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Name Penfold, Charles
Othernames Trade
Occupation 1940 Secretary of the Board of Trade

Associated Records

Image of 1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

1979.28.1.6 - Magazine

McLean's Magazine article, "The Royal City," by Frederick Edwards. Published October 15, 1940. Six loose pages torn from original magazine. 12 pages (25-30, 58-61). Illustrations: B/W Article gives history of Guelph and its development and talks about some of the city's more famous citizens. B/W photographs of Guelph people and landmarks. Some pages have strips of colour on advertisements for accent.

Image of 1976.40.21 - Program

1976.40.21 - Program

Program, "Guelph Centennial Old Home Week Official Programme, August 1-6, 1927". Rectangular pale yellow paper cover, stapled, with black printed lettering. City Crest is on front cover. Inside pages are off-white with printed black text and b/w pictures of various public buildings and sites in Guelph. Contains a schedule of events for each day of Old Home Week, as well as small essays about the past and present history of Guelph. Included are two poems: "Guelph - Our Heritage" by Anne Sutherland; and "In Flanders Fields" by Lt. Col. John McCrae. As well there are numerous commercial advertisements placed by Guelph businesses. Front Cover: "Guelph Centennial Official Programme / City C

Image of 1994.48.2 - Suit, Bathing

1994.48.2 - Suit, Bathing

Navy blue wool bathing suit one piece. The top is done in a tank-top style with buttons that fasten at the left shoulder. The buttons are made of black plastic. A 23 cm skirt covers over the shorts in front and back. 5 cm shoulder straps. Deep scoop front neckline, back neckline slightly higher. The shorts have a wide crotch area.

Image of 2014.56.2 - Apron

2014.56.2 - Apron

Thin white cotton waist apron with lace trim. There are three sections of plain fabric separated by a vertical eyelet detail. The eyelet detail also runs across the top of the apron. Each section of fabric comes to a point at the bottom. The middle section of fabric is the largest with two smaller sections of fabric on each side. The lace trims runs along each side and bottom of the apron. There is a plain strip of cotton woven through the eyelet detail at the top to create the tie at the waist.

Image of 2014.56.1 - Nightcap

2014.56.1 - Nightcap

Circular shaped nightcap with lining. The outer layer is crocheted using pink and beige thread. The pink thread is stitched loosely and used around the trim of the cap as well as most of the cap. The beige colour has been stitched in a square pattern with a band (3.5 cm wide) around the bottom of the cap just above the trim and a 8 cm X 8 cm square on top of the cap. In the middle of the square and around the front of the cap are small pink crocheted flowers, five in total (one on top and four along the front). The lining is a cream colour made of thin silk or muslin. It is attached to the inside around the top of the beige band. As well it is tacked inside to the four corners of the beige sq

Image of 1994.48.1 - Pants, Golf

1994.48.1 - Pants, Golf

White cotton golf pants with black 6. x 5 cm checks. In each square there is a diamond pattern in the weave. The pants only reach to the knee and buckle closed. The fly has 6 brown buttons, the waist has belt loops, one small change pocket, two side pockets and two back pockets.

Image of 1994.48.3 - Hat

1994.48.3 - Hat

Small, black velvet bonnet. The bonnet is a saucer style with shirring around the edge. Black bows are on the top and in the centre there is a beaded decoration. The bead are a clear purple with little purple flowers and circles spaced intermittedly. There is a ribbon that runs along the back of the bonnet that continues down to fasten around the neck with little metal clips.

Image of 2014.56.3 - Print, Photographic

2014.56.3 - Print, Photographic

The photograph is cut out in an oval shape with a white border on the right side. The subject, Applena Melrose is wearing a long white dress with a cut out pattern along the front of the shirt and skirt and along the bottom of the skirt. She has her arms crossed behind her back with her sleeves gathered around her elbows. The dress has a high collar and she is wearing a small circular pin at the base of the collar. She is wearing a locket on a long chain around her neck. There is a brooch or large decorative clasp at the front of the skirt around the waistband. Written on back "Nanny Applena Margaret (Melrose) Penfold"

Image of 2014.56.6 - Print, Photographic

2014.56.6 - Print, Photographic

Photograph of Applena and Charles Penfold with grandson Mike Penfold standing outside in summer in front of trees and bushes. Applena and Charles are standing apart. Applena is wearing a long sleeve dress with the skirt falling just below the knee and dark coloured shoes. She is holding a small child dressed in white, Mike Penfold. Charles is wearing a dark coloured suit and shoes and is holding a cigarette in his left hand. Written on back in ink: "Pappy 61 years old here Grandad {crossed out}, Nanny Penfold (here 64) and Mike Penfold Guelph 1947."

Image of 2014.56.5 - Print, Photographic

2014.56.5 - Print, Photographic

Portrait of Penfold family, one male adult and one female adult with three children (two children, boy and girl, and a baby). The mother (Applena Margaret) is wearing a white long sleeve dress with a small flower pattern on it and a black belt and is sitting in a chair holding the baby (George) on the armrest. The baby is wearing a long white shirt or baptismal gown. A young girl (Jean) is wearing a white dress with a white bow in her hair. She is standing in between her mother and brother. A young boy (Hick-Evan Ross) is wearing a white long sleeve shirt with dark shorts sitting on a stool opposite his mother. The father (Charles) is wearing a dark suit and is standing behind his daughter wi