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Name Albion Hotel

Associated Records

Image of 1994.5.4 - Booklet

1994.5.4 - Booklet

Booklet on the Guelph Oaks Sports Club, Sesquicentennial Edition. Black glossy paper cover with sports figures outlined in white. The crest is displayed on the top left corner with a red maple leaf. The interior contains history, advertising and soccer, hockey, volleyball, basketball team pictures and history. On cover "SESQUICENTENNIAL EDITION" On crest "GUELPH OAKS SPORT CLUB CANADA" No of Pages: 29

Image of 1986.18.103 - Postcard

1986.18.103 - Postcard

Divided back, unused postcard with a blue-green tint. It is a view of part of Macdonell St. Guelph showing the Albion Hotel and Hastings Block, and the Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. Horse Drawn vehicles are parked on the street. Central School appears at the right. front "CHURCH OF OUR LADY, GUELPH, CANADA" back "RUMSEY & CO. 1528 QUEEN ST. WEST, TORONTO, CANADA"

2002.120.1 - Book

Blue glossy soft cover book with a picture of a person in a canoe and another fly fishing on the Speed River. The book is "Guelph @175: A Day In Our Life Photos by Residents and Friends" The book contains colour photos taken by Guelph residents as part of a photo competition. The book is divided into themes of Heritage, People, and Environment.

Image of 1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

1994.12.11 - Program, Theatre

Programme for musical play, "Up in Central Park". White staple-bound paper program with a cover with blank print. The cover has stars along left side, and has seven questions and answers down the front. Inside is a series of advertisements, lists of staff and cast, a synopsis of scenes, the musical program and list of the sponsors. Illustrations: B/W Advertisements No. of pages: 8 Printed on Front Cover: "WHO? BETA SIGMA PHI SORORITY; WHAT? PRESENTS SIGMUND ROMBERG'S "UP IN CENTRAL PARK"; WHY? IN BENEFIT OF CHILDREN'S EQUIPMENT GUELPH HOSPITALS; STARRING RONALD JORDAN; WHEN? THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AUGUST 17, & 18, 1950, WHERE? CAPITAL THEATRE GUELPH, ONTARIO STAGED AND DIRECTED BY RAY HAMBY"

Image of 1974.15.7 - Booklet

1974.15.7 - Booklet

Booklet , entitled "The Royal City of Canada, Guelph and Her Industries" - Special Industrial Souvenir Number of the Guelph Daily Mercury, Guelph, Canada" published by Authority of the City Council and Guelph's Old Home Week Committee. Printed in 1908 for Guelph Home Week and booklet has a programme for the festivities occurring from Sunday to Thursday on pages 6 to 8. On page 54 is an index of the contents of the booklet. Paperback cover, white with organ pillar design with b/w photograph of Guelph in the center. Black printed lettering. No. of pages; 54 glossy paper typeset in black printed 1908 "Containing a comprehensive review of the natural advantages and resources of Guelph, togeth

Image of 1999.33.3 - Videotape

1999.33.3 - Videotape

Videotape in black plastic case. Social History Project by GIRC. Summary of this tape: Home Life-boarders, family, garden, cows; Immigration of family from Italy; Work-first job, wages, Budds, factory; War-registering, racism, propaganda; Education-importance, changes, strap; Music-lessons, union, in Guelph, dances; Drinking- bootlegging, social, taverns; Meeting, marrying wife; Church-forced by mom to go, Catholic, morals; Raising Family-birthcontrol, labour, challenges, build house, loans from friends, wife working.

Image of 1999.33.29.2 - Videotape

1999.33.29.2 - Videotape

2 Videotapes in black plastic cases. Social History Project by GIRC. Summary of tapes: Family-birth details, siblings, drowning, grandparents, home, Chippewa origins; Work-mom at pickle factory, laundry, chores, Leland Electric in States, unions, unusual, fields; War-joining Army, Hiroshima, tarining, patriotism, losing friends, care packages from mom; Education-Tytler Public, strap, teachings about sex, school dances, other kids (held back, with lice/scabbies, accents, mentally disabled), janitors, Ryerson, family jelousy; Entertainment-dating, dance halls, Exhibition Park bands.

Image of 1994.12.14 - Map

1994.12.14 - Map

White paper street map of the city of Guelph with advertisements and a business directory surround it. Inside the map is a street index, a scale and a legend. Blue and red ink have been marked on the map.

