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Name McCrae, John
Othernames Jack
Born 11/30/1872
Birthplace Guelph
Deceased 01/28/1918
Places of residence Guelph
Titles & honors Doctor
Father David McCrae Jr.
Mother Janet Eckford McCrae
Nationality Canadian
Education Central Public School
Central Public School
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute
University of Toronto
McGill University
Occupation Doctor
Relationships Brother: Thomas McCrae
Sister: Geills McCrae Kilgour
Deceased brother: David

Associated Records

Image of M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

Students Banquet given for returned comrades from South Africa. Given at the O.A.C., Guelph, on January 16, 1901.

Image of M1968X.358.2 - Card, Christmas

M1968X.358.2 - Card, Christmas

Brown cardboard greeting card booklet with an embossed crest on the front. The crest has the Canadian Army Medical Corps insignia on it. Below the crest in the lower proper left corner is "British Expeditionary Force, France" in gold letters. The booklet is fastened with a white and red ribbon. Inside is a picture of the medical corps and good wishes for the holiday season. John McCrae signed it "Jack" "With the Compliments of the season Colonel H.S. Birkett and Officers No. 3 Canadian General Hospital (McGill) From Jack"

1970.39.15.2 - Book

Beige soft cover book "St. Andrew's Church Centennial Anniversary 1832-1932" The book is 29 pages in length and has several black and white photos and illustrations. The book chronicles the 100 year history of St. Andrew's Church. The book is string bound with a gold cord.

Image of M1996X.2.1.7 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.7 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of "Waltham Abbey, Essex".

Image of 1986.18.52 - Postcard

1986.18.52 - Postcard

Black and white divided back, unused postcard. It is a view of Guelph Collegiate Institute east end and front. It is an eclectic style building with central tower, left side has mansard roof, right side (1906 addition) has steeply pitched gabled roof. The image surrounded by gold embossed border. front "COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE, GUELPH, ONT."

Image of M1968X.82.1 - Book

M1968X.82.1 - Book

This book has 201 pages. It is a hardbound, embossed silver flower design on spine and half of front cover. Other half of front cover is a rose garland design on a white background. Top of pages is gold edged. Book contains religious essays. "John McCrae from his Aunt Jeannie Xmas 1898"

Image of M1985.1.9 - Book

M1985.1.9 - Book

This book has 799 pages. It has a red cover with incised lines at corners and down the centre. The spine has the title an description of volume in gold letters and gold lines for decoration. The interior front cover has a sticker from the McNabb Memorial Library OVC with "withdrawn" stamped in red over top. One of the contributors to the volume is John McCrae. There is also a blue stamp: "property of the Ontario Veterinary College" on the opposite page. The text is black with some black & white plates. Old library cards attached to interior cover. "Withdrawn"; "Property of the Ontario Veterinary College"; "duplicate" The book is edited by Dr. Osler assisted by Thomas McCrae

Image of M1998.9.18.2 - Envelope

M1998.9.18.2 - Envelope

Rectangular beige envelope of heavy paper addressed to "Mrs. Nelson, 2 Elgin Ave., Toronto, Canada". Two cent postage stamp in top right corner. Postmark on front top "B 20 Mar 16" Lower left corner postmark, "Passed Field Censor 1567".

Image of M1996X.2.1.3 - Sketch

M1996X.2.1.3 - Sketch

Black ink sketch of a sailboat on the water.

Image of M1991.5.4 - Postcard

M1991.5.4 - Postcard

Postcard of the Chateau d'Amboise addressed to Master Tom Matthews from John McCrae.

Image of M2001.2.1 - Diary

M2001.2.1 - Diary

Pages 1 and two (one page written on both sides) of John McCrae's Earl Grey trip 1910 diary.

