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Name Singular, Lot

Associated Records

Image of 2004.32.116 - Newspaper

2004.32.116 - Newspaper

"Guelph Daily Herald" newspaper from April 6, 1891. One large sheet of newsprint folded in half and printed on all sides to form four pages of printing. The paper is brittle. "GUELPH DAILY HERALD./ VOL. XXXVIII - No. 79./ GUELPH, CANADA, MONDAY, APRIL 6, 1891./ WHOLE No. 5988"

Image of 1980.114.81 - Booklet

1980.114.81 - Booklet

"Guelph Ontario - The Royal City 1907" "A City of Great Enterprises - Wholesale and Manufacturing Agricultural Resources Unsurpassed" Booklet of trade information on the City of Guelph from 1907 Covers missing 31-0 cm W X 23-0 cm H pages missing 16 pages total left

Image of 2017.62.3 - Invoice

2017.62.3 - Invoice

Invoice from R.H. Barber but written on Western Hotel letterhead, August 13, 1907. The invoice is printed on beige paper with black print and an illustration of the hotel in the upper left and the proprietor, Lot Singular, in upper right. The header of the invoice reads "Western Hotel, Macdonell Street Guelph Lot Singular Proprietor First class accomodation for travellers the best $1 a day House in the city Good Stabling" The invoice is actually for work done by R. H. Barber and it reads "Guelph Aug 13, 1907 P. Hanlon to R.H. Barber painting barn etc. 100.00 credit by cash 70.00 balance $30.00 R.H. Barber"

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 2013.72.91 - Photograph

2013.72.91 - Photograph

Digital image of Macdonell Street, block east of Wyndham showing the New Western Hotel in the foreground. On the front of the hotel building is "L. Singular 1881 New Western" Just to the left of the hotel is a corner of the Cutten Kelly Block. To the right of the hotel is a stable building - likely the hotel stables. Just past the stables is a brick building with awnings and past that a large stone building. On the road, there are several horse drawn vehicles. There are also people walking on the road, sidewalk and hanging out in the entrances of buildings.

Image of 2009.32.2139 - Transparency, Slide

2009.32.2139 - Transparency, Slide

Black and white slide of the New Western Hotel. The building is four storeys tall, with dormer windows and a small central peak on the top floor. "L. Singular 1881 New Western" is written across the front of the hotel between the second and third floors. There are some people standing in a line in front of the hotel entrance, but they are only visible as dark figures.

Image of 2013.72.92 - Photograph

2013.72.92 - Photograph

Digital image of Macdonell Street takenfromthe Guelph Mercury, November 26, 1958. The view is of Macdonell from Norfolk Street and looking east. To the left is a row of buggies lined up in front of the Albion hotel stables and farther down the street as well. In the background are the two water towers that are part of the Bell piano and organ factory. Below the image is a brief write up about the street and the water towers.