Image of 1993.28.1.4 - Plan, Fire Insurance

1993.28.1.4 - Plan, Fire Insurance

Laminated coloured reproduction fire insurance plans of Guelph. Map of Guelph in 1875 but revised in 1878. .1 Blue, yellow, black and pink colour code. Blue for water and stores. Some stores are yellow also. Pink for building. There is a key for symbols. .2 Map of Guelph. Pink, green and blue buildings. Some pencil markings on the face of the map. .3 Map. Includes index. Colours blue, pink, green and blue denote the structure of building. .4 Index

Image of 2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

2007.4.1 - Plan, Fire Insurance

A large brown book with maroon spine and tips with a blue label in the centre with black printing. Title reads; "Insurance Plan/of/ Guelph./Ontario./Published by/Chas. E. Goad. Civil Engineer,/Montreal" Stamped at the top and bottom of the label is "F. Grundy". It is also stamped 3 times on the inside cover. There are three pieces of paper here: the first is part of the book, "This plan has been revised to" written in pencil "June 1888 & Nov 1892". "Free of expense to the Company owning it, and is returned to the local agent," the name has been erased and a dark smudge left so the name cannot be made out....The next piece of paper is white and has been taped inside just below. It is hard to m

Image of 1981.42.26 - Booklet

1981.42.26 - Booklet

"1943 (logo) The Torch Year Book - Vol X - Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch (Torch Logo) Guelph Ontario - "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?" Various WW2 pictures, articles, poems and many commercial advertisements.

Image of 1985.82.120 - Booklet

1985.82.120 - Booklet

"19(logo)41 The Torch - Year Book - Vol VIII - Colonel John McCrae Memorial Branch (Torch Logo) Guelph Ontario - "They Served Till Death - Why Not We?" Various WW2 articles about both active and reserve soldiers, pictures, Legion Officers and commercial advertisements are present in year book.

Image of 2009.26.1 - Map

2009.26.1 - Map

A reproduction of a Fire Insurance Map from 1892. There are land use designation, and a key identifying various elements. On the right side is a message on how the map was made, and what it took, by Phil Keddie. Department of Geography, University of Guelph. February 2009. On the bottom are acknowledgements to: "Dr. Gil Stelter; Professor Emeritus, Department of History, University of Guelph, for his interest and encouragement; and Kathleen Wall, Guelph Civic Museum, for providing me with access to the Insurance Plan and a place to do proof reading. My greatest thanks to Robert Miller and Adam Bonnycastle. This map was printed by Marie Puddister, Cartographer, Department of Geography, Univers

Image of 1981.24.2 - Map

1981.24.2 - Map

Black and white "Map of the City of Guelph". This map was made possible by the Industries and Businesses advertising and listed herein to commemorate the visit of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to this City in 1939. Produced by Palin Advertisements printed on front cover, no scale, map shows street names and locations of the sponsoring industries and their location on the map, sponsoring businesses with their street addresses and phone number and numerous rectangular business advertisements. Population 21,714 (1938 Assessment) printed on front cover.

Image of 1973.48.33 - Map

1973.48.33 - Map

1945 Map of City of Guelph. Black on white paper. Surveyor and printer unknown. Scale approx 850 feet to an inch. Commercial map with street index, business index along left hand side, large rectangular advertisements along map top and bottom. Decorative black border.

1986.14.10 - Book

"Guelph, Canada" book filled with printed images of Guelph. The front cover is brown with silver title. The book is bound with brown string. On the front cover is the Carnegie library. On the first page is a paragraph describing the City of Guelph. The images are: The H. Ellis Private Ambulance Service Panorama of Guelph St. George's Square and Lower Wyndham Street Collage of City Hall, Court House, Armoury, Post Office Collage of Speed River from Allan's bridge, Speed from Foot bridge, Guelph from Goldie's Mill, The Old dam at Riverside Park Woolwich and Cardigan Streets and Eramosa Hill Footbridge and St. George's Church Interior of Church of Our Lady Macdonald Hall and Macdonald I

1991.48.23 - Book, Year

Torch Yearbook Volume XX, 1953. This is the Col. John McCrae Memorial Branch publication with a yellow cover with a hand holding a flaming torch. The inside covers and the back cover have ads from local businesses. The first page has a photo of John McCrae. The book contains a few other images, some meorials and articles about the happenings of the Legion Branch and its members throughout the year. The book is also filled with ads from local businesses.

1972.20.16 - Book, Year

The Torch 1944 Yearbook Vol. XI. The book has a light brown cover with and illustration of a hand holding a torch. The book tells of the happenings of the Col John McCrae Branch of the Legion over the year 1944. The book is also filled with ads of local businesses.

1980.114.70 - Book, Year

The Torch 1960 Yearbook Vol. XXVII. The book has a light orange cover with an illustration of a hand holding a torch. The book tells of the happenings of the Col John McCrae Branch of the Legion over the year 1960. The book is also filled with ads of local businesses.

1976.40.46 - Book

Book "Souvenir of the 28th Annual Convention of The Trades and Labour Congress of Canada in Guelph, Ontario, September 1912" The book is hardcover with a dark red cover with gold print. The book is 102 pages in length and has photos of different unions, members of Guelph Labour Council and ads from companies all over the country.