Image of 2012.43.14 - Booklet

2012.43.14 - Booklet

"The Torch: Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch Yearbook, Vol. XIV 1947" The booklet is beige with an illustration of a hand holding a red torch. The Legion crest is in red at the top of the cover. At the bottom of the cover is a quote "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?". On the page cover there is an ad for John Sutherland and Sons Insurance. The booklet is 64 pages and is filled with legion related articles and ads from local businesses. Page 1: Image of John McCrae and In Flanders Fields poem Page 3: "The Cross and the Sword" by D. Crawford Smith Page 5: Greetings from the President Page 7: List of Legion 234 Executive Page 9: "Edward Johnson" by J.E. Cart

Image of M1968X.423.1 - Certificate, Promotion

M1968X.423.1 - Certificate, Promotion

Appointment of John McCrae to 2nd Lieutenant, No.2 Battery, 1st Brigade Field Artillery of Active Militia. Signed by W.O. Well (and Governor General) Aberdeen. All blanks filled in by handwriting.

Image of M1968X.305.1 - Page, Scrapbook

M1968X.305.1 - Page, Scrapbook

2 sided black scrapbook page. On one side is a newspaper article about David and John McCrae and the 43rd Battery. "Grand Old Militiaman and His Famed Son". On the other side there are Canadian responses to McCrae's "In Flanders Fields" and Florist Window clipping. Probably from Black Scrapbook M1968X.168.1

Image of 2012.43.9 - Booklet

2012.43.9 - Booklet

"The Torch: Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch Yearbook, Vol. IX 1942" The booklet is beige with an illustration of a hand holding a red torch. The Legion crest is in red at the top of the cover. At the bottom of the cover is a quote "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?". The booklet is 40 pages and is filled with legion related articles and ads from local businesses. Page 1: Image of Winston Churchill Page 3: List of Legion Officers Page 5: Greetings From the President Page 7: "Auxiliary War Services" by Fred Baldwin Page 9: Continued from page 7 Page 11: "Our Glorious Dead, Our Valiant Living" Page 13: Wishes from the City of Guelph Page 15

Image of M1996X.1.1.7 - Sketch

M1996X.1.1.7 - Sketch

2 Black ink sketches: one of a city on the waterfront with some bushes around the edge, the other of a trail in the woods.

Image of 2013.34.2 - Booklet

2013.34.2 - Booklet

Black and white booklet for the dedication service of the Col. John McCrae Memorial Garden. The booklet is 3 pages, including the cover. On the front cover there is an image of the McCrae Memorial Garden. Below it says: "Order of Ceremonies at the Dedication Service of Col. John McCrae Memorial Garden Guelph Ont. Monday August 5th, 1946 3:00pm". Further below it says "Col. John McCrae Memorial Branch No. 257 Canadian Legion B.E.S.L.". Around the writing there is a border. On the first page it is listed as the Order of Service. Below it states what will be happening during this time on both the first and second page. The headings are: Opening Sentences Hymn -- "Land of Hope and Glory" S

Image of M1968.331.1 - Music, Sheet

M1968.331.1 - Music, Sheet

This has four pages. It is sheet music for John McCrae's poem "In Flanders Fields" by J. Deane Wells. "W.H. McKeigan, Picton, N.S."

Image of M1968.96.8 - Bible

M1968.96.8 - Bible

This book has 1000 pages. It is a pocket sized Bible containing old and new testaments. Black leather, with thin pages covered with red colouring at end. Dedicated to Victoria's Diamond Jubilee on cover. Has black end pages. Has maps of Holy Land in back and McCrae has written several "Trust" messages on back cover. "Presented by the Ottawa Auxiliary Bible Society to the Second Ottawa Contingent to South Africa." "John McCrae"

Image of M1998.9.6.2 - Letter

M1998.9.6.2 - Letter

Two individual letters .1 is written in pencil. .2 is written in pen. .1 describes his conditions and the rain. He mentions the horses and other officers. .2 letter talks about the tiresome marches. It mentions that his horse "Jack" fell on him in a swamp and he needed help up as well as with the horse. He is in command and had a man court marshalled. Some of the men have dysentery.