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Name Johnson, Edward

Associated Records

Image of 2004.47.1 - Ad, Magazine

2004.47.1 - Ad, Magazine

Booking ad from a magazine for Edward Johnson for 1927-1928 year. The ad has a photo of Edward Johnson on the right and on the left is a chronological list of his concert schedule for 1927-1928. The ad is from the Musical Courier Magazine.

Image of 2004.49.1 - Ad, Magazine

2004.49.1 - Ad, Magazine

Booking ad from a magazine for Edward Johnson for 1921-1922 year from page 13 of Musical Courier magazine. The ad has a photo of Edward Johnson in the centre with various reviews and praises on either side about his performance as Pinkerton in Mme. Butterfly. The caption reads "Fresh Triumph for Edward Johnson, Chicago Opera Company, 1921-22 as Pinkerton in Mmme. Butterfly"

Image of 2003.100.1 - Advertisement

2003.100.1 - Advertisement

Advertisement. Booking advertisement for Edward Johnson, Tenor, from "Musical Courier" magazine, May 26, 1921. Advertising Edward Johnson's performances throughout America. His name at top as a title with the word tenor underneath and "Chicago Opera Association". A black and white photo of Edward Johnson in upper centre with quotes from newspapers in New York, Denver, Nashville, San Francisco etc. surrounding photo. Reverse side has more articles regarding music in America. All print is black on white paper. Edition Date: 1921 MAY 26 Illustrations: Printed "May 26, 1921/ Musical Courier/ 33/ Edward Johnson/ Tenor/ Chicago Opera Association/ Universally Heralded as One of the World's Great

Image of 2002.22.5 - Booklet

2002.22.5 - Booklet

Booklet, The Elliott History; A History of The Elliott, a charitable housing unit. Written by Eileen Hicks. Pink paper cover with staples used for binding. Front cover has a photocopied black and white photograph of the new Elliott on Metcalfe Street. History is typewritten. Published in July 1984. The history is 12 pages in length, and includes an excerpt from George Elliott's will on page 1. On page 8 is a poem, "The Elliott Home", written by Miss Helen Mellis, a resident of the Old Elliott Home on Delhi Street. The last three pages in the booklet are a letter and notes from an inspection of the Elliott Home in 1921, both written by Alex. Mackay, Provincial Inspector of Prisons and Public C

Image of 2000.42.1.2 - Letter

2000.42.1.2 - Letter

.1 Letter written by Edward Johnson to John McIntyre. The letter is on white letterhead with Edward Johnson's address in black in the upper left corner. The letter thanks John for an article that he wrote about Edward and wishes John success in his singing career. .2 The envelope that the letter came in. Beige envelope with John McIntyre's address on the front with a US 3 cent stamp and a postmark dated April 25, 1955. There is a yellow stain on the front of the envelope that appears to be glue. On the back of the envelope is Edward Johnson's address. .1 "Edward Johnson 687 Madison Avenue New York 21, New York" "NY Apr 25th, 1955 Dear John: - This is a very belated note of thanks for your l

Image of 2003.47.1 - Print

2003.47.1 - Print

Magazine page (page 17), with photographic print of Edward Johnson. Original photograph by Edward Steichen. Black and white portrait of Johnson sitting in upholstered chair. He is wearing dark suit with white cuffs and white handkerchief in breast pocket. He is wearing a wedding ring. His hair is parted on the side and combed back. He has a slight smile on his face and looks about 45-55 years old. Below the photo is written; "Edward Johnson-new purveyor of grand opera". "Steichen" is written in very small letters at right bottom corner of photo. Reverse of magazine page (page 18) has black and white photos of circus acts and characters. Magazine was held together by three staples, the staple

