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Name Reinhart, Albert

Associated Records

Image of 2006.10.2 - Bottle

2006.10.2 - Bottle

This is a blue/green clear bottle. It has a wide round bottom, a cylindrical body which tapers to an opening at the top, shaped for drinking. It has "Royal City Mineral / AR / Water Works" embossed on the front. It was moulded when made.

Image of 2005.23.1.7 - Bottle, Pop

2005.23.1.7 - Bottle, Pop

.1 - .6 Glass pop bottles. Ridged, with Reinhart Beverage crest. Stamped writing on base at front (Guelph Ont.) and on back (11 Fl. OZ). Bottle top for bottle cap style. .3, .4 differently shaped with pronounced bulges at base and below bottle neck. Stamped writing on base at back (12 FL. OZ.). .7 Cardboard carrying container, yellow, white and purple divided to hold six bottles. Writing on front "Reinhart's Has No Equal Anywhere". More writing on sides and handle [see inscription details]. Printing on bottom "The 'Bottle Master'". Stamped number (53) twice on front, one stamp complete, other incomplete.

Image of 1991.23.2 - Crate, Shipping

1991.23.2 - Crate, Shipping

Heavy wood crate with carrying handles. Black stencilling on sides and ends. Dimensions: Ht.32 cm.; Width 31 cm. ; Length 45cm. On longer side is printed "REINHART BEVERAGES GUELPH" On the end is printed: "REINHART BEVERAGES, GUELPH, ONT./PHONE TA 2-3371."

Image of 2004.74.1.2 - Sword, Presentation

2004.74.1.2 - Sword, Presentation

Knights of Columbus sword. The handle has a knight head at the very end and a piece of black painted wood for the grip. At the top of the handle is a mounted crest of 2 swords behind a shield that is engraved with "K of C". The sheath is plain but the tip is engraved and rounded. The sword has "The Knights of Columbus" etched on the blade.

Image of 2014X.77.1 - Crate, Shipping

2014X.77.1 - Crate, Shipping

This is a Reinhart Beverage Crate that is rectangular in shape and has oval handles. There are bottle dividers on the inside. The short ends read "Reinhart Beverages Guelph Phone 582." The longer sides read "Reinhart beverages."

Image of 1980.60.1 - Crate, Shipping

1980.60.1 - Crate, Shipping

Rectangular wooden case with rectangular holes cut out of ends near the top for hands when carrying. SIx circular shapes cut out of each of the two ends. Bottom made out of three strips of wood. Sides and bottom are all nailed together. Grey in colour. Ht. 22.5cm; Width 31.5cm. Length 50 cm. "A. Reinhart, Guelph, Ont. Phone No. 582" is stencilled in black on side of crate. "ROYAL CITY MINERAL WATER WORKS" is stencilled in black on another side of crate.