distributors, for the County of Wellington, take this opportunity of informing you that we carry a complete stock of Parts for all models of Gray-Dort cars. We have also wrecked a number of used Gray-Dort Car

Image of 2002.10.1 - Photograph

2002.10.1 - Photograph

Black and white photo mounted on a beige matboard with a black border around the image and the title and names of the players printed below. The photo is taken in a baseball stadium or field with bleachers in the background. All of the members of the baseball team are in uniform (except managers), the back row is standing while the front row is kneeling. Arranged in front of them are baseball bats and the bat boy is holding the collar of their mascot - a whippet. . Printed on matte below photograph: "GUELPH WHIPPETS, Guelph City and Ontario Juvenile Champions, 1928. Top Row - W.S. Hanna, Mgr.; J. Watkins, Sec.; G. McIntre, R.F.; J. Hanna, P.; J. Richardson, 3b; J. Schonfeldt, C.; D. S