Image of 2003.56.1 - Booklet, Advertisement

2003.56.1 - Booklet, Advertisement

Advertising brochure for "New Victor Records, January 25th, 1924" with b/w photograph of Edward Johnson on front. Small white paper booklet advertising Records available through Victor Records dated January 25th, 1924. On front cover is black and white photograph of Edward Johnson surrounded by trademark symbol of Victor Records (RCA), dog looking into gramaphone, and borders with Greek goddess looking women. Advertisements for the records are broken up into categories: "Red Seal Records", "Instrumental Records", "Dance Records" and "Vocal Records". Categories include name of the artists, albums, descriptions of the albums and black and white photos. Illustrations: Printed B/W On cover: "N

Image of 1997.14.2 - Book, Guest

1997.14.2 - Book, Guest

Purple velvet covered guest book w. crest of Canada on the cover. (sewn on) Includes signatures of Lester B. Pearson, Diefenbaker, Louis St Laurent, and Elizabeth R. The purple velvet is a slip cover that covers a red leather book. The centre of each page is blank and has fancy scroll work around outside edges. The city of Guelph crest is on the top of each page. Various people have autographed the book for different occasions. Lester pearson is on pages, 1 and 42 George Drew pages 5, 38 The Difenbakers pages 21 and 60 Queen Elizabeth page 29 Clementine Churchill, page 84

Image of 1986.18.54 - Postcard

1986.18.54 - Postcard

Black and white undivided back postcard with 2cent postage stamp on back. It is a view in a cartouche of Collegiate Institute, Guelph, west end and front. It is a Second Empire style building with mansard roof with dormer windows and a tower at the right corner. Gymnasium building can be seen at extreme right. The image is at top left and correspondence at right of card. front "COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE, GUELPH, ONTARIO." Date Made Notes: postmarked 1894.

Image of 1997.22.3 - Program

1997.22.3 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club Opening Concert - Monday, November 26th, 1945-1946." Paper cover with black and white photographs of piano players. The inside printed names, program, a history of the Guelph Presto Music Club, and advertising. On page one, there is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, Honorary President of the Presto Music Club. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W/Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Opening Concert- Monday, November 26th 1945-1946 / The First Piano Quartet" No. of pages: 36

Image of 1997.22.4 - Program

1997.22.4 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club - Portia White, Canadian Contralto" on Friday, January 4th, 1946. White paper cover with black and white photograph of Portia White.Contents include: printed names, program, history and advertising. On page one is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, the club's honorary president. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W/Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Friday January 4th, 1946 - Portia White, Canadian Contralto / (See Pages 17, 18, 19, 20 for Program). No of Pages: 36

Image of 2003.90.1 - Clipping, Magazine

2003.90.1 - Clipping, Magazine

Magazine Clipping, Page from "Musical America" magazine, Vol. 49 No. 11, April 25, 1929. One side is a booking advertisement for Edward Johnson showing where he is going to be performing for the year of 1929, including Guelph. His name is on top, black and white photo of him on right side and printing on left side, all in black and white. Reverse side has publication information for Musical America Magazine, including table of contents for this issue, editor, cost. Page numbers are 5 & 6. Edition Date: 1929 APR 25 Illustrations: Printed "Edward Johnson/ 1929 Another Triumphant Year" "January/ February/ March/ April/ Metropolitan Opera Company in New York City Seventh Season" "April/ May/ M

Image of 1997.22.5 - Program

1997.22.5 - Program

Program, "The Guelph Presto Music Club" Concert Program for Friday, March 1, 1946. White paper cover with black print on the front. Contents include members' names, program, a history of the club, and advertising. On the first page is a b/w photograph of Edward Johnson, honorary president of the club. Illustrations: Photographs, B/W / Advertisements/Printed "The Guelph Presto Music Club Presents Conrad Thibault baritone and Dorothy Sarnoff soprano in joint recital Fri., March 1st, 1946" No of Pages: 36

Image of 1997.29.1 - Program

1997.29.1 - Program

Program, "Official Opening of River Run Centre Program, October 4th, 1997." Glossy cover with coloured River Run Centre photograph. Opening ceremony events on inside cover. Inside pages consist of colour photographs, articles, names and advertising. As well, there is a history of theater in the City of Guelph. Edition: 1 Illustrations: Photographs, Colour/Illustrations/Printed "River Run Centre in Guelph" No of Pages: 44

