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Name Williams, Mrs.

Associated Records

Image of 2003.97.3 - Magazine

2003.97.3 - Magazine

St. George's Church Parochial Magazine for April 1903. Paper magazine, full sheets of paper folded once and stapled to produce booklet. Cover and first few pages are a little thicker than the inside pages, pink. Cover has title, date and black and white photo of St. George's Church with dirt road in foreground. Back cover is covered in advertisements for local Guelph businesses. Both pages inside front cover and inside back cover are also full of advertisements. The magazine has stories, religious advice columns, announcements and agendas for upcoming events. All inside pages are black print on white paper with red also. Edition Date: 1903 APR 01 Illustrations: Printed Front cover: "St. Ge

Image of 1980.51.12.2 - Letter

1980.51.12.2 - Letter

.1 Letter. Typewritten letter on off-white paper. Dated "Guelph, March 25, 1926", and from the students of Mrs. Marsh's basketry class at Tytler School. The students have signed the letter. .2 Envelope addressed to Mrs. Marsh

Image of 2012.68.18 - Book, Year

2012.68.18 - Book, Year

94 page Central School Yearbook. Red cover with black, gold and red details. Front cover says "Central Comet 1966 Central Senior Public School Guelph - Ontario." The date is enclosed in a striped box of black red and gold near the bottom. In the center is a divided red and black shield logo for the school with a torch in the center and a maple leaf at the bottom and "CSPS" at the top. The shield and the torch are gold. The back cover is a black printed advertisement for John Sutherland and sons. Inside front cover has an advertisement for Guelph Hydro and Brown's Sports Store, where the back is for Guelph City Council. The first page is dedicated to a message from the board of education. The

Image of 2013.55.4 - Yearbook

2013.55.4 - Yearbook

Yearbook "The Central Comet - 1966-67" for Centre Senior Public School, Guelph, Ontario. The cover of the yearbook is black with red, cartoon like writing and small yellow stars. The yearbook consists of 100 pages. Message from the Guelph District Board of Education for the City of Guelph, page 1 Message from The Central Comet staff titled "Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow", page 2 The staff of th Central Comet, page 3 Message from the staff and other local schools, pages 4-5 Image and message from the Prime Minister, L. B. Pearson, pages 6-7 List of Grade 8 students from 1965-66 who won awards, page 8 Images and names of the students, pages 9-47 Images from around the school, pages 48-49

Image of 2013.55.3 - Yearbook

2013.55.3 - Yearbook

Yearbook "The Central Comet - 1966" for Centre Senior Public School, Guelph, Ontario. The cover of the yearbook is red with black type and an image in the centre of a gold, black and red shield with a torch on it. The yearbook consists of 92 pages. The Central Comet staff for the 19th publication, page 3 Images and names of the Central School Staff during 1965-66, pages 4-5 A dedication to Mr. Hamilton, page 6 Messages from staff and other schools, pages 7-9 Awards presented to Grade 8's at the 1965 Banquet, page 10 Images of "The Scene Around Central", page 11 Images and Names of Grade 8 students, pages 12-58 Images and Names of the Boys' Special Class, page 59 Images and Names of t