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Name Kains, Laura

Associated Records

Image of M2001.1.1 - Letter

M2001.1.1 - Letter

Handwritten letter on thin paper written in black ink. The letter is on one piece of paper divided into 4 sections. The letter is from John McCrae and is addressed to friend Laura Kains. The letter was written from Toronto in 1893 while John was on Sabbatical from the University of Toronto. The letter discusses some of John's activities, friends the two have in common, and everyday news.

Image of M2001.1.11 - Letter

M2001.1.11 - Letter

Letter on beige paper written in black ink. John writes that he has been very busy and sick. He also talks about the small pox outbreak in Guelph and Aylmer. John mentions that something very bad has happened but he doesn't mention what it is. Dear Laura your note came this afternoon and I take the very earliest opportunity to answer it."

Image of M2001.1.2.2 - Envelope

M2001.1.2.2 - Envelope

Is the envelope the letter came in. The envelope is beige and has Laura's address in black ink. "Miss Laura Kains Mount Elgin Institute, Muncey, Ont." embossed on back "Chas. L. Nelles Guelph"

Image of M2001.1.12.2 - Envelope

M2001.1.12.2 - Envelope

Envelope addressed to Laura Kains in Treadwell, Ontario. .

Image of M2001.1.10 - Letter

M2001.1.10 - Letter

One page letter on beige paper written in black ink. The letter talks about John's school, being home in Guelph for Thanksgiving and the parties he attended and his upcoming Glee Club tour.. John also writes "My dear Laura ..."

Image of M2001.1.13 - Letter

M2001.1.13 - Letter

Letter on very thin paper from Machadordorp, South Africa. John talks about the marching and action his battalion has seen. He also mentions that he is in very good health. "My dear Laura ..."

Image of M2001.1.3.2 - Letter

M2001.1.3.2 - Letter

Letter, in two pieces, on beige paper and written in black ink. The letter talks about the weather in Kingston and how busy John is. John also mentions Tom and other common acquaintances. there is also a reference to "Tin Box" who seems to be a woman that McCrae has a crush on. "The Barracks, July 26th 1893 My dear Miss Kains ..."

Image of M2001.1.15 - Letter

M2001.1.15 - Letter

Letter on beige paper with black ink from Thomas. Thomas thanks Laura for the photo and mentions that he is at the World's Fair in Chicago. "Dear Miss Kains, I should have written to you sooner..."

Image of M2001.1.5 - Letter

M2001.1.5 - Letter

Letter on thin beige paper and written in black ink. The letter mentions that he received a photo of Laura. john also talks about Tom and briefly about the severe outcome of the findings of the OAC commission towards Professor Shaw. "My dear Laura - Thank you very much for the photo which I don't think does you justice ..."

Image of M2001.1.7.2 - Letter

M2001.1.7.2 - Letter

Letter in two pieces - split horizontally- on beige paper. The letter talks about John's role in a Greek Play - Antigone and about getting a photo from Laura. "My dear Laura - In the first place I hope that sprained ankle is alright again. as for your having stopped teaching, I don't know whether you would rather be congratulated or otherwise ..."

Image of M2001.1.14 - Letter

M2001.1.14 - Letter

Handwritten in black ink and pencil on a very thin piece of brown paper. the letter describes the way of life for a soldier in the Boer war. The letter is very hard to read. "My dear Laura excuse a note on such a scrap of paper, but it is a scarce article..."

Image of M2001.1.4 - Letter

M2001.1.4 - Letter

Letter on beige paper and written in black ink. The letter talks about the Ontario Agricultural College, his exams at the Barracks in Kingston, Tom and other acquaintances. in his letter, John mentions that he has also sent a photo of himself and a letter to be passed to Eva. "My dear Laura - does that seem the correct form of salutation at last? ..."

Image of M2001.1.9 - Letter

M2001.1.9 - Letter

One page letter on beige paper written in black ink. The letter talks about John's camp with the Brigade near Montreal. John also writes about a photo he and Tom were supposed to have taken. "Answered Oct. 22 '94 My dear Chum ..."

Image of M2001.1.8.3 - Envelope

M2001.1.8.3 - Envelope

The envelope has several addresses written and crossed out.

Image of M2001.1.18 - Pamphlet

M2001.1.18 - Pamphlet

Beige paper pamphlet with navy blue type. the pamphlet contains McCrae's poem In Flanders Fields and the poem Those Who Sleep In Flanders Fields A Canadian Response by James Ferres. "In Flanders Fields by Lieut.-Colonel John McCrae Canadian Army Medical Corps ..."

Image of M2001.1.6.2 - Letter

M2001.1.6.2 - Letter

Two page letter on beige paper from John discussing common acquaintances and John's Rugby adventures and injuries. John also mentions his and Tom's involvement in the University of Toronto Glee Club and the amount of fun they have. . "238 Huron St. Toronto Nov. 9 '93 My dear Miss Kains - since you persist in calling me Mr. McCrae, there is nothing for it but for me to go back to the above system of address"

Image of M2001.1.2.1 - Letter

M2001.1.2.1 - Letter

Handwritten letter on thick beige paper written in black ink. The paper is folded down the centre and the letter written with each fold as a page. the letter is four pages. The letter tells about the barracks at Kingston and asks about events in Guelph. "Tete de Pont Barracks Kingston, July 18, 1893 My dear Miss Kains ..."

Image of M2001.1.8.2 - Letter

M2001.1.8.2 - Letter

Two page letter on beige paper written in black ink. the letter is from Wood's Hall Massachusetts. The letter describes the fun John is having at Biological School and his plans for travelling while returning to Guelph.

Image of M2001.1.12.1 - Letter

M2001.1.12.1 - Letter

Letter from McCrae on the Troopship Laurentian on his way to the South African War. The letter is very short and written on very thin paper. John says good bye to Laura and wishes her luck with a man she may marry. "My dear Laura - just ready to sail. This goes by the pilot and is just a last word to wish you good bye."

Image of M2001.1.17 - Photograph

M2001.1.17 - Photograph

Carte de Visite image of Laura Kains in a light coloured dress. On the back is the logo of the photographer - Topley. Also on the back is an inscription in black ink. "Henrietta with love from Laura, Jan 99"