1997.16.28 - Program

White and green booklet for GCVI, outlining the program for the 1973 ceremony, scholarship recipients and lists of teachers. Also a green and white sketch of the first Wellington County Grammar School 1845. The guelph collegiate vocational institute commencement november 2 1973 8:00 pm

Image of 1997.22.1 - Invitation, Wedding

1997.22.1 - Invitation, Wedding

Wedding Invitation of Lt. Col. George A. Drew and Fiorenza Johnson, sent by Edward Johnson, father of the bride. Rectangular cream coloured paper, single folded, with invitation printed in black lettering on front. "Mr. Edward Johnson requests the honour of your presence at the marriage of his daughter Fiorenza D'Arneiro to Lieutenant Colonel George A. Drew on Saturday, the twelfth of September nineteen hundred and thirty-six at three o'clock Saint George's Church Guelph, Ontario Reception 5 Elora Road R.S.V.P."

Image of 2003X.84.2.2 - Letter

2003X.84.2.2 - Letter

1. Letter from Edward Johnson to a Mrs. C. Morrison in Montreal. Hand writing in blue ink on a small "Thank you" card. Front has "Thank you" in red and a fine silver line at bottom of card. Writing is on both sides inside and on the back. 2. Envelope, small, almost square, postmarked "Guelph, Nov. 20, 1956 / 7 PM." Addressed to Mrs. C. Morrison/ 3719 Coronet Rd./ Montreal, Quebec. The return address of Edward Johnson (673 Woolwich St. in Guelph), written on flap on reverse. Stamp has been removed. Illustrations: Printed, Hand/Printed On front of card: "Thank you" Inside: "Guelph Nov. 19th, 1956/Dear Mrs. Morrison-Thank you for your sweet note and very charming card. Yes I am out of the hosp

Image of 2003.7.1 - Advertisement

2003.7.1 - Advertisement

Advertisement; Advertisement for Edward Johnson Tour from magazine "Musical Courier" dated February 25, 1926. Full page booking advertisement in Musical Courier Magazine for a tour by Edward Johnson. The poster is titled "An Edward Johnson Year" and advertises his tour dates. From May to October 1925, Edward was touring Europe, U.S.A., Canada, the Philipines, Japan, Korea, China,Ceylon, and Egypt. From November 1925 - February 1926 he was with the Metropolitan Opera Company heard as Romeo, Pelleas, Faust, Canio, Loris, Dimitri, Licinio, Rodolfo, Cavaradossi. And finally from March to May, 1926 he did a coast to coast tour of the U.S. and Canada. To the right is a sketch of Edward Johnson wi

Image of 2003X.84.3 - Newsletter

2003X.84.3 - Newsletter

Newsletter, "Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto Monthly Bulletin," September - October 1959. Rectangular off-white coloured paper folded to form a six page newsletter. Title is "Royal Conservatory of Music of Toronto/ Monthly Bulletin". Pages 1-3 is a 'In Memoriam' for Edward Johnson. Article written by Arnold Walker, and printed by permission of the "Canadian Music Journal". Page 4 is entitled 'Summer Activities', page 5 has sections entitled 'News in Brief', 'Opera Festival 1959' and 'Exhibition Recitals'. The title on page 6 is 'Alumni' and there are sections entitled 'Jobs Available' and 'Conservatory on CFRB'. The newsletter is dated September-October. Illustrations: Printed On cov

Image of 1985.2.1 - Postcard

1985.2.1 - Postcard

Black and white postcard of the Guelph Centennial Arch, made of evergreen boughs surmounted by a maple leaf, across Wyndham St. at Carden St. It was erected in celebration of Guelph's Centennial, 1827-1927. The photograph was taken looking toward St. George's Square, showing the King Edward Hotel and the Macdonald Block.