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Name Leadley, H.J.B.
Occupation 1940 City Clerk

Associated Records

Image of 2012.68.52 - Program

2012.68.52 - Program

4 page program. Off-white paper and black print. Front page title "Norfolk St. Methodist Church" with the pastors name, address and phone number below. At the bottom is a prayer as well as "Welcome, All Seats Always Free." In the center is a black and white photo of the inside of the church looking from the back of the mezanine down to the pastor's podium. Spaces in the text at the bottom are separated by a small stylized bullet of an acorn on a branch. The front page is surrounded in a bold line border. Pg 2 is the program for both services held on August 5th. Pg 3 starts with a victory poem and the bottom has an agenda for Sunday and Friday of the Following week. Pg 4 has the "Church Calend

Image of 1976.40.21 - Program

1976.40.21 - Program

Program, "Guelph Centennial Old Home Week Official Programme, August 1-6, 1927". Rectangular pale yellow paper cover, stapled, with black printed lettering. City Crest is on front cover. Inside pages are off-white with printed black text and b/w pictures of various public buildings and sites in Guelph. Contains a schedule of events for each day of Old Home Week, as well as small essays about the past and present history of Guelph. Included are two poems: "Guelph - Our Heritage" by Anne Sutherland; and "In Flanders Fields" by Lt. Col. John McCrae. As well there are numerous commercial advertisements placed by Guelph businesses. Front Cover: "Guelph Centennial Official Programme / City C

1988.25.2 - Yearbook

1930 GCVI Acta Nostra Yearbook. The cover is a green textured paper with the title in dark blue. In the centre is a small embossed picture of the school with the latin motto beneath. At the bottom is the date of the yearbook and that it is published by the students of GCVI. The book is filled with essays, artwork, photos etc. of the students of GCVI. There are also ads of local businesses inised. The yearbook is 148 pages in length.

Image of 1991.32.1 - Booklet

1991.32.1 - Booklet

Souvenir Booklet, Programme of events for Guelph's Centennial Celebrations, July 31st to August 6th, 1927. It also includes various pictures and articles on the city and its institutions, as well as advertisements. There is an article on the Guelph War Memorial (in Trafalgar Square) which was to be unveiled at this time. Book is stapled. Pages are light brown paper with black printed lettering and B/W illustrations. No. of pages - 36.

Image of 2012.77.14 - Program

2012.77.14 - Program

Centennial Program for Paisley Memorial Church, 1946. The program is on white paper with black print. On the cover is an invitation to all to join the church for a month of celebrations for the 100th anniversary of the Church. On the inside of the program are the events from Marh 31 until April 21, 1946. On the back cover is a mention that a history book has been done and can be purchased for 25 cents.

Image of 1977.35.2 - Program

1977.35.2 - Program

Board of Education booklet, tied with a olive green cord at the spine. Cover is a thicker card like style of paper and has an imprinted design.

2017.61.1 - Program

Guelph Choral Society Program, April 18, 1922. The program is 28 pages printed on cream coloured paper with black text and a grey paper cover with black text. Along with the program for the evening there is also a list of committee members and members of the chorus, song titles and lyrics and numerous advertisements for Guelph businesses. The songs are numbered 1-12 through the program. Front Cover: "Guelph Choral Society, James R. Pears, Conductor, Second Season, Eight o'Clock, Tuesday Evening, April Eighteenth, m.c.m.xxii. {1922}, Guelph Armory" Front Inside Cover: Advertisement Page 1: Black and white photograph of James R. Pears as well as a list of officers, committee members an

Image of 2012.68.60 - Report, Annual

2012.68.60 - Report, Annual

240 page book with cardstock cover dedicated to the "Thirty-Sixth Annual Report of the Educational Society of The Methodist Church Canada 1919-1920." The cover is surrounded in a double line border with stylized clover flowerettes in the corners. The second page lists the board of education members, page 3-9 is a foreward, page 11 "Objects of the Educational Society," page 13 "Suggestions to Pastors." 15-55 "reports of Intuitions, page 56 to end of book are the financial statements of various Canadian districts. The Guelph District is listed on page 135 under Norfolk St. Church, Dublin St. and Paisley Memorial.