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Name Morris, George B.

Associated Records

Image of 2007.16.30 - Ticket, Bus

2007.16.30 - Ticket, Bus

Ticket 1090. Yellow and blue Guelph Radial Railway Co. adult fare ticket. With blue abstract design. Ticket 52. Reverse side " Not good if Detached" "Good for one fare". Centre section reads, "G B. Morris Hardware and Sporting Goods.

Image of 2002.27.66 - Invoice

2002.27.66 - Invoice

Invoice; White with blue print. Pertinent information filled in with black ink and pencil. The top third of the invoice provides information on who was sold to and the business sold from. The rest of the invoice is lined and divided into 7 vertical columns of various widths by red lines. This portion of the invoice lists the items sold. There are two small holes punched into the top of the invoice. "22 LOWER WYNDHAM STREET", "GUELPH,....190", "IN ACCOUNT WITH GEORGE B. MORRIS, IMPORTER OF GENERAL HARDWARE, PAINTS, OILS, NAILS, GLASS, CUTLERY, ETC.", "ORDERS TAKEN AND ACCOUNTS COLLECTED FOR GUELPH CARTAGE CO." "KELSO PRINTER" bottom section, "1 glass 16 1/2 x 20 1/2 .17 1

Image of 1980.114.81 - Booklet

1980.114.81 - Booklet

"Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907" "A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed" Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907 Covers missing 31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H pages missing 16 pages total left

1994.38.1 - Newspaper

Guelph Mercury with news, ads and announcements on the front. Article on McCrae and homecoming of "D" Battery during Boer War. *Note misprint of date on last page -reads Jan 12, 1900 should read Jan 12, 1901.

1978.165.723 - Invoice

Invoice from George B. Morris Hardware to John McAteer, June 11, 1894. The bill is marked paid on June 18, 1894

Image of 1994.47.29 - Receipt

1994.47.29 - Receipt

Letterhead-type receipt. Off-white rectangular paper with blue and red print. Handwritten in pencil - Issued Oct. 23, 1902 to John Spalding of London Road in the amount of $0.50 by George B. Morris Hardware. Stamped: "PAID 10/24/02" Logo with a circular saw blade in red with a maple leaf. "GEORGE B. MORRIS GENERAL HARDWARE, PAINTS, OIL, NAILS, GLASS, CUTLERY ETC. 22 LOWER WYNDHAM ST. PHONE 31" Along the bottom is printed in blue: "THE C-C Monthly Account System.3014 Rd. 1899. Patented 1896. No.51242. Patented 1900. No.66842. The Copeland-Chatterson Co., Limited, Sole Makers, Toronto."

Image of 1985.82.122 - Catalogue

1985.82.122 - Catalogue

Second Annual Circular and Catalogue of the Guelph Business College. The booklet has a blue cover with gold print and an illustration of a beaver at the bottom below a French motto "Les Affaires font les hommes" which translates to Business makes the man. The inside front cover has index of the contents. The catalogue contains an announcement from the principal, Malcolm MacCormick, a listing of the faculty, the location, the rates of tuition, the value of a business education, special attractions of Guelph, the course of study, general information, testimonials, and a catalogue of students. (25 pages in catalogue)

1999.14.1.3 - Newspaper

Black and white illustrated newspaper. Includes photographs and stories about various companies in Guelph. Includes Pages 5-12. Pages 9-12 are ripped in half.

1979.61.1 - Book

Red hard cover book "A Picture History of Guelph 1827-1978 Volume Two" by Robert Stewart. The book contains a series of clippings an historic photos telling the history of Guelph. On the inside front cover the book has been autographed by the author with the note "February 21st 1979 To the Guelph Civic Museum with my compliments Robert A M Stewart". Pages 2-18 Stewart Family history Pages 19-27 Stewart Lumber history Page 28 Robert Stewart history Pages 29-38 Guelph's 150th birthday Pages 39-44 Guelph Hotels Pages 45-56 Guelph Churches Pages 57-66 Guelph Industries Pages 67-71 Guelph Mayors Pages 72-99 Education Page 100 Library Page 100-107 Hospitals Page 108-122 Sports Page 1

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

1978.165.724 - Invoice

Invoice from George B. Morris Hardware to John McAteer, August 1, 1895. The bill is marked paid on August 1, 1895

Image of 2014.60.1 - Tapestry

2014.60.1 - Tapestry

Tapestry of a pastoral scene. The background is a woods setting. A peasant woman sits in a chair, on the left side, and is attending to work in her hands. Hanging over her arm is a basket filled with fluffy flowers. By her feet is a white goose. Facing the woman is a peasant man standing. He has pants rolled up to his knees and holds a staff in his hand. Beside him, on the right, there is a cow with horns. By his feet, and near the goose, is a dog. He is placing more flowers into the basket. The colours of the tapestry are darker earth tones. There is beige, greens, and browns used throughout to create the design. At the top of the tapestry there are 9 green loops for the hanging pole to b

Image of 1970.16.14 - Photograph

1970.16.14 - Photograph

B & W with grey colour folder mount. Man "Very Sincerely Yours, George B. Morris"

Image of 1987.14.17 - Photograph

1987.14.17 - Photograph

Unmounted black and white studio 3/4 length portrait of Harry Harris, wearing dark overcoat and flat cap with visor. Letter "RB" is on cap. on back "GUELPH MERCURY"