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Name Tolton, D.L.

Associated Records

1972.10.22.2 - Newspaper

Guelph Evening Mercury, April 23rd 1927. The paper's main story is of the founding of Guelph 100 years ago to the day. The title reads "This Is Guelph's red letter day". The paper is in two sections. .1 section 1 pages 1 - 18. .2 section 2 pages 19-28.

Image of 2015.13.1.2 - Advertisement

2015.13.1.2 - Advertisement

Cream coloured page with black text. The front has instructions and images on how to assemble and use the match box holder. On the back is a brief message from Guelph Motor Car Company Superintendent D. L. Tolton. The text reads- Front: "Magazine Safety-Deposit Match Box, Directions for putting its 3 parts together 1. Bend sides of body slightly outward. 2. Spring edges into grooves at sides of front with a sliding motion until upper ends fit into notches at top. 3. The box is locked together for the use of a lifetime by putting in the bottom and bending both lugs down on the back. 4. Box complete and loaded with matches. Note: By adjusting the tiltable bottom, the match supply may b

Image of 1979.75.5 - Journal

1979.75.5 - Journal

Journal, "Records of The Wellington Historical Society, Vol. 3, 1934." Published for the Society by The Confederate, Mount Forest, Ontario, 1935. Rectangular booklet with brown paper cover with printed black lettering & illustrations. Booklet has 23 pages off- white paper with printed black text. Bound together with 2 staples. Front Cover: "Records of The Wellington County Historical Society, Volume 3, 1934 / Papers, Memorial Notices and Report from October, 1933, to October 1934. / Published by the Society / 1935 / PRICE 50 CENTS." On page 3, it notes that the booklet is "Published for the Society by The Confederate, Mount Forest, Ontario, 1935". Includes a b/w photograph of an oil portra

Image of 2015.13.1.1 - Holder, Match

2015.13.1.1 - Holder, Match

Metal match box holder advertising the Guelph Motor Car Company. The holder is assembled from three parts: the back with sides folded over, the colourful front plate and the bottom with tray. The metal rectangular body tapers slightly and is open at the top. A series of small holes or perforations run along each edge where the sheet metal has been folded over to create the sides. On the back along the top is a hole for the holder to be wall mounted. The back and side pieces are red on the outside and a green-ish grey colour on the inside. The front piece of the holder has edges that have been folded over to create a rounded edge. The bottom has a decorative scalloped edge. The image on the fr