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Name Parsons, Mrs. Francis H.

Associated Records

Image of 2007.21.3 - Album, Autograph

2007.21.3 - Album, Autograph

Signatures of friends of Joseph Patrick Downey; olive-green cover; pages have gold edge. Cover reads, "My Friends, An Autograph Album". The names written in the book are; (they may not have been copied correctly.) Downey, J. P. Cumberland, F. Kernan, M. E. Gilison, George Parsons, Mrs. Francis H. Gay, Lily Gay, Maggie Coghlan, J. S. Leslie, Mary Harland, E. M. Coghlan, Mrs. F.T. Watson, J. R. Coghlan, Joseph Coffee, J. Watson, E. C. Heffernan, Aggie Coghlan, Geo. V. McQuen, Maggie Heffernan, G. Drew, W. Coffee, F. Heffernan, Rose McLuillan, Nellie Coffee, Theresa Burnet, Dale Keenan, T. J. McQuen, S. H. Drew, Fred A. McQuen, J. A. Gardiner, V. McQuen, Carrie

Image of 1991.11.1 - List, Membership

1991.11.1 - List, Membership

Booklet, "Guelph Social Register, 1912." Small slim volume cover in navy blue silk "moire", with title "Guelph Social Register," embossed in gold lettering. Inside pages are white with black printed text. Contains alphabetical list of names of ladies in Guelph, and the days that they are home. Front cover: "Guelph Social Register". Inside front cover, handwritten in blue ink: "Mrs. W. H. Hamilton 1912". On title page: " Guelph Social Register / 1912". In lower left corner of page: "Published by the Watchful Circle of the King's Daughters". No. of pages: 34

Image of 1983.27.2 - List, Membership

1983.27.2 - List, Membership

Blue leather book with gold lettering "Guelph Social Register". Published by the Watchful Circle of the King's Daughters. Includes alphabetical names of women, their addresses and days of the week they are at home. 34 pages in total.

Image of 2010.8.45 - Magazine

2010.8.45 - Magazine

St. George's Church Parochial Magazine. Outer cover is light pink. In the centre there is a photograph of the church. There is some text below the picture describing name and date (February, 1907). Inside all text is black with red highlights. Various drawings, photographs, and small images are throughout. There are twenty-eight pages. Advertisements are inside the front cover as well as the inside and outside of the back cover. The word "Decker" is written on the top right corner of the front page. There are many marks on the front cover.