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Name Mason, Howard

Associated Records

Image of 1980.41.3 - Booklet

1980.41.3 - Booklet

Booklet, "He Shoots! He Scores!, History of Hockey in Guelph" by Harold A. Cole. Paper cover, the front cover is orange with black printed text and b/w pictures. Book covers the playing of hockey in Guelph from the late 1870s to 1970. Many b/w pictures of hockey personnel and teams. In addition, there are numerous advertisements of local businesses. Illustrations: Photographs, Printed, B/W No. of pages: 16

Image of 2013.3.1 - Quilt

2013.3.1 - Quilt

Large white cotton quilt with names embroidered on front in red thread. Quilt is eight squares wide by ten squares long, though the uppermost and bottom rows are only half squares. The central four squares have a 6 ringed circle detail with names written within, and at very center reads "Paisley Memorial Church 1920." Four maple leaves are embroidered in the corners surrounding the center circle. The names are arranged diagonally through each square, with each square taking a various direction. Names on squares from left to right, top to bottom. Central squares are addressed per ring (outer to inner), beginning each ring in the 36th square. Square 1: Mr. Pickerd Mrs. Pickerd Master

Image of 1985.61.4 - Photograph

1985.61.4 - Photograph

Black and white group photograph, with gray mount, of the Maroon Hockey Club, Intermediate Champions 1935, taken in front of Shell gasoline pumps. Back row: Albert Melenius, Manager; Frank Fokejeweski, Trainer; Joe Veroni, Coach. Middle row: Gran Brundette, R. Defence; Jimmy Kelly, Co-Manager/R. Wing; Army Armstrong, Centre; Harold Perkins, L. Wing; Bill Jones, L. Defence; Howard Mason, R. Wing; Wilfred Couling, L. Defence; Matt Kelly, Centre; George Cubitt, L. Wing; "Tiny" Beattie, Captain/L. Wing; Martin Fox, Goal. Centre front: Jimmy Wickham, Mascot. Players listed as Absent: "W. Krusky, R. Defence; Jack Wickham, R. Defence; Vin Kelly, Centre." Printed in lower right hand corner on white