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Name McCrae, John
Othernames Jack
Born 11/30/1872
Birthplace Guelph
Deceased 01/28/1918
Places of residence Guelph
Titles & honors Doctor
Father David McCrae Jr.
Mother Janet Eckford McCrae
Nationality Canadian
Education Central Public School
Central Public School
Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute
University of Toronto
McGill University
Occupation Doctor
Relationships Brother: Thomas McCrae
Sister: Geills McCrae Kilgour
Deceased brother: David

Associated Records

Image of M1968X.457.1 - Pamphlet

M1968X.457.1 - Pamphlet

Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae, B.A., M.B., M.R.C.P. Memorial editorial on John McCrae reprinted from the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

M1972.6.1 - Music, Sheet

This is sheet music for the John McCrae poem "In Flanders Fields" composed by Greta G. Hurley. Has probably been renumbered 1996X.15.1

Image of M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

M1968X.466.1 - Card, Menu

Students Banquet given for returned comrades from South Africa. Given at the O.A.C., Guelph, on January 16, 1901.

Image of M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

M1968X.449.1 - Scrapbook

Maroon binding, coloured pages; collection of photographs, newspaper clippings, cards, admit to lecture cards, illustrations and train tickets. It is a developmental collection of a young man's interests from Boy's Own Magazine Illustrations to Foreign Travel and Boer War. Collected from 1882-1900. "John McCrae, Guelph, 30/Nov. 1882." The scrapbook includes the following: Image # 1 Passenger List on R.M.S. Etruria April 24, 1886 which on another page (image 25) includes the 2nd page and the names David McCrae and son. This page also includes a newspaper clipping of the poem "A Thing of Beauty" by John Keats and a black and white print of the downtown Guelph Carden St, facing Market Squa

Image of M1968X.438.1 - Page, Scrapbook

M1968X.438.1 - Page, Scrapbook

Scrapbook page with 4 newspaper clippings and one brochure. "In Flanders Fields: Colonel McCrae's Legacy to Mankind" title article by Stephen Leacock; brochure "Wear a Poppy", poem "To John McCrae; article "Memories of Ypres" dated Monday, April 22, 1922. Probably from Black Scrapbook M1968X.168.1

Image of M1968X.301.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

M1968X.301.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

4 page article in the Guelph Daily Mercury and Advertiser describing the return of the Guelph boys, including John McCrae, from the Boer War. Entitled "With Glad Acclaim We Greet Our Own" Dated Jan 12, 1901.

Image of M1972.4.1 - Music, Sheet

M1972.4.1 - Music, Sheet

Sheet music for poem "In Flanders Fields" by Angus Willson MacPherson.

M1998.9.4.2 - Envelope

Envelope. Hand written address with a South African stamp.

Image of M1991.5.4 - Postcard

M1991.5.4 - Postcard

Postcard of the Chateau d'Amboise addressed to Master Tom Matthews from John McCrae.

M1970X.5.1 - Clipping, Newspaper

This is a newspaper article discussing the death of John McCrae. Written by Verne McIlwraith. Taken from the Guelph Mercury, May 12, 1970.

Image of M2001.2.3 - Diary

M2001.2.3 - Diary

Page 6 of John McCrae's Earl Grey trip 1910 diary.

Image of M1996X.16.1.2 - Sketch

M1996X.16.1.2 - Sketch

.1 Pencil sketch of a sailboat on the water. .2 Black ink sketch of a church surrounded by trees.

Image of M1993.4.1 - Letter

M1993.4.1 - Letter

Letter; Letter written from John McCrae to his mother on August 3, 1910 from the Royal Alexandra Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Written on hotel stationary (high quality paper), paper has hotel name and insignia printed in the top-centre in blue ink. Paper is folded horizontally. Writing in black ink on front of paper, and interior (half of right-hand page). Letter describes McCrae's preparations for his trip with Lord Grey. Hotel insignia in blue ink "ROYAL ALEXANDRA, WINNIPEG, CANADA" Letter is hand written.

Image of M1968X.437.1 - Page, Scrapbook

M1968X.437.1 - Page, Scrapbook

Scrapbook page which contains memorial newspaper clippings. Side one has "Unveiling the Cenotaph in Dominion Square To-day" and a photo of the unveiling. Side two has poem clippings and "A Reader's Notes"

Image of M1968X.454.1 - Page, Scrapbook

M1968X.454.1 - Page, Scrapbook

Page of a scrapbook with "America's Response" It has an illustration of U.S. Troops in Flanders Fields and a newspaper article entitled "The Author of In Flanders Fields" Probably from Black Scrapbook M1968X.168.1

Image of M2001.1.1 - Letter

M2001.1.1 - Letter

Handwritten letter on thin paper written in black ink. The letter is on one piece of paper divided into 4 sections. The letter is from John McCrae and is addressed to friend Laura Kains. The letter was written from Toronto in 1893 while John was on Sabbatical from the University of Toronto. The letter discusses some of John's activities, friends the two have in common, and everyday news.

Image of M2001.1.11 - Letter

M2001.1.11 - Letter

Letter on beige paper written in black ink. John writes that he has been very busy and sick. He also talks about the small pox outbreak in Guelph and Aylmer. John mentions that something very bad has happened but he doesn't mention what it is. Dear Laura your note came this afternoon and I take the very earliest opportunity to answer it."

Image of M1968X.318.1 - Poster

M1968X.318.1 - Poster

Red, white and blue paper poster. Field of crosses with cross. Verse: "If ye break faith..." in the bottom right hand corner.

M1998.9.13 - Envelope

This is a beige envelope. It has a hand written address to "Mrs. Nelson 12 Melbourne Ave. Westmount Montreal Que" Cape of Good Hope One Penny stamp. Postage marks on back. "Cape Colony"

Image of M1998.9.1 - Postcard

M1998.9.1 - Postcard

This is a black and white matte postcard. McCrae is sitting on stone step in front of brick wall. His is in profile looking at dog who is sitting on hind legs & has his paws over McCrae's arm. McCrae is in uniform - wearing putties & wrist watch. The back is typical postcard format. Photographers stamp in top right corner. Written in pencil. "Bonneau" & "his mark". It is a paw print. "Bonneau" "his mark"